7 Tools I Use To Manifest My Desires Effortlessly…

7 Tools I Use To Manifest My Desires Effortlessly

I have been deliberately using the law of attraction for about 3 years. As I practice this law, I often come across many different techniques that help me manifest my desires, effortlessly. Here are a few tips to help you attract what you want, like magic! Some say “God”, some say “Buddha”, some say “Higher power”, I use the term “Universe”. No matter which name you prefer, these tips can work for all of us! Enjoy!

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1) Be clear

Find a place where there is minimal distraction and think about what it is you want. Make sure it’s what YOU truly want. Nothing is too big or too small. Remember, what you think about is what you get. When your mind is cluttered, you’ll send mixed signals to the universe. Be clear and detailed.

2) Use your creative mind

I am a Virgo and we are extremely practical, so this step was a challenge for me when I first began co-creating my life. When manifesting, your logical mind and ego are not needed. They will actually get in the way sometimes. You have to tap into your creativity. You can do this by feeling instead of thinking, meditating, and being “unrealistic”. Understand that the universe is limitless! Your logical mind may not be able to see all the possibilities, so learn to be creative, open your mind.

3) Visualize

This is my favorite manifesting tool! For me, it works best when I’m lying in bed at night, ready to go to sleep. I create different scenes in my mind about things that I want to manifest. For example, if I want a new car, I will picture myself at the dealership, signing papers or being told “congrats” by the dealer as he/she hands me my car key. Or if I need a new laptop, I will picture myself at the store, looking around the computer aisle. I’ll see myself paying for the laptop and happily leaving the store. I’ll even go as far as picturing myself in my living room un-boxing the laptop!

Visualizing has worked wonders for me. The key is training yourself to feel as if it’s really happening because it will happen. I usually feel gratitude, excitement, and relief when visualizing. Once you master your emotions, you will start to manifest as fast as lightning.

4) Script it

Some call it “journaling”. This step is similar to visualizing. Get a journal or notebook and write out your desires. Sometimes I write down scenarios and other times I write down a list of my desires, affirming that I will receive them. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have found one of my old journals, and how satisfied I feel when I realize I now have exactly what I wrote down. Don’t forget to put your emotions and intention behind it, it will work like a charm.

5) Talk to the divine

My spirit guides are my best friends! I talk to them when I feel confused, when I need help, and when everything is going perfectly fine. Our spirit guides are our biggest support system. Ask them and they will help you attract everything you want and need.

6) Expect it

Don’t wish for it, don’t hope for it, know it and expect it! When you remind yourself of things you’ve manifested in the past, it can help give you the confidence you need to be certain. This part requires faith. If you don’t trust in the universe or your ability to manifest, you have some work to do. There’s no room for doubt. You are a magical being with infinite potential!

7) Set the intention and forget it

Recently, this step has been bringing consistent miracles in my life. The moment I feel myself about to worry about something, I take a deep breath and say “I’m setting an intention that this situation will work out perfectly for me. I don’t know how, but it will”. Then I forget about it. I don’t literally forget about it, but I do feel relief and little to no worry.

Don’t try to figure out how it will work out. Just put your faith in the universe and know that anything is possible.

Peace, love, and light!


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