Soul Groups And The Origin Of The Soul: The Pleiadians…

Soul Groups And The Origin Of The Soul: The Pleiadians

Traits and Characteristics of the Soul Group from the Pleiades: positive and dysfunctional aspects

When we awake and we ascend, one of the first questions we ask ourselves is: “Where does my soul come from?”

We want to know where we are from because somehow, during our life here on Earth, deep down, we have always been feeling we are Starseeds coming from far away, we have been feeling like we do not belong here and many times, we feel completely disconnected from what is going on on this planet.

The reality is that many soul groups from many different planets exist, some of them located inside our solar system, some of them located outside but each one of them holds very specific characteristics and traits.

Characteristics and Traits of the Pleiadians

  • The Pleiadians come from the Pleiades, an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.
  • They are naturally changing agents for themselves and others: wherever they go, the environment and the people living in that specific environment experience a great deal of change
  • They are very active and very quick when it comes to making decisions, changing and taking actions
  • They are the ones who teach and inspire others
  • They are powerful communicators, they are the ones we all want to listen to for hours and hours
  • They are very charismatic and charming
  • They do love being at the center of the attention
  • They are visionary, they can see the big picture before anyone else

Traits to be aware of to avoid dysfunctional relationships with Pleiadians

  • They are not very good when it comes to organizing the steps to actually physically creates the big picture as they are not very practical
  • They can see people as resources rather than human beings with feelings and thoughts and so they have no problems in “using” others to get what they want
  • As they are amazing communicators, they can negatively influence the masses
  • They very often chose “the quick fix” and borderline shortcuts
  • They can be extremely manipulative in their relationships
  • It is believed that a big percentage of Pleiadians currently on Earth (some say 50% but there is no way to know for certain) are actually negative souls (souls that at this point in time do not receive any vital force from Source and so they have to use other souls to avoid getting depleted)
  • They have the capability of dumping their karma on other souls

How to recognize Pleiadians reincarnated on Earth

Some of the best singers and actors in the world are, in fact, Pleiadians as much as famous politicians, coaches, performers, presenters, and international entrepreneurs.

Very often, you can find them in the company of very practical people/souls because Pleiadians are not very good to transform their pioneering vision into physical reality as they struggle with bureaucracy and the everyday details of things.

Pleiadians tend to always feed their need to be seen and heard so they will carefully choose situations and environments where they can reach out to an audience that can appreciate their ideas and their talents.

They are true “Prima Donnas” and they could definitely bring this attitude into private and romantic relationships as well.

What my pendulum and my intuition say about the Pleiadians

  • The primary energy of the Starseed Soul Group of the Pleiadians is feminine.
  • The best matches for romantic relationships for the Pleiadians are the souls from Mars and souls from Polaris.
  • Best long-term friendships for Pleiadians are with other Pleiadians, souls from Procyan and Arcturians.
  • Best relationships in the work environment for Pleiadians are with souls from Earth (Souls from Earth are very dense, pretty behind in therm of consciousness, and still living completely in the 3rd dimension, mainly represented by the mass media. Pleiadians can really thrive in this kind of environment as they can help Earther souls to evolve very quickly to the next level), Mintakans, souls from Polaris, and Alpha Centauri.


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