The Psychology Of Gemstones, Rituals, And Mantras…

The Psychology Of Gemstones, Rituals, And Mantras

Many people openly admit that wearing gemstones and chanting Mantras really helped them while others keep trying different methods of rituals without getting success in anything. Why do remedies work for some and don’t work for others? To answer this, let me clarify the psychology of remedies, gemstones, and rituals. I will also explain what you should do to make remedies work for you.

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The Psychology Behind Rituals

Whenever you encounter trouble in life, your conscious mind will fail to think rationally. Even if the solution to the problem is in front of you, you may not be able to notice it. This would be primarily due to your body switching to fight or flight mode during which your subconscious mind (that regulates the body) will feel insecure and produce a lot of hormones to control the situation. This would generally happen during extreme situations in life.

But in the modern world, most people often think about a similar situation repetitively, thus the body spends most of the time in fight or flight mode. But what if you hand over the problem to someone else? It could be believing in God and praying in the temple or believing in rituals and mantras and doing it sincerely every day. By these actions, you are making strong beliefs (this is the key here) that the problem would be taken care of by God or some superpower that in turn, will free the fear in your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious mind feels safe, then your conscious mind (rational part) will start looking for a practical solution.

When Rituals or Mantras don’t Work

Faith is the most important part of remedies, rituals, and gemstones. Let us assume you have a deep problem and you perform some rituals without a deep conviction. Without a strong conviction, you will still picture the problems and worst case scenario in your mind’s eye. If you do so, your conscious mind and subconscious mind will not be in sync with each other, hence the subconscious mind will quietly reject your weak belief.

When your desires and imagination are in conflict, your imagination invariably gains the day – Dr. Joseph Murphy

Let’s look at one more example. If you were invited to go skydiving, what would be your first reaction, especially if you never had tried before?

You would most probably reject the offer. The rejection would be so quick and certain because it’s been initiated from your subconscious mind. Your desire to enjoy the experience and the thrill of skydiving will be counteracted by the imagination or fear of falling. Your dominant idea of falling will conquer the situation.

Similarly, when you do rituals, wearing gemstones or performing any form of rituals without strong conviction will result in your subconscious mind taking over the situation. In fact, the fear in your subconscious will still worsen the situation. So visualizing a positive future will be key to see the positive result. Please read my recent post to understand how to visualize positive affirmation.


So next time, when you do remedies or rituals, have a strong conviction the situation will become better and do them with utmost sincerity. This will create harmony between your conscious and subconscious mind.

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