The Sacred Walk: How To Heal And Balance Yourself With A Walk In Nature…

The Sacred Walk: How To Heal And Balance Yourself With A Walk In Nature

A Sacred Walk can completely reconnect you to nature and your inner spirit.

Nature is the great stabilizer of life. It provides the world with a continuous cycle of birth, growth, change, and rebirth. The energy of this cycle is necessary to maintain and refresh the life force of all living things on this planet.

Yet we have increasingly become a society that stays indoors more than out. And while it may be more comfortable to sit on a couch than under a tree, the habit of staying indoors has caused many of us to become separated from the natural world to an extent that is detrimental to life. It seems that the less we connect to nature, the more damage we unwittingly inflict upon it. When this happens, we strain the continuous cycle of growth, change, and balance that is crucial to all life forms on this planet. Not only does this threaten our ecology, but it also creates discord in our own systems, as we begin to lose sync with the natural rhythm and flow of life.

But it doesn’t take much to re-establish a connection to nature. Spending time in a natural setting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clear your head and refresh your energies. Couple that with some physical movement and the intention to be present in your surroundings, and you create a sacred experience for yourself that can bring you much-needed insight, healing, and peace.

More than an ordinary stroll down the street, a sacred walk is a shamanic practice used throughout human history. It’s a simple, yet powerful way to intentionally connect with nature. Here are tips to teach you how to take a sacred walk:

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How to take a Sacred Walk

  • Allow at least a half-hour to an hour of time to take your walk alone.
  • Find a place in nature to walk. Areas where there are plants and trees, especially those near a natural water source, such as a stream, pond or lake, are best. If you live in a city, a city park will suffice.
  • Try to walk directly on the earth in an area where there is no concrete. If you cannot, try to at least step off the path from time-to-time in order to make physical contact with the earth as much as possible. Even better, go barefoot to connect directly with the earth.
  • Stay present in your awareness by maintaining focus on your surroundings.
  • Stop and take the time to observe whatever catches your attention, whether it be a patch of sunlight, a leaf on a tree, or an animal.
  • Explore your surroundings with all your senses. Pay attention to sounds, smells, temperature, sight, and the overall feeling of the area.
  • Notice the light of the sun and the movement of the breeze around you.
  • Make an intention to connect with the living things in the environment. Ponder the different life cycles of the plants, insects, minerals, and animals.
  • If you’re near water, stop and watch the currents. Imagine the energy that moves the water. Feel it connecting to your blood, helping you to release whatever you are ready to release while refreshing your energies and cleansing your system.
  • Make sure to take some deep breaths, to be silent, to feel at peace.
  • As your walk comes to an end, notice the way your senses have been heightened. Use them to feel your connection to the earth. Know that this energy moves within you, helping you to energize, heal, balance and grow. Feel your connection to the Earth and the life that surrounds you.

10 benefits of a Sacred Walk

The beauty of nature is always present to you, regardless of whether you notice it or not. But when you take a walk in a sacred way, you turn ordinary movement into an extraordinary exercise in awareness. Here are some of the many benefits of taking a sacred walk:

  1. Brings peace and calm to body and mind
  2. Grounds and stabilizes your energies
  3. Garners your connection to nature
  4. Exercises your body
  5. Relieves stress
  6. Gives perspective and insight to life
  7. Fosters a feeling of stewardship to the planet
  8. Enhances your awareness
  9. Reminds you that you are not alone
  10. Energizes and refreshes you

Life becomes sacred when we live it with the intention to be present, grateful and to cherish our experiences. Taking a sacred walk is an act of reverence not only to nature, but also to the eternal force of life that connects us to all living things. Acknowledging this connection is key to healing ourselves, each other, and the planet we all share.


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