3 Ways Nature’s Energy Can Raise Your Vibration…

3 Ways Nature’s Energy Can Raise Your Vibration

Did you know that when you are in a forest, abundant energy surrounds you? All that is around you is filled with energy because all of life IS energy.

Lately, I have been reading the Seth Material by Jane Roberts. The SETH books tell us that all things on earth have consciousness, plants, animals, even rocks, water, and minerals. Every animal of the forest, each tree, each river rock, and every grain of sand on the beach is as unique as you and I, made from energy and containing consciousness. My mind was blown. I never imagined anything other than animals containing consciousness. But I have believed for a while that all things are made of energy, and science confirms this.

Today I see the trees, and indeed all of nature, differently. I see the trees as living in an entirely new definition of the meaning of living. I respect their consciousness, and today, I feel their energy. That’s why today, I am going to show you three ways you can commune with nature and share in her ABUNDANT energy.

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1) Go old-school hug a tree!

Go ahead, laugh.

I did.

I would never have even considered physically hugging a tree before I began my spiritual awakening. Even as I began to awaken, and to this day, I realize the idea seems a little, I dunno, new age-y? Hippy? Out there? But I am telling you, just try it! I have a guayaba tree in my backyard and an almond tree in front. I miss the awesome grand trees of the Pacific Northwest, but the tropical fruit trees that are kind enough to share their bounty with me right here on my own property have their own special energy.

Here is what I get from hugging a tree:

Hugging a tree makes me feel calm and grounded. You know that pure sweet energy you get from hugging a baby or toddler? Hugging a tree feels similar to that, in my experience. I find tree-hugging especially refreshing if I have been working too long, feel stressed, or have had too much screen time and feel disconnected.

2) Fun tree facts

Hugging a tree makes me feel connected to nature, and it makes sense because the other day I learned just how connected trees are to each other and other organisms, and to the earth and sky as well.

My friend Matt, a wise forest sage, shared this with me:

“In the forest, you have this huge canopy that blocks out the light from the sun reaching the Younger smaller trees under them. The larger trees collect the energy from the sun and pass it through their root systems to the other trees…they did an experiment with a radioactive substance and attached it to the mother tree. They returned 3 weeks later and were surprised how fast and far it spread through the roots to the trees under the canopy on the forest floor.”

Matt explained that the roots of the tree connect with mycelium and encouraged me to look it up. Turns out, tree roots and fungus, aka mushrooms, have a very intimate and very connected relationship. Turns out trees communicate with each other through the mycelium.

It just goes to show you how connected everything is to everything else, and that includes you and I.

Soak up all that invigorating tree energy!

Trees, among other plants, produce aromas or fragrance that go by the science-y name “monoterpenes” among other fragrant compounds. The huge variety of fragrant compounds trees make have a very real effect on our psyche. Scent invokes emotion. The smell of grandmas cookies baking in the oven, the scent of your partner’s shirt, even the noxious odor you suffer if you get stuck driving behind the trash truck, causes us to feel something.

These tree scents I am gushing about are generally concentrated in the leaves and flowers. If you have ever stepped foot in a conifer forest, then you know the distinctive smell of pine. In my case, the scent of pine makes me feel refreshed, relaxed, peaceful and inspired. Each tree has its own scent signature, but bathing in the aroma of the forest, regardless of what type of forest it is, has a vibration raising, emotion arousing effect.

I may be biased, but I believe a clean, healthy forest can transmit to you, via your nose, positive energy.

3) Tree energy meditation

Try this simple tree meditation. It takes just a few minutes, requires no preparation or special meditation skills. It’s super easy. Get into a forest, find a grove of trees, trees in a park, or even use a tree you have in the yard. Work with what you have available. Now, take one minute and check the space out. Focus on what you like, what you find attractive in this natural setting. After the minute is up, take two mental photographs. Carefully choose what you believe are the two best scenes.

Take three minutes to focus solely on these two scenes you choose. Free your mind of anything else except these two scenes. Notice the depth, the colors, the shadows, and the specific features that draw your attention and enchant you. Take note of the sounds, the smell, and the temperature. Everything. Take in all the details. Consciously acknowledge your connection with yourself and your connection to the trees and their energy.

After three minutes is up, bring the pictures back to your mind and feel satisfied, you just completed the tree meditation and appreciated the beauty of the trees.

Final Thoughts

“The trees have always acted as an anchor of the Creator’s energy into the Earth.” – Lord Merlin, as Channeled by Natalie Glasson

If you are mindful that we are all connected, that we are ONE, this energy can be yours. We are all part of the whole, just open your heart to receive. Let the love radiate to you and from you!


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