Looking For Spiritual Rejuvenation? Try These 4 Tips…

Looking For Spiritual Rejuvenation? Try These 4 Tips

When you think of the term “spiritual rejuvenation” what comes to mind? Total inner peace? Freedom from addiction? Contentment? Spiritual rejuvenation comes in many shapes and sizes, and it’s not always pretty. I’ve worked with clients who have become spiritually rejuvenated after a DUI. I’ve worked with a client who found spiritual rejuvenation after a lengthy and costly divorce. I’ve also worked with clients who have experienced a spiritual rejuvenation by dedicating an hour a day, seven days a week, beginning at 5 AM in the morning in order to become one with their own higher power.

For myself, I’ve experienced spiritual rejuvenation in both pleasant and unpleasant ways. Here are four different options that you might want to choose from if you’re looking for a deeper spiritual path, contentment, inner peace, and a connection with something greater than yourself.

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Early Morning Meditation and Prayer

In my most recent book “Focus! Slay Your Goals: The Proven Guide to Huge Success, A Powerful Attitude, and Profound Love”, I told the story of one of my clients who wanted to become one with God. If that’s not a step toward spiritual rejuvenation I don’t think anything is.

As we worked together, I asked her how much time was she wanting to commit on a daily basis into this new spiritual path, a path that hopefully would lead to a rejuvenation of the deepest type. She said that she could afford one hour a day, but just didn’t know where she would find it. The next week when she came in with her schedule and I noticed there’s open spot from 5 AM until 6 AM every morning. When I mentioned this to her she looked at me like I was crazy. She told me that she had two kids. She worked full-time and had a husband to take care of, dinners to make, and homework to do with her kids. There was no way that she could start getting up at 5 AM.

But, as another week or two went by and she had no other plans on how to fit this new hour for her own personal growth in, it became apparent that 5 AM was the answer. Working backward, she had to go to bed at 9 PM every night. She was used to going to bed at 11 or midnight and this was a major change. But within 30 days of devoting one hour in the morning, from 5 AM until 6 AM, to deep prayer and meditation, her life was changed forever. She felt the closeness, oneness with her creator, in a way she had never experienced before.

Being Persistent

One of the many forms of spiritual rejuvenation that I’ve experienced came when I was in the grasp of addiction to cocaine. It was 1996, Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 when I got down on my knees, screaming out to God after a four-day binge, to remove this 25-year addiction from my life. I have no idea how it happened, but at that moment, and from that moment to today I’ve never craved cocaine again. Now, to make this perfectly clear, I have been on my knees many times after long binges of screaming out to God but they never worked before. Why did it work this time? I will never know, nor will I ever care. I think a big part of my success was in my persistence, both in being an addict and my persistence in screaming out to God for help. She answered. He answered. And I’ve never craved since that day.

Going on Spiritual Retreats

As a little kid, I remember my mom going away on spiritual retreats twice a year. On that weekend we had my dad as the chef, the one who gave us baths, the one who picked up after us. I’m sure it was hell on earth for my dad, but my mom would come back after all of these weekend retreats totally rejuvenated. She was always a positive person, but the gleam in her eye was unbelievable after three days away immersed in prayer, prayer and more prayer in the Roman Catholic Church.

I think that these weekends away twice a year were necessary for her to stay as our mom, at least as my mom because I gave her nothing short of what the devil would give her if he was living in the house instead of me. I was a handful, and I think retreats gave her the strength, fortitude, and faith that she could work through anything in life walking hand-in-hand with God.


Love, love and more love. Another spiritual rejuvenation happened to me three years ago when I met a little girl who did not have a father figure in her life. I had no idea that I would fall in love with her, and at the same time, have an intense spiritual rejuvenation one-on-one with God, coming through the presence of this little girl. I thought I had everything together in my life. I thought I had everything I needed. I didn’t think I was lacking anything until I met this angel on earth.

From that time until today, every day is immersed in thinking about her, talking to her, praying for her, worrying about her as if she were my own child. There’s a tenderness or softness that is coming into my life since meeting her and will stay with me for the rest of my life. Because she lives on the other side of the country, I recently took a trip out to spend several days with her and on my way out on the plane, and on my return trip tears of joy constantly streamed down my face.

I’m a changed man. A deeper man. A calmer more collected man. All because a now 13-year-old little girl opened her heart and welcomed me in. So as you can see, spiritual rejuvenation could come via pain, time alone with a higher power, and maybe, just maybe someone in your life will open your heart to such a deep level that you will change not just on the spiritual, but on the physical plane as well. The one thing you’ll notice about all these different forms of spiritual rejuvenation is that no one is sitting there waiting for it to happen. Everyone is taking action in some form or another in order to experience contentment, a deeper calmness, a deeper commitment to making a difference in this world, a deeper commitment to themselves. Are you ready?

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