How Kundalini Yoga Can Help You Speak Your Truth…

How Kundalini Yoga Can Help You Speak Your Truth

In Kundalini Yoga, the first two words you learn to vibrate with are “Sat,” which means “Truth,” and “Nam,” which means “Identity.” These two words will eventually resonate within each breath you take during class. On the inhale you will think “Sat” and on the exhale “Nam.” Kundalini Yoga is a scientific technology designed to work on balancing your chakras. We have 7 chakras that start at the rectum and work up the spine to the crown of the head. Many yoga techniques speak of an 8th chakra which is a person’s aura or energy field that surrounds their body.

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The Power of Words and the 5th Chakra

Speaking your truth requires an open and balanced fifth chakra. This particular chakra is located at the throat and represents our ability to communicate and speak the truth to others, as well as, ourselves. If a person has a difficult time with voicing their feelings or opinions, usually that means their fifth chakra is blocked. A person can have problems in their thyroid gland or lose their voice often when the fifth chakra is not addressed.

In Kundalini Yoga, finding a kriya to heal the fifth chakra usually requires the student to sing/chant many different mantras. The sound vibration influences the person’s red blood cells sending a new code to the brain. A person who speaks with a loud and dominating voice illustrates having too much energy in their fifth chakra. A person who speaks softly or loses their voice often is a trapped soul who is undefined in personal truth.

Words have the power to manifest a reality in the body and in the present surroundings. Speaking to a loved one with a soft voice creates a warmth to it, but when we feel angry the voice changes the tone and becomes sharper and more direct. For example, a mother who yells at her child every day and voices “Shut up” creates harm to the child’s fifth chakra. That child grows up feeling and believing that it is acceptable to raise your voice and may even feel it is the only way to be heard.

Finally, by balancing the fifth chakra, a person’s soul is being developed not only to speak the truth but to live their truth. Learning to speak with grace and follow one’s own personal path requires honoring your life. When we value our voice we value our life! Over twenty years ago I walked into a Kundalini Meditation class wanting to find my truth but I was lost, suicidal, and did not trust a soul. Within about six months, I started to write even though I suffered much brain damage from my abuse. This was my first poem.


I remember back when I was a kid

Eating shame to hide my pain

Repressing sex

Holding onto clothes

Afraid of spiders and open drawers

Lost inside I could not find

A peaceful mind

As to why I am blind

Beyond the mask was a fragile girl

Scared, confused, unable to be heard

Leaving home, running free, escaping blame I found me

A ray of hope that holds on tight

When storms arrive

I continue to find the light


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Heather Ferri

Author of “Victim to Victory” published by Christian Faith, Speaker of healing, resilience, and transformation, and trauma practitioner. Heather brings…

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