The Archetypal Nature Of Twin Flame Separation…

The Archetypal Nature Of Twin Flame Separation

I have had the pleasure of studying under Danielle Dulsky, author of Woman Most Wild (seriously go read it if you haven’t, it’s amazing!) as I work towards my 500-hour yoga certification. She has much to teach on the archetypes within us; maiden, mother, crone and hunter, father, sage. It is through her teachings about the wounding that exists within these archetypes that I was able to make this connection to what happens as twin flames experience “separation”. It is with her express permission that I attempt to explain. My hope is to help more twins find their way home during this time.

Maybe you know by now that when we physically merge with our twin flame we create what’s called a “third energy body”. This energy body exists within the liminal or the “in-between” energetic space in twin flame union. My perspective is; we merge physically with our twin and all of the purging starts in order to keep that third energy operating at its highest frequency. The downside to this is that it can usually mean that’s when the “running/chasing” starts. In other words, maiden/hunter wounds are revealed, father/mother wounds are revealed and then crone/sage wounds are revealed and one or both twins act out their parts. I do not believe this happens in any particular order, but for the purposes of this post, I will start with the maiden/hunter wounds, as those would represent the root/sacral chakras.

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Maiden/Hunter (The Wound of Rejection/Abandonment)

I believe that when we are in separation with our twin, this tends to be a big emotional block that lets itself be known right away. We are instantly brought either to “chasing mode” or clinging to our partner because we do not want to face the abandonment or we run away because we no longer wish to be rejected or abandoned by the one person who knows us on such a soul-deep level. My hope is that most people who are one this path understand that the twin journey really has very little to do with the other person and more to do with your ability and willingness to go within. So that first wounding gets triggered and as we have been taught since birth, we seek outside of ourselves, essentially abandoning/rejecting ourselves in the process. Healing of the lower chakras begins/continues depending upon where you are on your path.

Mother/Father (The Wound of Betrayal)

This wounding exists in the solar plexus, the heart and the throat chakra centers. And so our twin leaves us for another person or consistently sleeps around with others. Or maybe they continue to lie to you about things and show you new and varied ways of manifesting unprocessed wounds. We feel an intense sadness that the person we loved beyond life itself could do this to us. We are dumbfounded by their choice to remain in a practical marriage or to find solace in the arms of another.

We wonder how they could possibly try to deceive us in all of the ways that they have and we feel completely let down by this person. Perhaps you feel sick to your stomach, your heart aches around this person’s choices and you cannot find enough ways to express your sadness over this perceived loss. This is the gift of your twin. I invite you to look at all of the areas within your life where you have been betraying yourself. Where have you been lying to yourself? Where are you not listening and being the most authentic version of yourself? And then let these middle chakras find their healing.

Crone/Sage (The Wound of Divinity)

This area represents the third eye and crown chakra centers.

Suddenly our twin disappears and we are left feeling disconnected from the god/goddess. We feel as though our intuition cannot be trusted and the god/goddess cannot be trusted. We lose touch with who we truly are on the inside as we get buried under the human stories that make up the fabric of our lives. We question our sanity about what we thought we experienced with this person and we wonder if we truly just experienced an awakening or if it was all some cosmic joke made at our expense.

In my experience, this has been one of the most challenging areas to clear and heal. The last time my twin “left”, I finally understood that when he would leave, he would take my connection to divinity with him. I would usually always be left questioning myself and spending days just fuming at him. But here is the deal, this experience is offered to help you learn true love or divine love on Earth. So I had an “ah-ha” moment where I realized that it was God I was mad at and it was God that I no longer wanted to feel connected to because “he”  has left me. Additionally, since my twin carries more of the feminine energy I’ve had to do some major healing around the goddess energy as well.

So I ask, what is your experience with divinity around your twin flame and do you feel like they carry the keys to your connection with a higher power? If so, I invite you to understand/learn/accept that only YOU carry those keys. No one else and let the third eye and crown chakra centers open up and assist you further on soul mission.

So what’s the Medicine?

As Danielle says “the medicine is in the wound.” What is the medicine for rejection or abandonment? Commitment. What is the medicine for betrayal? Loyalty. What is the medicine for spiritual disconnect? Divine grace. And as always remember to go within. YOU are the most important person in your life. Do some inner child healing/writing. Love yourself more and above all else, love the one that hurts you, for they are merely reflecting your own pain.


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