The Top 3 Things To Avoid During Spiritual Transformation…

The Top 3 Things To Avoid During Spiritual Transformation

Once a period of spiritual growth and enlightenment begins, your world may turn upside-down. You may feel lost and confused; up one minute and down the next. This is completely normal but during this period of chaotic ecstasy, in order to stay aligned yet grounded and in sync with your new path, there are a few things that you should absolutely avoid.

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1) Reaching Back to the Past

Do not look back to the past. The past is the past and you are moving forward to an awakened state. Old friends, relatives, old habits, old haunts, will only serve to confuse and bring you down. Harsh criticisms from those who do not understand your spiritual journey are your worst enemy and old habits will put you right back to square one. Stay clear of the past.

2) Paying Money for Spiritual Guidance

There are so many “alternative” gurus and advice-givers, “spiritual” teachers, and so-on that you may feel not only overwhelmed but can become easily confused, and suckered. Though some may be legitimate, many are not. Spiritual guidance should be taught freely or questions answered freely to the truth-seeker. If something seems “too good to be true,” it probably is.

You are your own best teacher. The Spirit resides equally within you as within any others and no one has a corner on that market. Trust your heart, trust your own guidance and trust the Spirit within. Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa; these amazing teachers and others like them, would not charge you money and they would likely advise you to run far and run fast from any who do.

3) Doubt

During a spiritual transformation, things sometimes go haywire until the dust settles as the old is cleared away to make room for the new. During these times you must avoid the tendency to doubt. You may find yourself doubting your choices, doubting your spiritual path and even doubting the Spirit within. When doubt is present, forward growth can rarely occur and you will then find yourself feeling “stuck” which you will blame on the spiritual process, the spiritual path, or even God.

Spiritual growth takes time, evolution, and hard work. There will be upsets and frustrations but you must not doubt. Stay in alignment to keep the positive thoughts flowing. Re-align minute-by-minute, or hourly, if you need to because staying in sync with the Spirit within is your warrior when it comes to doubt. Following these suggestions to avoid the past, getting sucked into “spiritual” scams, and letting yourself doubt, will help you to stay in alignment, ease your transition, and keep you on your true path to spiritual growth.


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