The Principle Of Reincarnation…

The Principle Of Reincarnation

Is reincarnation more than a belief? Most people would probably say that reincarnation is just a belief, but when you study the amazing spiritual science of Martinus, the Danish 20th century intuitive, you will soon realize that it is much more than that. Martinus points out that not only do we reincarnate into a new body after death, but also in the course of one life on earth do we incarnate our spirit into the ever-changing physical matter of our body.

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Cell Renewal

This is easy to ascertain: it is a well-established scientific fact that the average lifespan of our cells is around 3 months. Some cells have a longer lifespan and some a shorter one, but there is no doubt that our physical body is undergoing a constant process of renewal. After about a year all the physical matter that our body consisted of has been replaced by new. After a year there is not a single cell left that was there a year ago. Everything single cell has been replaced by new cells.

This means that when we look at 3 pictures of the same person taken at different times in life, we are looking at three different bodies. Let us say that we have a photo of the same person at ages 8, 17 and 35. The three bodies of the person do not have a single cell in common. We are looking at three different bodies, yet we have photographed the same person.

The Constant of the Body

This point is a scientific fact, but not something that our materialistic science is keen to talk about. Because when all the physical matter of the body has been replaced, then where is the constant? Where is the element that defines and characterizes the person in question, where are his memories, his personality, his talents, his thoughts – indeed his consciousness? As the materialistic science does not recognize the existence of anything that cannot be seen, measured and weighed, it is unable to answer the question about what constitutes the constant of the physical body when all the physical matter is in a continuous process of renewal.

We are Primarily Spiritual Beings

This question can only be answered by spiritual science. Spiritual science knows that we are first and foremost spiritual beings. We have a spiritual body which is our primary existence. From time to time we also have a physical body in addition to our spiritual body. Our spiritual body is the same as our consciousness and this consciousness holds all the information about the person I call me. The information lies in the electromagnetic field of my consciousness.

Our consciousness holds our ´I ´ or sense of self and all other information about me: the totality of my thoughts, my memories, my intelligence, my character traits and personality, my likes and dislikes, my emotions and patterns of reaction, my morals, the basis for my behavior, and all the knowledge that I have accumulated. These traits are a very important part of who I am, indeed the most important part, and yet none of these are physical. None of the ´ingredients´, that define who I am, are physical.

Our spiritual body or consciousness reincarnates daily into the ever-changing physical matter of the body. If it did not, how could we still be the same person inhabiting different physical bodies? This means that reincarnation is something that takes place all the time in all physical bodies due to the simple fact that our cells have a limited life-span.

The Principle of Reincarnation Made Obvious for All to See

We can see the principle of reincarnation made obvious in the transformation of the butterfly: The butterfly starts its physical life as an egg. After some time, a larva crawls out of the egg. It eats a lot of leaves and then it transforms into a chrysalis. A few weeks later, the butterfly crawls out of the chrysalis, it spreads its wings and flutters away. This is a transformation that can be witnessed all over the planet and it means that the butterfly makes use of four different bodies during one life. It is the same individual that inhabits four different bodies. This is the principle of reincarnation made clear for all to see.

Our Consciousness

Because we are primarily spiritual beings, we are eternal beings. Our spiritual body consists of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. As we life after life, we add to the information stored in our consciousness: we become wiser and more knowledgeable. We add new talents through practice, we become more humanitarian, we become more moral and intelligent. And when we pass over, we pull our spiritual body out of the physical body, which was just an instrument our ´I ´ used as long as it was serviceable. Who we really are, our actual identity, lies in the spirit body. We can live without our physical body, but our physical body cannot live without our ´I´. For that reason, the physical body starts to dissolve as soon as the spirit leaves it. It was the spirit that held it together.

The Spirit World

Now the spirit goes up to a place in the spirit world. What place? We are placed in the spirit world according to the vibration or wavelength of our spirit body. Everything is vibration and our spirit body has a specific wavelength that it vibrates on. The wavelength of our spirit body is defined by the kind of thoughts we think. This means that a very loving spirit will go to a wavelength where loving thoughts prevail, and an angry or hateful spirit will go to a place where angry and hateful thoughts prevail. This happens automatically due to the workings of the law of attraction, which decrees that energies on similar wavelengths attract each other.

The Process of Reincarnation

When, after a lovely rest between incarnations on the spiritual plane, we are again ready to reincarnate, we will be attracted to the joint wavelength of a lovemaking couple on the physical plane. Again, it is the law of attraction that is at play. In order to be able to reincarnate, the spiritual being only needs a small amount of physical matter to get the process going. That small amount is delivered by the egg and sperm cells. As soon as fertilization takes place, the spiritual being, or incoming spirit, joins the party and from then on, it completely takes over the whole process of embryogenesis. Like a conductor of an orchestra it picks and chooses in the genetic material put at its disposal by its parents and it creates its new body completely in its own favor. Its new body will be defined by the information it has accumulated in its consciousness, and when it is born, it continues its development from where it gave up the last time it died. We are all on a spiritual journey that spans thousands and thousands of physical lives and death is indeed an illusion. All life forms reincarnate, from atoms, molecules, cells, organs, plants, animals, insects, humans, planets, solar systems, and galaxies.

The Evidence

Reincarnation is much more than a religious belief and evidence of this is everywhere. Just look at all the interesting videos on YouTube that show young children exhibiting amazing talents for e.g. playing the piano, singing, painting, dancing etc. There is no way these children could have had time to master their skills to this level of perfection in the few years they have lived in their present life. The talents that we have show that we have lived before.


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