The Soul: 5 Ways To Understand Your Undiscovered Frontier…

The Soul: 5 Ways To Understand Your Undiscovered Frontier

Here's how you can understand the soul.

There aren’t many frontiers left here on Earth. However, the greatest journey is into the depth of our soul, deeper than any ocean and possibly more expansive then space. Here is where we find so many unique personal treasures for which the value cannot be quantified. The treasures of our soul are precious beyond our comprehension.

How do we take a trip into our soul? How is it even accessed?

The answer is simple, and yet will leave many scratching their heads, as if a riddle we must answer before we can cross. It sounds like a line from “Alice of Wonderland” or “Wizard of Oz”, but it’s true. We can employ all kinds of teachers and mentors, but the real work is ours if we (like a knight on crusade) decide to take the journey to find our own paradise, one where we are liberated from lifetimes of burden. We may have the desire to connect with the soul, delve into the secrets of Self, but how? Where to start? It’s not something our pragmatic society which thrives on profit encourages, because what happens when we reach the freedom of soulful living? We are free from the expectations and demands of our culture. So, like many great historical explorers, the soul journey can feel like an act of rebellion.

Great! We are ready to set out on our expedition. Here we go.

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1) It starts with listening

Really. And not listening to others’ advice, but to ourselves. We all have inner guidance that speaks to us. “That’s a wrong turn? Are you really going to eat that? You’re going to feel sick afterward. Did you remember your wallet? I can’t believe I spoke to him/her like that.” This little voice is our soul. It’s our conscience and our higher consciousness trying to reach us. How often do we listen and how often do we mind it?

2) Allow for guidance

Hey, Frodo needed Gandolf to find the ring. It may be our journey, but along our path will come teachers and mentors to help show us the way. Psychics? Really? They are not just for predicting futures. Often, they give us glimpses of our journey we didn’t consider. It is always remarkable what light a psychic can shine on our darkness. We walk away wondering how come we never saw it or considered what they illuminated.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Oh my! No. Not exactly, but teachers, mentors, and even family, yes, family. Even the offbeat stranger can point us in a direction we haven’t considered. It’s not so much becoming attached to their practice and lessons, but uncovering what works for us individually. Bless them and continue onward. Our destination awaits.

3) Variety is a tool

Every meditation and every ceremony opens us up in different sensations of the heart, mind, and body and triggers dormant karmic memories. Various types of meditation can uncover different recollections and feelings. Yoga helps release physical memories. Shamanic ceremonies can take us outside ourselves and give us a greater awareness of our metaphysical being. These may not become our standard practice, but consider them like an archeologist’s tools when digging deeper into the earth to uncover past treasures.

4) Document experiences

All of the above – the teachers and practices can provide amazing experiences, yet how do we cement them into our daily life? How do we take what we are learning into our journey and transform? Imagine an explorer. They create maps. They document what they find – the cultures, the landscapes, and the animals. They create references they can always access. Our journey into the soul is no different. Documenting our experience means we can always access it.

Journaling, whether it be written or drawing, cements the experience and we can always return to the lessons we learned at that moment.

5) Look for personal patterns

We’ve listened to our guides, and documented the experience. Now is the time for analysis. What are our emotional triggers? What are our behaviors and habits we can’t seem to break? These patterns can be mostly painful. Here’s where the journey gets hard and we often turn back. We are so close to the golden chalice of self-knowledge and releasing hundreds, if not, thousands of years of karmic burden, we turn back feeling beaten by the path. Keep the faith and keep going.


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