Frequency Busters: 10 Common Things That Can Lower Your Vibrations…

Frequency Busters: 10 Common Things That Can Lower Your Vibrations

You’ve probably heard someone speak of good or bad vibrations before, such as, “he has really good vibes” or, “this person is giving off bad vibes”. But what do they mean? What are vibrations and how does one know whether they are good or bad? Although it may seem like an imagined concept, vibrations are an actual and measurable phenomenon. They refer to the invisible field of energy that surrounds every living thing. This field has been scientifically proven and measured through instruments that detect subtle energy, such as Kirlian photography.

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Good Vibrations

Energy composes and animates every living thing, including the human body. And because your body is made of energy, it radiates a detectable field around you, emanating a pattern of energy unique to you. This broadcast of energy, or frequency, is what is known as your vibrations. When you have good vibrations you generally feel happier, lighter and more positive. This is due to the high rate of energy oscillations in your field.

Conversely, when your vibrations are low they are moving slower, causing you to feel more negative, sad, lethargic, or even depressed. The quicker the energy movement in your field, the higher your vibration and the better you feel. Anything that you believe to be a part of yourself and your world is a part of your personal frequency. Your thoughts and emotions constantly affect your frequency, as does the wellness of your body, your environment, the food you eat, the people you encounter, the clothes you wear, and so on.

The key to keeping yourself feeling light and enjoying your life is to keep your vibrations high. In fact, your natural state of being is one of high frequency, yet you live in a world that is full of things that constantly bring it down. Awareness is the key you need to combat the negativity that is so prevalent in the world. With a little knowledge and careful maneuvering, you can learn to maintain high vibrations as a way of life.

Here are 10 common things that can cause your vibrations to plummet:


Heavy, greasy foods, meat and dairy (particularly those from animals that have been mistreated and lived and died in a state of fear), chemicals, sugar-laden and processed foods, alcohol and drugs can each cause your body to burn extra energy in order to process them. Consuming these can make you feel tired and heavy, and eventually, their negative effects may cause illness. Focus on fresh foods and drink lots of water to maintain not only your health but your mood as well.


Toxins exist in just about everything these days, including food and beverages, the atmosphere, toiletries, detergent and soaps, the soil and even our water supplies. This imparts a huge strain not only on your health but on your subtle energies as well. Toxins force your energy field into defense mode, pulling down your vibrations and making you feel crummy. Whenever possible, opt for pure and organic products to help lessen the load on your system.


Sound has a direct effect on your energy field. A harmonious sound will re-order your energy into a healthy pattern, while anything with angry or dark lyrics, or that lacks a syncopated, organized rhythm, will disrupt your energies. Choose uplifting music with beautiful harmonies when possible.


Be aware that clothing in dark colors, especially black, garments with unpleasant or negative pictures (i.e. dark images, hateful language or negative messages), clothing that reminds you of an unpleasant experience from your past, itchy, hot, irritating or uncomfortable fabrics, synthetic fibers, loud patterns, or clothing that you wore when you were angry, ill, feeling negative or depressed, will lower your vibrations and your mood.

Edit your wardrobe regularly, keeping only items that you love, feel great in, and that don’t remind you of anything negative. If you are in need of a boost of energy, consider wearing light-colored, fresh garments made with natural fibers, as these can add radiance to your energies that not only boost your field, but protect it from absorbing negativity as well.


When you are afraid, your frequency becomes dense and heavy. Do your best to release all worries and fears that are out of your control, and make a plan to deal with the ones that you can do something about and act on it. When you do become fearful, find a way to recover with opposing energies, such as laughter and a positive outlook, until you feel lighter. There are things to be afraid of everywhere, but there are also things to make you smile everywhere, too. Choose to focus on the good in every situation.


Environments make a huge impact on your energies and mood. An environment with a heavy past, anywhere others have suffered, museums with old artifacts, somewhere a crime or tragedy has occurred, hospitals, nursing homes, government buildings, bars and nightclubs, prisons, funeral parlors, a place where people were fighting, or anywhere that people have released heavy emotions into the environment, can have negative effects on you as well.

Open windows and let light and fresh air into these places if you can, or avoid them if you cannot. If you have to be in a negative environment, taking a shower when you get home will help refresh your energies.


Acts of judgment and criticism are attempts of the ego to raise one’s self-esteem upon the backs of others. The behavior comes from a negative place and therefore does have a negative effect on the one who serves it. While healthy judgment is important to steer you away from people and situations that are bad for you, you cross a line into bad behavior yourself when you criticize and condemn others based on your limited perspective of who they are and what they do. It’s best to stay out of judgment as much as possible. Instead, work on acceptance while allowing others the right to be themselves.


Television, movies, books, magazines, the internet, and social media all have the potential to carry negative pictures that influence you, your psyche and your perception of life. Steer clear of any outside influences that upset you in any way, and instead, seek out only those that uplift you and make you feel hopeful. This is especially important in these tumultuous times.

Lack of movement

As a murky swamp is to a crystal-clear, flowing stream, bodies that do not move breed stagnation and disease, while bodies that remain active keep their systems circulating, self-refreshing, and healthy. You are more likely to become depressed or ill if you’ve been too sedentary. To guard against inertia, find a way to move your body every day.


As many spiritual traditions acknowledge, keeping yourself clean is an important aspect of hygiene affecting not just the physical, but the spiritual as well. Dirt and grime carry with it the vibration of its source, so if you are full of it, you are also full of these vibrations. Bathe daily, especially after a stressful event, or if you’ve been in a crowded environment, to keep your energy field crystal clear and your vibrations high.

Keeping it High and Light

When energy is stagnating, vibrations slow down, and when energy is free-flowing, vibrations speed up. To keep your energy moving, it’s imperative that you strive to counteract the negativity of life. Find ways to maintain a positive experience of daily life – whatever that means to you.

Take care of your physical body by focusing on foods that are wholesome and nourishing. Find music that uplifts you, read material that inspires you, hang-out with people that respect and support you and maybe even make you laugh. Maintain a personal discipline, such as yoga, meditation or exercise, and do it daily. Help others have a hobby that brings you peace, keep your home clean and neat and fill it with things you love. Explore and experience wherever your curiosity leads you. Be alive, live your life, and love yourself.

With a little awareness and some tactical maneuvering, it is possible to achieve and maintain a high vibration pattern at all times. Make this a goal for yourself, and watch as your life transforms to a light and happy experience in all ways.


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