What Are Soulmates? How To Know You Have Found One…

What Are Soulmates? How To Know You Have Found One

Soulmates are those souls that belong to our soul group, that group of souls our own soul was first originated with. There are many different types of soul group but this one, in particular, is called the soulmates group: it is often the most significant, and when we meet people from this group, we often have a spiritual awakening or feel a deeper spiritual connection.

These souls play a very significant part of our life. They don’t just come and go, they live a mark in our soul and they stay with us inside of us. A Soulmate from your group can include a family member in the current life, friends, lovers, and partners so no, the word soulmate does not define only a boyfriend, wife or a temporary partner or a fling, it includes a multitude of relationships, including the ones with animals.

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Soulmates will leave a long-lasting impression on our lives and will often change our life.

Soulmates touch our life on the deepest of level, after meeting our soulmates, our life will simply not be the same anymore. These are the people that you have the strongest connections with but they can also be the people that challenge and push you the most.

When we meet one of these special souls, there is often a familiar bond, something beyond the current life, something that you just know belong to higher spiritual realms.

That first look into their eyes, that feeling of meeting someone you already know, that instant imprinting are all signs that you have met one of your soulmates.

All of us has a group of soulmates that they come to Earth with, but not all soulmates are destined to meet or be together.
Every soulmate journey is different, but if a member of your Soulmate Group is present in your life, you will definitely know, you will connect straight away. All the souls belonging to a Soul group, usually between 3 and 9, work together to help each other to learn lessons and experience growth.

When we shift out of human form after the physical death, our soul will connect with our Soulmate Group in higher realms, and all of us will work together and help each other to understand the lives that we had on Earth.

In higher realms, our Soulmate Group is like a support group: we all share a special bond as you are each other’s biggest supporters. When we meet our soulmates, there is no competition, no shame, no fear, there only a sense of wholeness and oneness that leads to unconditional love and support.

But when exactly do we meet our soulmates?

Well, that depends on the soul contract we have which will determine the role that a specific soul plays in our lives and the lessons we are supposed to learn. In general, though, we meet our soulmates when we are ready which means when we learn to feel whole within ourselves. Ourselves, our soul, is the soul we are going to spend most of our time with, and the first lesson we need to learn when we come to Earth in a human form, is loving ourselves unconditionally.

Only after experiencing self-love, we are going to be able to recognize this specific frequency in our soulmates and connect with them.

With soul mates and soul contracts, it is all about two people coming together with a mission to awaken each other’s capacity for unconditional love, find it within, and mutually challenge personal growth. These people bring us challenges that we need to face in order to reach our fullest potential and learn about loving oneself and others.

Soul mates will show us the path to love, but will also present challenges and trials we need to go through. 


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