The Soul Retrieval Practice: Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing Sessions…

The Soul Retrieval Practice: Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing Sessions

Have you ever heard or said phrases such as these?

“I am beside myself.”

“I was frightened to pieces.”

“I feel lost.”

“It feels like a part of me is missing.”

“I feel incomplete inside.”

These phrases, coined terms, or vibratory sound complexes, came to being—or originated—from a sense of soul loss. When we experience trauma during our lifetimes, pieces of our souls leave the body and escape to the safe place. They take refuge, or harbor—elsewhere—since what we are going through at the time is too overwhelming and traumatizing.

It is, therefore, the work of a shaman to mend, or fix, this process. Shamans are medicine men and women and sometimes called energy medicine practitioners in the West, who dance among the realms of the visible and invisible worlds. They say that shamans live with one foot in the spirit world, and one foot in the world of matter.

Said another way, shamans live on the “equal sign” of Albert Einstein’s equation, E=MC², traveling throughout and residing within both the realms of energy and the world of matter. Shamans and energy medicine practitioners are the ones who can perform this powerful energy medicine work to retrieve lost soul pieces on your behalf.

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The Winds of the North

As a matter of course, Soul Retrieval work is a process that aligns with the direction of the North, on the shamanic energy medicine wheel.

As an aside, for more info and an intro to the shamanic energy medicine wheel, see an earlier article relating to and titled the same, The Shamanic Energy Medicine Wheel: An Introduction.

The winds of the North, or the direction of the North, is represented by Hummingbird medicine. Hummingbird, or Siwar Qinti in quechua, is the Great Journeyer—the one who makes this great, long Journey, all the way from North to South America, with the tiniest of bodies and wings. Purely on instinct, and intuition. Not knowing how, or why, and yet trusting in itself and in the Universe. Hummingbird medicine reconnects us to our Epic soul’s journey, reminding us that every step that we take is sacred, and teaching us to drink from only the finest and sweetest nectars in life.

And so that’s the key energy medicine process of the North, that we as shamans offer: the Soul Retrieval.

The Task of the Shaman

As mentioned earlier, when we experience traumas or significant events in our lives—such as those which take an emotional toll on us, damage us in some way such as physically, emotionally, psychologically, energetically and the like—or simply those adversely affecting us in a substantial way, then we likely have experienced soul loss. During this soul loss, pieces of our souls escape when we are confronting these tough times. Essentially, these pieces sense that the body is no longer safe, and so they tether themselves to the body, and then leave and take harbor where it is safe.

And so the task of the shaman is to journey to the Underworld—or Lower World—and find and retrieve these lost soul parts on behalf of the client. Then bring them back to the middle world, the world in which we live day to day, and reintegrate them back into the individual’s body. We distinguish between the various worlds as it relates and is derived from Incan mythology. In that body of work, the cosmos was divided into three realms or “pachas”. These include the Underworld, the Middle World, and the Upperworld. In Quechua, these realms respectively are the Ukupacha, the Kaypacha, and the Hananpacha.

With that, I invite you to take a quick journey with me to see how the Soul Retrieval Process works overall.

Soul Retrieval Work: Step-by-step

The Soul Retrieval process takes place during a remote session with a shaman, or in person. Remote energy healing works the same over long distance, via video calls or phone calls, as it does in person. This is because time and space are simply constructs of the mind and do not actually exist as we have customarily come to conceive them. For more info and backstory as to why that is, check out earlier articles on Quantum Physics, Part I and II.

So during the remote session, (or in person), with a given client, we then work with the individual and explain the process. The client’s main task during the session is to focus on his breath, and align their intentions with that of the practitioner. As shamans, we then use rattles or drums, to put ourselves into a trance-like state and/or altered states of consciousness, and begin our journey to the Underworld.

During shamanic journeying, we meet with power and protective animals, guides, angels, perhaps ascended masters, other benevolent luminous beings, and the like, and—in some cases—relatives of the client who have already transitioned (passed away) may appear. Essentially, during the journey, shamans are gathering any and all information they can from the Spirit world on behalf of the client.

So, too, are we working with and walking alongside gatekeepers during these journeys. In this regard, the gatekeeper to the Lower World, is Huascar Inca (pronounced wask-car), Lord of the Inca, Lord of the Underworld. Gatekeepers are not gods; rather, they are most honored and revered, divine guides, or wayshowers. And they will not make themselves known to us until a mentor, or more experienced shaman, introduces us to them and we have the opportunity to make a relationship with them.

This is an introduction of sorts, or an initiation—a rite of passage.

And so during the journey to the Lower World, we as shamans visit various chambers on behalf of the client; including the Chamber of Wounds, Chamber of Contracts, Chamber of Grace, and the Chamber of Gifts. In the Chamber of Wounds, we see the original traumas, or wounds, affecting the individual and experienced by them, perhaps even at a very young age. In other words, Huascar shows us the initial events that took place giving rise to the underlying wounds or traumas. We take nothing back from here, as we do not want to integrate anything back into the body that still remains in an unhealed, or traumatized state.

In the Chamber of Contracts, we are shown the Soul contracts an individual may have made—whether consciously or unconsciously—relating to the same. Having this information then gives us an opportunity to work alongside the client, in canceling and voiding those old contracts which are no longer serving them, and helping them to write new ones. Continuing to the Chamber of Grace, we are shown the healed soul pieces which can be integrated back into the body. We do so only once the vessel is clear enough, typically through a series of illuminations and extractions (in other words, through at least a minimum of a few prior sessions together). Otherwise, the container—the body—will not be clear, or clean, enough, to hold and integrate the retrieved, healed soul parts.

And finally, in the Chamber of Gifts, Huascar reveals treasures to us for the individual, which can then be blown into the chakras and woven into the luminous energy field (or LEF); that torus, egg-shaped like vessel surrounding the physical body which shamans are trained to see with the naked eye.

A Final Note

All in all, the Soul Retrieval process is a beautiful and meaningful experience. It is one of those things, residing in that magical realm, that can be experienced yet not told. It takes place in that time-space reality, where experience is all there is, there.

With that said, and on a final note, I recently came across again another article chatting about soul retrieval work, and a tribe member of mine—from the Four Winds Society—and shaman in his own right, Jon Rasmussen. Feel free to check out this amusing and fun recount of a GQ author’s experience with soul retrieval work, which might particularly interest any men reading this article.


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