3 Ways To Stay Grounded In The Light…

3 Ways To Stay Grounded In The Light

These simple steps will help you grow your light and hold on to your spiritual progression.

By now, many people practice a form of meditation; many have already started their journey as truth seekers. And for the past five years, if not more, we all have felt the urgency on the planet to “awaken” NOW as a species and bring more light in our life, around us, for ourselves and for humanity. This is a new era, a new paradigm shift. We cannot go back to ignorance and suffering. It is the time to work together or everything will collapse.

Knowing all of that, what actions do we do daily, and do we do inwardly to keep the journey alive? Or even just to keep the Light alive in us?

As we say in Zen, “Zen practice is not only on the cushion (meditation) BUT in our everyday connections and actions toward ourselves and others.” It is difficult to maintain the serenity we have on the cushion 24 hours/day. No worries! The point is actually to keep reminding ourselves that we are the Light! So, try to find any techniques or ways to be reminded. Let’s all remember who we are.

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Here are 3 suggestions

1) Focus on your breath whenever you can – be conscious of your breath in and out while you breathe as slow as possible. You do not need to be in a crisis to do it. It should be done regularly. Keep focusing on your breath and bring in more consciousness of who you are beyond the matrix. The breath is the direct connection with your deep Self. Let the breath carry you further and further. Let the breath take over and be you!

2) Keep telling yourself as often as you can and in any situation “I am Light”. No matter what happens or the outcome of a situation, say it from the heart. Even if you do something you assume is wrong, keep telling yourself “I am Light.” This action is twofold: you reinforce this statement in your subconscious (open a doorway to a higher level) and you change automatically the vibration of the action you think is wrong. In short, elevate the vibration around you and in you!

3) Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror or interact with other people, focus on their Third Eye. Connect with the higher self of everyone. By connecting through the Third Eye, it helps you move beyond the duality and the ego stuff that linger around us. Connect, connect, connect in the Light! And let go of the dysfunctionality of the world of the Ego.

We can all do our part; we can all contribute to a better world. It all starts with opening our consciousness to the Light within us…and to keep it alive and expanding! I hope these three tips will help you, whatever stage of your journey you are at. Enjoy!



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Viviane Casimir


Viviane is the founder and coach of Myoku, a Zen mind-body connection through physical movements and meditation to help you…

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