Are You A Victim Of Spiritual Overconsumption?…

Are You A Victim Of Spiritual Overconsumption?

Are you shopping for spiritual solutions like you would shop for clothes? You try on this spiritual outfit, wear it for a while and then move on to the next one. In some way, all of your spiritual clothes seem to fit, however, after wearing them all for a while, you don’t truly feel like you have a cohesive wardrobe that works for you.

You just have a scattered bunch of clothes that you wear periodically but don’t have a fashion statement that truly signifies who you are. You keep wondering and wondering, will you find yourself in all of this and be able to express your true spiritual fashion statement.

If this sounds like you, then you may be a “victim” of spiritual overconsumption.

In our society, knowledge is king. We are taught to value education as the king of all. Not that education isn’t important, because it is. However, knowledge is not wisdom. Knowledge feeds the ego. Wisdom feeds the soul. If you are constantly going from one spiritual practice to another without the experience of wisdom, then you have in effect, not towed the line of wisdom. You may even be under the assumption that because you know about all of these things, you are truly wise. This is a trick of the ego. Be wary of this idea of wisdom.

You may be wondering, how does spiritual overconsumption start? It is usually a result of allowing our ego to direct the search.

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Ego-led spiritual search

You have a problem, you know the issue, and so you search for solutions based on what you feel is the root of your problem. Not many people ask for divine guidance. Not many people let go and surrender to the answers from within, especially if they have some type of education in hard sciences. Even when they do open to their divine inner guidance – whether knowingly or not – they supplant it with their analysis of it to the point that they do not fully open to what they have been called to experience. They may even have a life-changing experience, and yet, still do not try to deepen that practice. They may think that they have learned all they need to learn from it and now it is time to move on to something else because their ego is saying there is something more.

Creative world

Another thing that one must understand is that we are living in a creative world. If you do not understand or embrace this, then your ego can be led to conclusions that are not necessarily correct. In a world where we create our realities, there is no one answer for everyone. We have so many methods to heal and so many ways to express ourselves as a result of the manifestation power of all individuals. This is why there are so many choices. From the egoic perspective, multiple solutions lend themselves to there being only one right choice. From a spiritual perspective, this lends itself to there being many paths to divinity. Now how do you find your path to divinity? Do you do it by sampling many practices or do you ask for divine guidance?

You ask for divine guidance because it can be overwhelming to know what to do for yourself. When you utilize your innate connection to the divine, you become the master of your spiritual ship. You become the master of your world. Of course, this is a step-by-step process, but it begins with steadily letting go of your ego and allowing yourself to become.

Divine inner guidance

To start your journey, ask your source – whatever you call your source – to guide you to one spiritual practice you need to do above all else. Yes, you will build upon this, but start by deepening your awareness into one practice. Write the question in your spiritual journal and then set a reminder to come back to it in a couple of weeks. You may get your answer before then or it could come right when the reminder goes off. You may also need to reset the reminder to a later time to give yourself additional space to allow the answer to come. Be open to how and when it comes to you. More importantly, make sure you are not making statements related to not receiving your answer yet or worrying about when it will come.

When you focus on not having the answer, you close the door on receiving. Relax, breathe, and tell yourself that you have received the answer. That opens the door for divine guidance. When you receive your answer, write it in your journal as well as a place that you will see every day. I use my Spiritual Tree of Focus poster to write down my guidance from the Divine. As I receive guidance, it goes on my tree. Over time, the branches and roots of my tree flourish so that I can see the whole picture. This is different and yet the same concept as a vision board. The vision board, however, is more directed by your desires. The Spiritual Tree of Focus is the guidance you are given from the divine.

Note: If you do receive an answer but are confused about it, ask for clarification. Write your clarification question in your journal and also set a reminder to check on it.


Doing one practice does not mean that you do not listen to podcasts, attend webinars, or do other activities that pique your interest. We understand that you will still be driven to this. What we are asking is for you to focus on one practice and deepen your awareness of it. Invite the divine into the experience. Start or continue your communication with the divine. Ask the divine for further guidance on that practice to deepen your experience. This starts the process of releasing the ego and gets you into the habit of connecting to the divine within you. You essentially start letting the divine guide your spiritual awakening – one step at a time.

This is when you are truly walking in your spiritual power.


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