The 3 Major Types Of Life Energy — And How To Use Them…

The 3 Major Types Of Life Energy — And How To Use Them

“Shakti Energy – Spiritual Energy – Kundalini Energy”

Here are 3 distinct types of healing energy that a person can acquire that will help them to thrive, enjoy great peace, and have great health. Plus be connected to all life in the cosmos and move towards complete understanding.

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1) Shakti Energy

This energy is a power that is attributed to all great saints and avatars that have ever lived. Shakti energy is a strength, a powerful effort, a mighty accumulation of energy that is boundless and powerful beyond belief. And it also is connected to the feminine aspect of all of us which is amazingly powerful. Shakti Energy lives within all that exists, mother nature, rivers, streams, the oceans, trees, and all living creatures exude this powerful energy. Shakti energy is the heartbeat of the cosmos, the energy the animates all life.

How do we become connected to our own Shakti Energy? Through meditation, contemplation, Love, yoga, breath work, and looking within deep and finding out who you are deep down inside. Let go of all resistance and see this energy moving through your whole being. It’s already there you just have to become aware of it and allow it to flow freely and understand and harness that great loving caring power. This will take time, it’s not something that happens overnight, it will take years to surrender and see the good in all things and allow that Shakti Energy to flow freely.

2) Spiritual Energy

This is the life force that binds the soul to the body… and it has great power. This is also known as a Universal Life Force or “Qi”… that which is similar but different from electrical energy. This energy is nothing but pure love. A love that comes from within and from all the spiritual beings in the multiverse. And it can be gathered and used for healing, health, and greater understanding of life itself. This is a powerful energy that is used in energy healing. It is the white light, a power that is more powerful than any force in the cosmos. This is also the energy talked about in Traditional Chinese Medicine and QiGong. This energy can heal and transcend all distances.

Close your eyes and then slowly bring your hands together until you feel a warmth between your hands or an energy ball. That is Spiritual Energy… and it can be used to heal others and to heal yourself. Pull that energy into yourself daily, breathe out that energy into others who ask for healing. And use that energy to recharge your being and to keep you full of youth and life energy.

3) Kundalini Energy

This energy is dormant at the base of the spine. It is a powerful force that explodes into the heart, abdomen, and head area with great force. I personally feel that it’s like moving from 110 volts to 220 volts of energy in the body… it’s hard to describe. There can be uncontrolled shaking, bodily changes, headaches, high blood pressure, and more if a person is not ready for this energy.

But if a person is ready for their Kundalini Energy then they will have visions of celestial energy, uncontrolled shaking, great understanding, understand the simplicity of everything, their consciousness expands, they have more physical energy, they able to see and understand the abstract nature of the cosmos and more. And a true direction is given to their life… along with great wisdom and love for everyone and everything.


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