How To Follow Your Soul In A Noisy World…

How To Follow Your Soul In A Noisy World

The simple word, Soul, has a deeply evocative essence to it, that which we all instantly connect to. And why is this the case? Because you recognize your own deepest essence within the word, the thing that we can’t quite put into words, the alchemy of all that’s entirely, essentially, “you”.

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Jiva + Atma = Human + Being

There’s a sublime word in Sanskrit, called the JIVATMA. The easiest way to understand this word is to break down the term Jivatma down to its two parts: Jiva + Atma.

The Jiva part refers to the Human part of us, the part of us that’s the body, the mind, and the form. The part of us that can think, taste, and touch. The part of us that eats, sleeps, wakes, grows, fears, defends, reproduces, and ultimately dies and decays. So this Human part of us is driven by the intelligence of the body, and the logic of the mind – including calculation, rationalization, and forming our beliefs based on our past experiences and past data.

On the other hand, the Atma is the Being part of us that’s the deepest part of us that is a spark of divinity itself – THAT is your soul, which is a spark of the universal soul. That’s the part of us which is wise, fearless, and still. This is the part of us that’s simply content to be. Like a seed has all the qualities of a tree within it, the Being, or the Soul contains all the qualities of the Paramatma – the Universal Soul (or whatever you want to call that bigger Presence beyond our senses). While the human part of us – the body – dies, the being part of us – the soul – lives on. The body is finite, but the soul is infinite, expansive, boundless.

So how can you know the voice of your soul, when the voice of your own mind seems to be so loud?

Why is the Mind’s Voice Louder than the Soul?

The mind’s voice is created from not only its past experiences, but past data based on the voices of the people around us, the voice of our culture, the voices of beliefs and expectations of other people, the voice of society and church and country – all of these different voices come together to create our mind’s voice. And they all clamor for our attention!

Whenever you’re at a crossroads or trying to make an important decision, if you ask yourself a question, you might notice that you hear two voices.

See if you can recognize the two voices:

  • There’s the voice that sounds reasonable and practical, and there’s one that sounds dreamy and outlandish.
  • There’s a voice that says, “You can’t, you shouldn’t,” and one that says, “What the heck, let’s go with it”.
  • There’s a voice that looks for other people’s approval, and one that feels spontaneous and playful.
  • There one voice that feels heavy, whereas the other voice sounds light and free.
  • There’s one voice that drains your energy levels, and the other that increases your energy levels.

This tug of war between the two voices is what causes a resistance within yourself that makes you debate between your choices, and never knowing which voice to follow.

5 Ways to Follow Your Soul in a Noisy World 

So to follow the soul’s voice in a noisy world, we must learn to bypass the insistent voice of the mind, and tap into the deeper wisdom of our soul.

Here are a few ways to find and follow your soul’s voice:

  • Create a daily ritual to make space for your soul.
  • Spend time in silence and solitude.
  • Journal before making important decisions.
  • Connect with nature.
  • Follow your joys.

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground. -Rumi

There are a thousand ways to connect with your soul – what’s your way? When you can find the times your soul comes alive, do more of those! The more you practice connecting with your soul, the more you’ll learn to trust it and follow it!


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