Finding Your Soul Navigation…

Finding Your Soul Navigation

How often do we allow ourselves to be guided by the light of our soul? This is even deeper than following one’s heart. Our soul offers the wisdom from worlds away, beyond time and space.

Connecting to the awareness of our soul allows us to slip into a world so powerful it pierces through anything not weighted in truth.

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All humans carry illusions of time and space. This is one of the hardest transitions to make while living on Earth. This, in part, is why many of us have created a life that is not aligned with our true self, our soul. Thankfully, every moment is an opportunity to overcome these illusions. We are offered the presence of timelessness in every instant. Each breath of life is an opportunity to connect. As we open up to the possibilities of each moment, our world expands.

We are offered the awareness of the gift of recognizing: I AM the sounds I hear. I AM the sun I feel. I AM part of both the peace and the doubt.

Release and Connect

How do we untangle the peace from the uncertainty and find the root of joy? Can we start from the beginning and painstakingly unwind the fear from joy? Release the fear and bring peace closer into all areas of our life?

Yes, we can! We are often shown in our dreams what actions are needed for our minds to run uninhibited. It might be as easy as forgiving yourself. It will involve turning your concerns over to your personal team of Angels and guides. It also involves slowing down and connecting to the rhythm of the Universe through meditation.

Guidance Through Creativity

We watch how you struggle to come to grips with your accomplishments and your dreams. We are here to answer your prayers and to carry your love throughout the world. If we had but one message for you to share it would be, create!

Create with all your heart and soul. Let the flow of love guide you in your creations. Understand that it is through your creativity that God and Angels and your divine energy and life purpose flows. We literally can flow through your fingers to help share messages of good fortune and guidance. We can offer you the ideas to help you create music or find the words of inspiration to share with others. Creativity is what sets the soul free.

Opening Your Vision

Connecting with your soul will bring you to an awareness that causes shifts in all areas of your life and even those you love. It is what brings about the possibility of both peace and tranquility. Imagine trusting yourself to dive into the unknown and take apart your thoughts and feelings and restructure them with an awareness of light and purpose.  

We are here to help you unravel the words, ideas, history that has limited your vision. We are here to answer each call for help. It is no longer necessary for you to live with blinders on. Reach out and trust that each of you is blessed with guidance and love and each of you can truly do no wrong. The scars from your past will be removed. You will forever be changed when you dare listen to your soul.

Healing The Scars

Your soul has been with you forever. It contains the brilliance of all love and the capacity of all light. It also contains the capacity of all grief. The freedom of healing that comes from the expression of love benefits us all. Take a step further and remove not only the scars in your life but the scars of all humanity. As we practice living in peace with this life, we are lifting the scars of all lifetimes of mankind. As we live a life of personal awareness we begin to bring consciousness into all lifetimes. Each wound that is healed in your life heals a wound in us all. It really is true. Each person can change the course of humanness.

Wisdom and Miracles

We want to help you unwind your fears from your life. We want to help you express your dreams the way you see fit. We want to help you create a world that best supports you. The closer you come to achieving your life free of fear and confusion, the closer you come to existing in the awareness of the moment. Take your fears and wounds from your past and release them to your Angels and guides! Watch them turn into clarity and wisdom to guide you forward. From this moment on you are brilliance and light soul energy. This is the stuff miracles are created from.


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Polly Wirum is an intuitive that loves to help others connect with the Divine. As a compassionate Mystic, she uses…

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