The Dark Side Of The Law Of Attraction…

The Dark Side Of The Law Of Attraction

Candle burns out in front of an old book.

Just as there is a light and dark side to everything under the sun, the Law of Attraction is not exempt. Since the Law of Attraction has been watered down and only shown in the “light”, no one is FULLY aware of the truth of the law of attraction.

The mainstream mantra of the law of attraction is “you can create whatever you want”. This is the bait that pulls you in. But after you get pulled in and start working on attracting all these wonderful things in your life, you begin to notice something. Things seem to start getting worse instead of better. Things that are the opposite of what you asked for start to show up. Why is that? Well, my friends, this is the part of the Law of Attraction that many have kept secret. They haven’t told the FULL truth because if they did it wouldn’t be as easy to sell and market.

But now I’m going to share with you the whole truth: The dark side of the Law of Attraction (Queue scary music).

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The other side

Dark side of the moon.

Let me be the first to say that the Law of Attraction is very real. But after learning about it and experiencing it for myself, I saw that there was a crucial part that many “Law of Attraction teachers” were leaving out.

It is not solely about thinking positive thoughts. There are many other factors to it. They left out the part that in order for the new to come into your life, the old has to fall away. That’s when your life seemingly begins to crumble and fall apart. And the severity of the crumble depends solely on the depth of the belief and/or attachment you have to that “thing” you need to release in order for the new to come in. It can appear as minuscule or a catastrophic event.

When we first learn about the law of attraction we think “I want to manifest a new car” and then bam, a new car appears. But if you knew the whole truth, then you would know that your old car may start having more problems out of nowhere. What about trying to manifest more money, and then all of sudden you get hit with an unexpected bill or your bank account hits close to zero?

If we were taught the whole truth we would know that these are the moments when it is crucial to keep our alignment with our desire instead of giving into the polarity of our desire that just manifested in our life. We would also already be aware of the “crumble” so that we aren’t completely caught off guard when/if it happens. Most times this is when people give up, believing that the Law of Attraction is a hoax. This is also due to the ideology that that your manifestations will show up instantaneously.

Synchronicities, ideas, and clarity are what show up instantly. But the full fruit of your desire may take some time and that’s a natural life process. As the saying goes, “You don’t eat the fruit the same day you plant the seed”.

These Law of Attraction experts convince you that you can skip the process. But no one can. Is a baby born the day after it’s conceived? Nope. And neither are your dreams. Sorry, but someone has to be honest around here. Yes, time is variable and depends on your momentum and focus things can happen rapidly — but not overnight. If we understood the processes of life, or better yet, if it was being taught and spoken of more often, more of us would be okay with that. Here are four tips that can help you handle the dark side of the Law of Attraction:

1) Accept that something in your life may go haywire

As I stated previously, creation can sometimes be destructive, and again destruction is based on your perception. You may feel as though your life or a certain part of it is falling apart. But what is really happening is your thought processes and beliefs are being challenged. It is truly your inner world that is falling apart but it is being reflected in your outer reality.

Are you willing to let go of who you once were to become the person that has what you desire in your new reality? When things start to get crazy think of the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” When you are consciously creating your reality, storms may come to clear your path. During these times one must learn to ‘dance in the rain’, or at least be at peace in it.

2) Maintain your alignment no matter what’s happening in your outer reality

This is what trips many people up. When the chaos/destruction/storms come you may think that you’ve done something wrong or that you’ve unconsciously manifested something against your desire. We usually give into the storm instead of recognizing it for what it truly is. You have to be the observer of the storm, but do not become one with it. You are to watch it and take any lessons you can from it while remaining unemotionally attached; all while maintaining your emotional alignment with your desire.

3) Understand the Universe has polar opposites

Life, as we know it now, is based on duality. How can one become rich if poor doesn’t exist? How can one conceive without male and female species? How can one enjoy the warm weather without experiencing the cold? While working with the Law of Attraction, the complete opposite of your desire can show up. One reason this can happen is because there may still be a higher momentum going towards your old reality versus the one you’re consciously creating.

Meaning, if you want a new car but your old belief was that your credit is horrible so no one will approve you for one, then the first time you try to apply for a new car you may get denied. So, if the belief that your credit is stopping you from getting a new car has been in place for a year and you’ve just started working with the Law of Attraction two weeks ago and shifted your belief to that of you can get a new car, you can see the imbalance of the two beliefs. Although you applied for a new car, you still may not fully believe that you’ll get one; or at least believe it more than your old belief.

This is the perfect time to implement tip number two; maintain your alignment no matter what.

4) Heal your inner traumas

Thinking positive thoughts won’t do you much justice if underneath you still truly feel poor, unworthy, envious, resent or anything of such nature. This is what also creates resistance between you trying to implement a new thought or belief; because you haven’t taken the time to unpack the old one and release it. We typically just try to force the new belief and wonder why we’re having such a hard time truly believing it.

Just as with the buying a new car scenario, when we first hear of the Law of Attraction we immediately want to jump into action to make something happen; or we think the minute we create a new belief that our past beliefs will instantly melt away. We don’t take the time to really transform our inner world first, which only ends up adding to our frustration when our outer reality isn’t changing much.

I’ve heard some Law of Attraction teachers promote the whole “Fake it til’ you make it” situation. But this is a false premise because the Universe only picks up on authentic vibrations. So if you’re saying “I’m worthy of a loving relationship” yet underneath that you truly feel or still believe that no one will ever love you the way you deserve to be loved, then guess what vibration the Universe is going to respond to? As my favorite spiritual Law states “As within so without.”


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