Soul Mates And Twin Flames VS Recognizing Souls You’ve Loved Before…

Soul Mates And Twin Flames VS Recognizing Souls You’ve Loved Before

I have a long-held belief that a Soul Mate and or [Twin Flame] is just another contemporary romantic term that has been upgraded due to our living in a more spiritual culture. The very term Soul Mate and or [Twin Flame] implies a desire to partner with each other at a conscious soul level instead of a more traditional social level. The term Soul Mate and or [Twin Flame] indicates that we are seeking a union with a person capable of sharing our Divinity and the depth of our interior psyches and spirits.

What this path of Spirituality is all about is how satisfying it is to be able to walk through both our light and shadow with another person. – Caroline M. Myss, PH.D.

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Attachments fuel self-interests

In the west, our collective mindset regarding love started to change with the Troubadours of the 11th- 13th century. They sang songs of poetry, praising a love at the level of the heart. The love of the Troubadours did not involve self-interests. Our anxious (chaser) and avoidant (runner) attachments fuel self-interests. We adapted the symbol of the romantic heart from India and the Troubadours. The heart is a bridge that connects Spirit to Matter, in other words Soul to Ego.

Over the course of the last 800 years, we went from mating for society and family, to wanting to experience a love like no other. We would like romantic love experienced where our heart and souls are deeply connected. However, there is still an expectation from our family and society to mate from just the ego perspective. The ego is interested in survival, security, and needs at all costs, not a deep connection. Collectively, we are still operating from a survival mindset.

Transcending the ego

However, Soul Mates and Twin Flames transcend a survival mind. Soul Mates and Twin Flames are connecting at a place, society at this point does not comprehend. Soul Mate and Twin Flame connections are outside the norm of society. Yes, the term Soul Mates became mainstream, but that is because, as a society, we think it is just another ego romantic term. We are also twisting our deepest most profound eternal love-the Twin Flame into another secular romantic ego delusion.

There is a difference between knowing and experiencing

There is a difference between knowing about Soul Mates and Twin Flames, vs. Consciously Recognizing Souls You Loved Beyond Time and Space. The authentic experience wakes us at the soul level but is very confusing to our egos. The souls are saying, I know you, I love you, but the egos do not know what to make of the recognition.

Soul mates and twin flames mirror their Divine Nature

The authentic experience senses the soul within each other. But the ego must be capable of sustaining the depth of this connection. We must prepare, our ego to contact the shadow, and bring it into the light, so we can fully integrate the foreign identities. There is a misconception that when you meet a soul mate and or twin flame that the relationship is perfect. You complete each other. The Authentic experience indicates the souls complete each other, but the egos must stay separate. Collectively, we do not prepare for a traditional social relationship. We meet someone, fall for them, and then create a family. The Authentic experience knows the ego must be prepared for the exalted bond of Soul Mates and Twin Flames. When we consciously know the difference between knowing and experiencing soul connections, we can spiritually uplift society through the interactions of an exalted bond of love.


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