3 Days In A Psychedelic Retreat – My Experience…

3 Days In A Psychedelic Retreat – My Experience

A few days ago I entered the Psychedelic Synthesis retreat. A safe, protected, professional, legal, and medically supervised center that uses psilocybin that comes from truffles to develop human potential in all its dimensions and senses. Yesterday the experience ended. I am going to transform this post into a kind of report that explains everything experimented. Because for me it was an experiment as well as a life lesson. What I didn’t know is that it was going to be so profound.

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The psilocybin retreat

The place is located in Zandvoort, 40 minutes from Amsterdam, in what was an old reformed church. The retreat consisted of three days: the first day on arrival was for acclimatization, the second the day of the psilocybin ceremony and the third for integration and farewell. In the video that I recorded about the experience, I explain the events in chronological order.

The facilitators

Undoubtedly the most outstanding, a super-trained group of professionals who act as guides, companions, and trainers from when you arrive until after you have left, from Natasja and Dan to Martijn, the chef or the group of doctors who watch over the welfare of the participants.

The group of participants

We were 16 previously selected people, and I shared the experience with some of my friends. Some people came from Russia, from the United States, Belgium, Germany, others who even repeated for the second time. It was a very homogeneous and varied group, starting from the age of 30 up until the age of 50.

What is the withdrawal of psilocybin Synthesis retreat

To sum up, it’s a place that allows you to deepen and get to the root of the intentions that you bring with you, just and plainly.

The intentions

Look, you may have a specific idea of why you do what you do, where you go, act as you act, think as you think or work in what you accomplish. Or it may not.

This “idea” will vary depending on how your mind is wired, it could be presented in many different ways. There are visual people, others more thoughtful, others more analytical, others more sensitive or kinesthetic. Regardless of the type of person we are, it is essential to be clear about our intentions, especially when you participate in a sacred and transformational experience like this.

As I said, a few days ago the Psilocybin experiment ended. A crucial part was the intentions, which serve to work on the personal past, curiosity, creativity, growth itself an exponential improvement.

My 7 intentions and findings with psilocybin

These are the intentions that I worked on (and will work on) and the resulting findings:

  1. Lack of self-worth. Self-judgment, self-demand, excessive self-criticism. I understood why I feel that sometimes I don’t deserve what I have, how to accept it and find the best way to overcome it. The key is to learn to receive and eliminate my limiting beliefs.
  2. The craving for attention and my search for “more”. Why did I have this insatiable appetite for more and better? It was mainly due to lack of care.
  3. Find what is in my deepest self. Go as deep as you could to answer the questions: what is it that pushes me so much to make me feel unstoppable? My answers: my nature, my spirit, my way of being, my essence, nothing more. What is my gift? To push myself first, and as a consequence, force others to release the unlimited potential that we possess, get me and others into doing something big, be able to go beyond continuously. Where do I need to focus radically? In me, being more gentle with myself, in the experiments I carried out, and in high performance.
  4. How could I be more “me” and less what I needed to be, or what I thought I needed to be? How about the great purpose and meaning? I realized that it was a mirage, it was everything, I am everything, there is nothing more to reach or search.
  5. The dissolution of ego. The problem is not that the ego appears, the problem is that I think I can dissolve it.
  6. Love and self-love. Is there anything here that I should have learned and overlooked? Yes, learning to receive as much as giving, without debt, without remorse. Continue taking care of myself, more than punishing myself.
  7. Unleash my full potential, expanding, stretching and strengthening my maximum performance? Deepen as much as I can in my psyche, soul, body, and emotions to unlock everything that was blocked and sleeping; awakening from sensations feel more, think less. I realize that don’t need more, or better or more extreme. I need to be gentler with myself and with the environment, to enter more in connection with nature, with the earth, with the simple and the easy.

I have understood that to find the result we want, and we need to choose our intentions carefully. Because its depth will determine the degree of transformation, we will experience.

The 4 different types of shamanic experiences

They explained to us that there are four different types of these experiences, they are the following:

  1. Nothing: when you sit down with yourself and nothing happens.
  2. Paint: when fractals, colors, and shapes appear.
  3. Emotional: when something emotional takes shape and ends up manifesting physically.
  4. Guide: when an entity appears as a guide.

No doubt my experience was between #1, #2 and #3.

Interesting questions that I have taken from the psilocybin experiment

It is what I extracted and what caught my attention in the form of questions. There are two that are extraordinary (guess which ones they are)

  • Why do you take it personally?
  • How would you be able to play with that event?
  • When is the first time you felt fear, joy, joy, fullness, frustration? (whatever the feeling may be)
  • What are you going to teach me? (referring to the situation you are living)
  • What is the gift that would come out of all this?
  • What is correct about what is happening that I am still not seeing?
  • When is the last time you cried of joy? And of sadness?
  • What is it that fear is trying to teach me?
  • Is it the ego that is trying to control me?
  • Where do the signs appear that you are not integrating what you have learned?

Resulting psilocybin key points/takeaways

Here are some key points that I have gathered from everything that was said and I could write before, during and after the experience with psilocybin:

  • We should feel comfortable dealing with rejection.
  • Recreate the experience when you get home, with the music, the smell, the sensations, writing.
  • We are and must be prepared for everything.
  • Your crying will help another person.
  • He is in the body, not in mind.
  • Mantra: I’m going to have self-pity. I am perfectly imperfect. My life, my effort, my result, is as it should be.
  • The key is self-reflection.
  • You can not get self-esteem without self-acceptance.
  • Emotional release technique: tapping.
  • Breathing is not enough when there are limiting beliefs.
  • Meta-consciousness: realize that you are not understanding. If it happens, do not feel guilty, do not punish yourself, change the behavior.
  • Cognitive integration: the so-called journaling technique.
  • I have learned two new mantras.
  • What I take professionally speaking:
  • A resolute project that I didn’t know which way to focus.
  • Two new business ideas.
  • An action to launch a new project.
  • Make the High-Performance project to start now.
  • Two new collaborations
  • A joint project with Valentino.

Reflections and conclusions from the psilocybin experiment

This video collects my testimony before, during and after the test, and an interview with the Synthesis retreat cofounder, Martijn Schirp.

You can adjust captions and tanslation options under the ‘CC’ button.


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