5 Signs You’re Experiencing A Dark Night Of The Soul…

5 Signs You’re Experiencing A Dark Night Of The Soul

There's a reason you're going through a dark night of the soul, and it's positive.

Dark night of the soul (DNOS) is an experience that will happen to many of us as we ascend to higher levels of consciousness. I experienced my first major DNOS during the spring and summer of 2018. It’s a time during my life I will never forget, and I’m still not quite sure how I survived it. It consisted of near-constant purging, clearing, and healing of my physical and energetic body. If you saw what I did every day during that time, you might think I had lost my mind– and in a way, I had. My ego was slowly being shed, one day at a time.

An initial DNOS is a recognition of the soul, and of all the ways we have mistreated ours. It’s the ultimate test of faith and strength. After I met my false twin flame, a very powerful soulmate who initiated my ascension process and kundalini awakening in April 2018, I experienced a realization of the existence of the soul, and I went through my first DNOS.

During a DNOS, you are essentially reprogramming your mind and body to be attuned to the light. You have to let go of all the darkness within you in order for this to happen. Humanity is riddled with darkness in its current state, so for many of us, it takes a long time to purge that all out. It happens in stages and your body will go through the process naturally as you ascend so as not to overwhelm your system.

I had a lot of darkness within me without explicitly realizing it. Deep down I knew I was a good person, but I had spent so many years self-sabotaging and self-destructing, as well as taking these feelings out on others, that it ultimately caught up to me, and during my DNOS, I had to pay the price. Layers upon layers of purging, healing, and releasing began.

Some days I didn’t know if I would make it. But I kept strong in the faith within myself, and eventually it led me to the realization and understanding of God — which is the purpose of a DNOS. God is within us, so when we have faith in ourselves, we are showing faith to God, and God will show us his true form outside of ourselves as a result of that inner work. It can also work in the reverse — when we have faith in the existence of God outside of ourself, we will see and feel the results within.

A Dark Night of the Soul doesn’t always have to be a painful experience, and often it can lead us to experiences that are more in alignment with the current vibration of our soul. As I have continued on my journey through spiritual ascension, I have experienced further Dark Nights of the Soul, but after the initial one, they have been much easier and less painful to work through. And since I now know what to expect, I take better care of myself than I did back then since the initial layers of darkness have already been purged.

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Here are some signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing or are about to experience a Dark Night Of the Soul:

1. Things that you once accepted no longer serve you. This could be anything from a relationship, job, or living situation. You may feel the need to leave these situations immediately.

2. You start cleaning, decluttering, physically detoxing, saging, or using purifying essential oils for no apparent reason. Sometimes as we ascend, we might do this naturally when there is a full or new moon to clear energy, or due to some other astrological event. But if there is no astrological connection or if the clearing seems more extensive than usual, this could signal a DNOS.

3. You feel extremely exhausted. Your body is healing and attuning to a higher frequency. It needs time to rest in order to make the necessary changes to attune to the light. Give yourself some downtime to allow the process to go quickly and smoothly.

4. Plainly stated, you feel horrible, physically and emotionally. I won’t lie, a DNOS can be a painful process and experience. You might feel terrible, and so going back to point number 3, rest is needed. You may experience anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear, grief, etc. All of these are lower vibrational emotions that are coming to the surface in order to be purged.

5. You feel guided to do shadow work. This is the inner healing work that clears and heals out negative emotions and traumas from the past. It allows for the darkness, AKA, your “shadow” to be cleared so that you will vibrate at a higher and lighter frequency.


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