How Does The Spark Of Spirituality Or Consciousness Bring Change In Life?…

How Does The Spark Of Spirituality Or Consciousness Bring Change In Life?

In this world, many adopt spirituality so it can bring some good change into their life. But for a lot of people, spirituality seems difficult to practice, or they think it means chanting mantras and doing high level meditations. And therefore, they feel that indulging in these activities will take away my good chunk of time, and who knows whether it will bring any change in life or not. With such thoughts, one drops the idea of diving into the subject altogether, and pushes spirituality to be the last priority in life.

So what is spirituality?

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Spirituality is about the real self

It is about realizing the fact that the Soul, which is much higher and far, far away from the physical realm, is what I really am. Does spirituality deserve to be on any lower priority then? No, the earlier we know this, sooner will our life change for the better! Spiritual science does away with all our false imaginations and helps us break away from our wrong beliefs, starting right from the basic belief of ‘who am I?’ Today, while we believe that the body-name-complex forms our identity, spirituality helps us identify the real Self, which is totally separate from the body-name-complex as well as from its associated miseries and pain.

Mere identification of the Real Self begins a series of right changes in life

Taking us beyond the dualities of ‘good and bad’ and bringing us face to face with pure spirit is the major characteristic of spirituality! Therefore, although the worldly life of a spiritual being may look as it is from outside, within that person one is proceeding towards more purity. On the path of spirituality, our earnest desire and effort in life becomes that of enhancing the awareness of one’s real Self i.e. the Pure Soul!

Not finding the right way to happiness, everyone in this world keeps opting for different ways that can make them happy. But every option, eventually, turns out to be leading to temporary happiness only because the very seeker of happiness (the body-name complex) and also the objects from which happiness is sought, are both temporary. This hunt for happiness ends when spirituality gives us the taste of permanent happiness, which is an inherent property of the Self.

When we see or interact with any common person in this world, even if he seems happy and established on the outside, there is a deep discontent and suffering that prevails within him. The reason is, suffering, misery, depression, hatred, anger, loneliness, insecurity are all associated with the body-name complex. These emotions continue to be one’s constant companions until we believe the body-name complex not to be our real Self. And the moment one attains Self-Realization, anger-pride-deceit-greed, all negative emotions begin to leave. Who wouldn’t want that change to happen in life?

All the sufferings in this world emerge from ignorance of the Self!

Self ignorance is the foundation of worldly hardships; it is the basis of the vicious cycle of birth and death. The Soul is permanent. Soul is an eternal element that is never born nor does it ever die. The Soul is made up of infinite knowledge and infinite bliss. Yet, we have to undergo distress and grave problems in our lives. This is where spirituality takes the charge!

We are oblivious to our own identity. Furthermore, day and night, we continue to rest our blame on one or the other outer circumstances, and find solace by claiming them to be the source of our suffering. But who invited those circumstances? Actually, nothing needs to change from outside. It is only the right inner vision, our right understanding of ‘who am I’ and ‘how things happen in this world’ that changes our life completely. This is the magic of spirituality!

But this magic does not happen until someone kindles the spark of spirituality inside us, until someone changes our vision from wrong to right and gives our understanding the right direction.


The spark of spirituality changes things from inside, drawing us towards our original Self and simultaneously giving us the strength in dealing with each and every situation of our life happily while treading on the path to liberation. To kindle the spark, find an enlightened teacher and apply yourself. Your work will be done.


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