5 Simple Life-Changing Tips To Live Up To Your Full Potential As A Spiritual Being…

5 Simple Life-Changing Tips To Live Up To Your Full Potential As A Spiritual Being

Many of us experiencing ascension and spiritual awakening very often find ourselves stuck right in the space between the 3rd dimension, the old version of ourselves, and the 5th dimension, the new infinite version of our Higher Self. 

Becoming aware of our spiritual divine nature also means becoming aware of the power and the new value system that comes with it, which is completely different from the beliefs we hold as human beings. We must realize our true nature is a gift that allows us to have an incredible life, to do things we always thought impossible, to develop that natural confidence that comes from wisdom, to create from our heart, and change not only our existence but the life of the people around us.

Here are 5 life-changing tips to grow into your full potential during your ascension and awakening:

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1. Decide who you want to be

As humans we live by rules and laws given to us, we are given a name, a family, a religion, a country, a school to go to, food to eat, a house, a job. None of these things is actually our choice. We do what society programs us to do. We get married because it is what people do, we go to church because is what people do, we cook in a certain way because is what people do, we choose our future based on what the people we grew up with or the community we live in do.

When we come to this world as humans, even when we are still in our mother’s womb, we are given beliefs and values that start controlling the way we are, act, and live.

One of the main challenges we go through when we start our ascension is taking down one by one all the limiting beliefs and fake values that have been determined the human being we have been until that point and replace them with new beliefs and new values that are going to make us who we want to be.

In the 5th dimension, we are in charge of ourselves and our life, in this frequency and vibration we decide who we want to be and we do not compromise with it. Our authenticity becomes the core of everything we create.

I give you a very simple example to make it clear. As a human, you might have been defined by your family and friends as shy and so believed it so much that you decided to find a job in an office working behind the scenes. When you go through the ascension process you might realize that you are not shy at all, and that liming belief doesn’t belong to you, so you let it go.

At this point, you might decide that you want to be a speaker and inspire millions of people because this is your true nature. As you can see, the perspective we have about ourselves shifts completely when we move into the fifth dimension of consciousness and higher, dropping a mask we have been wearing and letting everybody see us for what we truly are.

2. Do not listen to what other people still living in the 3rd dimension think about you

When we change and we tap into our divine power, our way of living changes completely, we act differently, the way we handle our relationship drastically changes as well and our friends or family still living in the old paradigm simply don’t understand us anymore. At this point, they might decide to ignore us completely, cleaning our path from old relationships that do not serve us, or they might be coming to us with unkindness, worries, and rage.

All these reactions come from the fear of losing the old version of us, so as much as we want to be compassionate, we cannot let somebody else’s fear stop us. 

3. In the fifth dimension, we co-create with the Universe itself – trust the Divine timing

As humans existing in the 3rd dimension, we are used to going to work, paying the rent and mortgage, buying food, and going shopping with the money we make. We spend most of our time and our life in jobs we don’t like to provide for ourselves and others with things that should be free.

Having good free food to eat, free water to drink, free parking space, a free house we comfortable in, is our birthright.

Plants, animals, oceans, the sun, the moon are free….everything that is free is taken from Gaia, our planet, nature around us and transform into something we have to pay for going to work.

Society controls every single aspect of our lives with 3 concepts: time, space, and money. When we are able to transcend all of them in the 5th dimension of consciousness, we go back to our main birthright: FREEDOM.

When we are in this space, we understand that everything around us is there for us to create what we want, when we want it. In this process of creation with have an amazing ally, the Universe itself that helps unconditionally to makes us happy. The only rule here is trusting the Divine timing.

4. Do not compare your journey to the journey of others

We all have different gifts and soul-missions. This is something that literally kills us as humans. We are never good enough, never slim enough, never smart enough, never beautiful enough, never enough. We keep comparing ourselves to society’s expectations and change ourselves so we have approval and we can finally feel part of something.

The beauty of the fifth dimension is that we are all unique and a distinctive piece of the puzzle that allows the evolution of humanity. We are all different and we all have specific gifts.

Some people might be able to see angels, some people might be able to sense the energy of other beings, some people might be natural psychics, some people might have a great voice or have the ability to paint, some other people might be able to astral travel or have conversations with the galactic.

In the fifth dimension, we are not in competition with each other anymore, we all thrive for the same thing, we all support the collective evolution of consciousness.

5. Do not think, listen to your heart

This is the most important tip when it comes to living up to our full potential as a spiritual being.

When we ascend, we expand our consciousness. Our minds and hearts become one. We don’t think anymore, we are divinely guided by our Higher Self who is directly connected to the Source. As humans, we are so used to think that we don’t listen to our instinct anymore, we do not listen to that gut feeling anymore, we analyze, we weight options, we decide the destination.

In the higher planes is not about the destination but is about the journey. Becoming enlightened, whatever that means, is not a goal, is not something we want to reach to feed our ego, is not something we do because is in trend, we cannot treat something so special like something we buy at the supermarket.


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