The Spiritual Importance Of Wearing Jewelry…

The Spiritual Importance Of Wearing Jewelry

“With this ring, I thee wed”. These vows spoken at a wedding eternally join the bride and groom in marital bliss through a symbol of love. What is in this piece of jewelry that plays such an important part in the lives of two people?

Not only for its aesthetic appeal or traditional value, the wearing of ornaments also has spiritual significance. Aside from enhancing the beauty of the wearer, jewelry also provides protection to the body. It endows the benefit of divinity on the individual and prevents one from incurring negative energy. Ornaments have been worn since ancient times. Today, those made of gold, silver, diamonds, and gemstones are in vogue. Unfortunately, women in the present generation do not realize the importance of ornaments and wear them as a fashion accessory instead.

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Jewelry and the Chakras

The various types of jewelry that we wear are connected to specific parts of the body. As per the Kundalini, each part of the body is represented by a particular chakra. Divine consciousness or chaitanya that is activated around the body where the jewelry is worn, purifies and awakens the chakra associated with that part of the body. For example, if the chakra at the heart region (Anāhat-chakra) is touched by wearing a necklace, then spiritual emotion towards God is awakened.

The ultimate purpose of human birth is to practice spirituality and merge with God. By wearing various pieces of jewelry on the body, the dormant chakras get activated and assist in the spiritual process.

Another advantage of wearing jewelry includes receiving the benefit of acupressure therapy. Acupressure points in the body where the jewelry is worn are also pressed. This results in the removal of black energy in the body and enables chaitanya to flow freely. Physical, psychological, and spiritual distress can be alleviated through acupressure therapy.


For example, the wedding ring, besides being a declaration of love, also has healing benefits.

The ring is worn by men on their right-hand ring finger and the women on the left-hand ring finger. Wearing a ring not only enhances the beauty of the fingers, but also provides protection from the attacks of harmful energies. The delicate part of the finger is pressed and healing occurs. The black energy on that part is removed and chaitanya flows through each finger. When a ring charged with incantations is worn, it provides protection from possession by evil forces. Planetary afflictions also get averted by wearing rings with specific stones like pearls, corals, ruby etc. The design, shape and metal used in the jewelry piece also contribute to its spiritual purity.

Different Metals

The benefit of wearing a ring made of gold is much more than that made of other metals. Gold is a metal that imbibes the purest waves of chaitanya from the atmosphere and also emits them with equal speed. Hence, an individual who wears gold ornaments receives the benefit of sattvikta and chaitanya to a greater extent.

As per spiritual science, ornaments made of silver, like anklets on the feet, are worn below the waist,  because silver has the ability to imbibe the raja–predominant waves of desire.  While gold jewelry should be worn above the waist, like necklaces, earrings, bangles etc. to absorb positive energies from the atmosphere as the gold metal augments the Fire element. The Fire element in ornaments activates one’s womanhood. This, in turn, activates the Chētanā Shakti (Energy of Life) in her body, which is that part of God’s energy required for its functioning. This activated state brings about a momentum in the atmosphere. Hence when a woman adorned with ornaments enters an environment, enthusiasm spreads around.

The Fire element in ornaments also makes her modest and leads her towards divinity. In stark contrast, today’s period of Kaliyug, the era of Strife, is more conducive for wantonness, and greatly unfavorable for spiritual practice. Thus the radiance of ornaments protects the woman’s chastity and her purity.

In India, by adorning a mangalsūtra (a black and gold beaded necklace worn by married women), bangles and applying kumkum (vermillion), a married woman is protected from the lust of demoniacal energies in Kaliyug.


Ornaments worn on the ears induce pressure on the earlobes, resulting in spiritual remedy taking place through acupressure. Earrings create a protective sheath of chaitanya around the ears and protect them from negative energies attacking through the medium of sound waves. Movement of some ear ornaments generate a subtle sound and bring about spiritual remedies on the eardrum and its inner anatomy, thus reducing distress due to negative energy.


When a necklace is worn around the neck, the area from the neck to the abdomen, which includes the Vishuddha, Anahat  and Swadhistan chakras, is protected and able to function properly. Due to the weight of the necklace, a woman tends to bend her neck just a little. This helps to develop humility within her. The necklace thus helps to reduce her ego.


Anklets on the other hand, protect the feet from attacks of negative energies (ghosts, devils, demons etc.) as they create a protective sheath around the woman’s body. Acupressure therapy is administered on the feet due to the touch of the anklet. When a lady walks with the tinkling of the anklet bells, the atmosphere is purified by the pure sound waves from the anklet’s bells.


Gems like diamond, ruby, sapphire, coral, and emerald that are embedded in jewelry have a spiritually beneficial effect. While the ruby protects the physical body, the diamond purifies the gross and mental body of the wearer. Coral increases enthusiasm in the individual and wearing pearls makes one more happy and alert.  

Like metals, the gems are also associated with the 5 Cosmic Principles of earth, water, air, fire, ether.

Jewelry Design

The design of jewelry can either emit positive or negative vibrations. Sattvik designs emit positive energy and generate feelings of spiritual Bliss. Often they are round or petal shaped. Tamasik designs emit negative vibrations and can have detrimental effects on the person’s health by affecting the chakras of the body. Before buying any piece of jewelry, it is best to take a subtle reading of the ornament. Make a short prayer and then mentally chant the name of God as per your religion of birth for a few minutes. This will help to achieve concentration and you will obtain the answer from within.

Jewelry for Protection

The jewelry that one wears should be effective in protecting the individual from the attacks of negative energies. When they try to attack us with their black energy, negative energies first attack the jewelry that we wear before affecting us directly. Due to this, it is important to regularly purify the jewelry to remove the black energy. Thus every ornament acts as a protective sheath for the woman, because, being more susceptible than a man, she can absorb Raja-Tama waves from the atmosphere instantaneously. That is why, from ancient times she has been protected through the medium of ornaments.

As one’s spiritual practice increases, the necessity of wearing jewelry decreases as one can attain purity and spiritual energy from one’s own spiritual practice.


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