Understanding Sound Therapy…

Understanding Sound Therapy

Have you ever wondered why you can be in a grumpy mood, but when your favorite song comes on the radio, your mood immediately lifts? Or you’re going about your day feeling fine and a certain song comes on and suddenly you’re in tears? It’s all about them vibrations!

is vibration: thoughts, words, colors, food. Everything carries a specific vibration, including your favorite song! Sometimes it’s the intention behind the song that invokes the emotion. But sometimes, unknowingly to the artist, it’s the vibration of the note and not the words that create the emotional response. Vibrations can cultivate light or heaviness, healing or unease. It’s important to be aware of what vibrational quality you’re surrounding yourself with. Are you cultivating healing and health? Heaviness and disease?

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Benefits of Sound Therapy

There are numerous studies revealing the healing benefits of music and chanting on our minds and bodies. In the Yoga world, this isn’t new. The ancients have been teaching and passing down this wisdom for centuries. For me, reading these studies didn’t convince me. It’s my own experience with sound that fueled my belief in sound therapy. From the moment I heard a didgeridoo for the first time, I felt as if I had taken a quantum leap into another dimension. Although the instrument may differ, I’ve heard many experiences just like mine. Sound and vibration are a profound and undeniable element in healing.

Here are a few facts on what chanting and sound therapy does for our body and mind;

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress
  2. Boosts our immune system
  3. Cultivates compassion
  4. Increases intuition
  5. Benefits the cardiovascular system as we chant and focus on breath

Chanting and Mantras

Even modern science and the Bible agree on something. The fact that the initial creation of the Universe was sound (and sound is vibration). Scientists call it ‘The Big Bang’ and view it as vibration. The Bible states, it was the Word of God that created life as we know it. And what is word? Vibration!

In Yoga, we learn that the Divine Universal sound of the Universe is AUM and chanting the sound AUM aligns your energy to the energy of the Universe allowing you to feel a deeper connection to all that is. But Aum is not the only chant. There are countless words and phrases you can chant and each hold a specific vibration and intention. Whether you’re looking to cultivate healing, inspiration, or connection find a mantra or chant that resonates with you and practice daily. Be sure to sit quietly, close your eyes, and allow yourself to simply be for a moment before you begin your chant. I find this helps to cultivate that stillness and connection which allows the vibration to have an even greater impact.


Seek out what resonates with you. Take some time to listen to different instruments, bells, crystal bowls, metal bowls, rain sticks, didgeridoo, etc. You’ll know the moment you hear an instrument if it increases your vibration and aligns you with Source. It’s not something that I can easily explain, you just have to feel it. But when you find the vibration that resonates with yours, the feeling is incredibly powerful and is extremely useful in meditation. Our bodies carry a unique vibration so when we find a tool (song or instrument) that is harmonious to our intrinsic vibration, it increases and intensifies our vibration. Powerful stuff!

And here’s a really cool fact, you don’t have to sing or chant in order to benefit from sound therapy. You receive the healing benefits of sound just by being in its presence. So although I encourage you to sing or chant your heart out even if you can’t carry a tune, if you choose not to you’re still reaping the healing effects. Of course, there are many forms of sound therapy and tools you can use to help you feel connected and cultivate healing but the ones above are pretty powerful to begin with. I continue to be amazed at the impact sound and vibration have on our health and well-being. It’s happening every second of every day. Everything you watch, listen to, say, think, surround yourself with is either increasing or decreasing your unique vibration.

Just sit with that and observe. Don’t try to change anything right away. Simply observe how you feel as you go through a normal day within your surroundings. Then, begin to intentionally seek out what resonates with you and include it as part of your day every day.

Do you have a spiritual experience with sound? Share it with us here!


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