16 Signs Of An Advanced Soul: Where Do You Stand?…

16 Signs Of An Advanced Soul: Where Do You Stand?

If you’re reading this you are probably one of the many seekers alive in the world today. You’ve been on a spiritual path for a while now – you’ve meditated, read several books, taken a few classes, maybe you have even committed to a spiritual discipline, but have you made any spiritual progress? How do you know?

It’s a good idea to take a look back at yourself and your life once in a while to examine your spiritual progression.  If you do, you might find that you need to make adjustments, change your routine, or try a new approach so you can continue evolving. Or you may be pleasantly surprised to find that positive changes have indeed taken place within you. All highly evolved souls share common characteristics. To see if you have progressed, here are 16 signs of an advanced soul. Use them to check for improvement on your own soul’s journey:

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16 Signs of an Advanced Soul

Trust – You have an increasing trust in the benevolent flow of life.

Forgiveness – You have the ability to forgive others quickly.

Peace – You possess a constant peace and calm no matter what life circumstance you encounter.

Gratitude – You have a thankful state of mind and feel gratitude every day.

Joy – You are naturally joyful, regardless of life’s trials and tribulations.

Acceptance – You accept the good and the bad equally in life. You know that everything exists for the benefit of your soul’s evolution.

Connectivity – Your mental view of life expands to include all, regardless of differences, species or separation. You consistently feel you’re a part of all aspects of life, and a loving connection to everything.

Positivism – Your mind regularly streams loving and peaceful thoughts rather than negative and heavy ones. You are able to maintain a positive, calm state of mind at all times. Negativity has zero affect on you, no matter the circumstance.

Truth – You seek honesty in all. You see the truth in all. You live every moment truthfully.

Service – You have let go of self-obsession and instead seek out every opportunity to be of service to others, knowing that this is the true key to happiness.

Boundaries – You are able to balance healthy relationships with time for solitude and reflection. You no longer have a need to fix or please anyone or anything. You find it easier to say “no”, gently yet firmly, when others negatively invade your space.

Simplicity – You take pleasure in the simple things of life. You live in an organized and simple fashion and disregard the material, having no need for it. Your impact on your surroundings is minimal to non-existent.

Discernment – What you consume has shifted. You care about the source of the products you use, the food you eat, the media you watch, the people you surround yourself with, and you avoid the unhealthy and unsavory.

Self-love – You take care and appreciate yourself, fostering a love for self that allows you a larger capacity to love others.

Compassion – You are able to feel and display compassion for others without overstepping your own personal boundaries.

Aura – You have an ethereal glow that attract other beings to you. Adults, children and even animals seek to be in your presence. You naturally emit a peaceful and positive vibe that invokes healing in others.

Spiritual Progression

As you progress spiritually, you begin to shed the pain, negativity and suffering that comes with a life on Earth. The more you progress, the brighter you become as your soul remembers who and what it truly is – a manifested aspect of the Divine. To reclaim your knowing and progress as a soul, you must recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. This is the key to keeping yourself on track, enabling you to make the best of your time in this life while making the world a better place for having you in it. These 16 signs are the marks of a truly advanced being. How many do you possess? What do you need to work on?


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