Spiritual Hacks For Maintaining Your Momentum…

Spiritual Hacks For Maintaining Your Momentum

The days are beginning to overlap, making it easy to dwell in the quarantine’s stagnancy. Although Coronavirus has stopped the world, remote work and distance learning haven’t relieved everyone of their daily obligations. Now more than ever, emphasizing positive momentum is of the essence.

In other words, it’s important you approach each day with a positive mindset. For example, wake up early as if you were going into school or work. I try to remember to stretch as soon as I hop out of bed. Touch your toes, relieving stress in your neck and lower back, do a few jumping jacks to trigger your alertness, and stretch your arms. Breaking out into a full yoga routine isn’t necessary, but a quick morning stretch can help you transition out of sleep mode to approach the day with a sense of calmness.

Furthermore, have a glass of water, and a nice breakfast. A banana is a great source of early-morning energy, as well as tofu, potato, and kale scramble. Additionally, showering, brushing your teeth, and changing from your pajamas for your virtual work efforts can do a lot for your mood, tricking your brain into thinking you’re entering a professional setting. I’ll explain the best ways to maintain momentum.

The Importance of Momentum: Why We Put Things Off

Positive momentum is progress strengthened by continued, day-to-day action. However, procrastination stunts us from reaching our goals. Initially, procrastination means decreased levels of stress and more time for enjoyable activities. However, procrastinates ultimately go on to feel more stress, illness, and produce lower qualities of work.

Procrastination comes about because it may feel harder when we are doing things we have never done before. However, the longer it takes for us to make a decision, the harder it is to go ahead and start our task.

Saying this, we need to be proactive – such as approaching each day with a proactive mindset. Often problems feel harder to overcome than they really are. By avoiding to address your setbacks, you may go on to pile up your work – making it more intimidating to tackle. This, of course, can go on to result in even bigger issues.

The Solution? Live In The Present

Failing to reach your goals never makes anyone happy. In fact, failing to meet your present goals will discourage you even more from meeting your future goals. The future is created by the steps you take now. Quarantining is providing us with the perfect amount of isolation time to perfect our techniques. By digging into your personal energy, learning your personal habits, you can potentially shed your procrastination habits for good.

Mental Hacks For Re-Emerging After a Procrastination Setback

The first thing you should do is acknowledge what went wrong. Look at how your setback happened and how you can be productive in moving forward.

Secondly, reset your outlook on the task, assignment, and situation. If harnessed correctly, stress can be taken as a positive force.

Lastly, take baby steps in your approaches. Pick one thing you want to get better at, and do it every day. Small, incremental improvements over time result in bigger accomplishments.

Create Goals To Move Forward

The last supermoon of 2020 just went into force, so this is the perfect time to manifest its energy. If you didn’t create goals two weeks ago, it’s a perfect time to do so. Re-evaluate if you’ve been happy or not within the past two weeks, and if you’ve not been happy, figure out the best goals you can set to obtain happiness.

To do so, make lists. Take measurable action and start with one step. To make sure your goal is motivating, write down why it’s valuable and important to you.

Employers are already having trouble trusting remote workers. If you lose motivation, you may place yourself in a more vulnerable position. Luckily, the infographic below has many more tips on the ways you can manage your momentum while we await the passing of COVID-19. However, these can apply to any situation, not just a pandemic.

Stay calm, stay healthy, and stay alert.


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