Our Souls Are Naturally Creative — But Have We Forgotten?…

Our Souls Are Naturally Creative — But Have We Forgotten?

I’m a creative being. You are a creative being. Every thought is a creation. It is a directive to the Universal Goodness to start moving the resources to help you obtain whatever you have decided you want to receive. I’m a highly innovative, intuitive person and I love to create tools, products, systems, and ideas that support others in connecting to their higher power.

That’s the way I like to utilize Divine knowledge and wisdom and be of service. The fact is, I’m always creating, turning thought into form. We are all creating. All the time.

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Yet, are You Consciously Creating?

How do you know if you aren’t consciously creating?

  • You seem to birth creations left and right and then leave them to fend for themselves
  • You create and no one seems to want your creations
  • You are in a state of either feast or famine

There is a process to harness the power of the universe and collaborate with the Divine to support your desire to turn intangible to tangible. There are six steps to this creative process. If you understand these steps and utilize them to create your perfect formula, you will be able to easily bring the intangible to the tangible.

  • Understanding – This seems to be the most challenging piece for most people. What do you want to create? What do you want to receive?
  • Acknowledgment – Understand that there is something more powerful than your human existence. You can call this power by any name you want: God, Divine, Mother/Father, Bob, Tree, Cupcake, etc. This Source is the ultimate creator, and all thoughts and ideas originate from this definitive Source.
  • Partnership – Everything is energy. This power, this Universal force is energy as well. So we must be connected to it. So what is true for that Source must be true for us.
  • Declaring – This is the section where you declare what you want to bring from the intangible to the tangible.
  • Acceptance/Gratitude – This is the part of the creative process where you understand that you have declared it and no delay is involved. This is also the part where you express gratitude. In our acceptance and gratitude of this intangible becoming tangible, it becomes a reality.
  • Action and Nurture – This is the piece of the process where, as humans, we get to be physically involved in the creation of our desires. You have done all the co-creation with the etheric Universal Good and now it takes Divinely inspired action to manifest your creation.

So How do You Use these Steps in Your Creative Process?

Please be aware, we are calling these “steps” but much of this is happening all at once. Let’s begin with the first step of Understanding. What is your vision for yourself on this planet? What do you want to contribute? What do you want to receive? What do you want to achieve here? What impact do you want to have? When you start asking yourself and your Soul these big questions, your Soul will answer.

Once you determine the answer, the next set of questions are: what is the delivery system of this vision or service? In other words, what’s the “how”? What is the big idea, product, service, tangibility to this vision?

It’s amazing that once you propose these questions, allow yourself to truly listen for the answer, release any worry about the outcome, and believe that the solution will appear, then it usually does. Once some idea has popped into your head, let’s get formal begin to write things out so you can focus on the process and receive more answers. You have an idea. On a giant poster board move into Step Two, Acknowledgement, and write out your feelings and thoughts for Steps Two and Three, Partnership.

Yay! You are all ready to get the ball rolling in turning the intangible into tangible.

Now for Step Four, Declaring. Here’s where you get to declare what the final product, service, vision, goal of your creation looks and feels like. It’s important that you use positive and present language. This is the part where you get to describe and feel into this creation. Don’t worry, this part will evolve and you can add to this section or remove items from it. You’re on your way to the finish line in your creative process. The Acceptance portion is the agreement between you and Universal Goodness. It’s about you committing to and believing that your word is law. You have put the creative ball in motion and now you are allowing the Universe to bring all those resources to you to support the vision.

You are now in the “doing” part of the creative process – Action and Nurture. Take a look at your poster board, tune into your Soul and the Divine and ask: what is the first action step to bring this into reality? You might get a lot of action steps or you might have to wait a bit for an idea to pop into your head. When that action step is completed, ask the question again and again. If it is a product or service and you feel that it is complete, you want to start asking the question: “what do I get to do to nurture this creation?”

For those of us that create with ease and grace, the nurturing part is key. You can also go back to your previous creations and just ask the nurturing question. Some nurturing answers might be: re-market it, offer it to a friend to market, revamp the product or service, put out a newsletter about the product or service, or an opportunity may simply appear to promote and nurture your creation.

Everything likes direction. When you consciously collaborate with the Divine to support your creations, you and those conceptions thrive.

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