10 Ways To Spread Light and Love During Uncertain Times…

10 Ways To Spread Light and Love During Uncertain Times

Right now, anxiety levels are up and patience levels are down across America and most of the globe. The Coronavirus pandemic has left millions unemployed and more worried about friends and loved ones that they can’t even visit in many cases. Despite reassurances from those in authority, no one knows how long the crisis will continue.

You can help spread love and light in your community during these uncertain times. You probably have the extra time, so take some hints from the tips below to bring a smile to your neighbor’s faces in dark times.

1) Light it up

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays — in April? Who said that holidays like Easter don’t deserve some festive strands?

Why do Christmas lights help during quarantine? It’s a simple principle. Most people enjoy being home during the holidays, and the sensory trigger reminds them of more peaceful times. Plus, if you don’t have symptoms, you can still go outside for an evening walk and feel the cheer.

2) Clean it up

During ordinary times, many locations have highway cleanup crews come through regularly, but right now, nonessential employees are furloughed. You can help keep your community tidy by taking a garbage bag and a grabber to pick up litter when you go for a walk. For added impact, take more than one bag so that you can recycle those items that meet the qualifications.

3) Make a bear hunt

Do you use the Nextdoor app? If you don’t, now is an ideal time to download it to connect virtually with your neighbors. You can also help parents entertain their bored little ones by participating in a bear hunt. What do you need to do? Once you find interested parties, you and your neighbors hide stuffed teddy bears in your windows. When parents take their children out for a walk, they turn it into a “hunt” to see who can spot the most first.

4) Order takeout

If you are blessed enough to maintain employment during the shutdown, spread your good fortune with struggling local restaurants and displaced servers-turned-delivery-drivers by ordering takeout once per week. Always tip your drivers well, and offer gratuity if you go to pick up your food, too. This situation creates a win-win — you help those most hurt by the economic downturn, plus you get a delicious meal.

5) Donate goods

Although they don’t see much time in the press, the homeless haven’t disappeared during the coronavirus outbreak, and many have it harder than ever. These individuals often lack access to basic hygiene supplies like soap and hand sanitizer, and shelters are at maximum capacity. Clean out your closets and donate clothing and gently-used blankets. While many jurisdictions have cracked down on panhandling during the outbreak, you can fill plastic bags with hygiene supplies and small sums of cash to give via contactless means if you do encounter someone.

6) Share your wealth in other ways

You’re in the grocery store, and you spot someone desperately scouring empty shelves for any paper products. Despite warnings against panic buying, certain staples remain in short supply. If you have extra, why not put a roll or two in a plastic bag to keep in your trunk? That way, you can offer it to a frenzied person who is experiencing panic over a lack of supplies.

7) Attend virtual town halls

You care about what happens in your community, and now, you can attend town hall meetings in the virtual world, even if you don’t drive. Make every effort to go, if possible. Even if you only observe, it shows your neighbors that others in the community care about the situation and are willing to get involved. Right now, everyone needs all the friendly faces they can get — even when meeting them via screen.

8) Help make masks for a local hospital

Is your local hospital running short on supplies? Many units have health care workers reusing a single n95 mask for days, but this procedure means that the device itself can become contaminated by a careless facial touch to readjust it or a patient’s sneeze. Many use a standard surgical mask over the n95 version to keep it cleaner, but these are running low, too.

However, you can help. It isn’t tricky to learn how to sew a surgical mask, so if you are crafty and have fabric, put your sewing machine to work. Once you amass a small supply, donate them to your regional hospital or nursing care home.

9) Create an uplifting podcast or YouTube video

Are you strong in your faith or a captivating motivational speaker? Why not create an uplifting podcast that spreads a message of hope in these dark times? If you don’t need the extra income from the residual advertising that many platforms offer, you can donate it to your church or an organization helping during the crisis.

10) Smile at a stranger

Finally, everyone’s patience is running a bit thin right now, and that can make tempers flare. When you do venture out in public for necessities, share smiles and appreciation with those you encounter. Thank the supermarket checkout clerk for keeping America fed during the crisis. Exchange pleasantries with neighbors — from a safe distance of six feet or more, of course. There is enough doom and gloom, so spread cheer instead.

Spread love and light during dark times

Everyone can use more levity during these oppressive times. Make it your mission to spread joy to all by performing these acts of light and love.


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