Shamanism 101: The Winds Of The South

“If you were drawn to read this article, you are already being called to the Medicine, somewhere deep within your Soul, whether consciously or unconsciously. The question, therefore, isn’t about “if”— it’s about “when”. When will you surrender (to yourself), and answer Spirit’s call?” 

This is the first of four articles relating to Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel is an ancient map, starting in the South, and continuing throughout the West, then North, and finally in the East. It’s a technology for healing our past traumas and wounds, shedding what no longer serves us, upgrading our luminous energy fields, activating our Rainbow light bodies, tasting Infinity, stepping into our personal power and freedom, and knowing and communing with our true eternal nature—the one who was never born and who will never die.

And today I’m sharing a brief introduction about its qualities and attributes, laying a foundational understanding and sneak peek into Shamanism and this powerful healing medicine. I use this technology every day in my private healing practice helping others to influence the past, tap into the future, and Call in their destinies—all the while becoming more present and in the moment, living in the Here and Now—the only moment we really ever have.

In that spirit, I invite you to take a few deep breaths in and out, coming to the moment before scrolling through the rest of this article. You can also place one hand on the belly—the right hand—and the left hand on the heart, giving yourself a firm yet loving squeeze of self-love and self-care. And take three deep long breaths in and out.

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The Ancient Map

The Winds of the South

The work of the Medicine Wheel of Shamanism starts in the South.

The direction of the South is represented by Serpent energy. The Great Serpent—also called Sachamamita (in Spanish) or Hatun Amaru (in Quechua)—is known as Mother of our Waters. The work of the South involves releasing what no longer serves us and shedding our skin—just like serpent does—all at once.  Serpent energy teaches us to walk belly to belly with Mother Earth and learn to walk the beauty way, in harmony and as one with all sentient beings on this sacred planet we call Home.

The four insights from the work of the South include (1) non-attachment, (2) non-judgment, (3) non-suffering, and (4) walking the beauty way. As for energy work, the key shamanic process in this direction is called an illumination. Illuminations involve combusting the negative energies adhering to the Chakra walls, and clearing karmic imprints and affinities laying in the luminous energy field (or LEF)—that torus, egg-shaped like field surrounding the physical body that Shamans, or energy medicine practitioners, are trained to see with the naked eye. You can seek out a practitioner in your area, or work with one remotely, through a series of illuminations to upgrade your luminous energy body and lay the foundation of your rainbow light body.

For more information on the seven main chakras and our luminous bodies, check out a series of earlier articles called Chakras 101.

The Medicine of the South

The medicine of the South is more or less about examining our disempowering beliefs, dialing back to when we were younger and taking a look at the “downloads” we were receiving as children. Were you surrounded by chaos? Crises? How was your family life? What patterns, conditioning, and tapes began to run in your mind? From feelings of unworthiness to abandonment to betrayal—what were the core themes that presented themselves in your life? More likely than not, those themes (unless we’ve done personal work on them) are still running throughout and weaving through our lives.

The neurons that fire together wire together, and so when we are growing up, these situations, conditioned responses, and activity in the brain become the paved highways of the brain. And those neuropathways like and stick to what’s familiar to them, so they keep running the same avenues instead of taking the road less traveled—until we create new experiences, new responses, and deal with situations in a different, more positive light than before. That key principle—the neurons that fire together wire together—teach us that we have to work on changing the brain and creating new neuropathways in order to see transformational results. And luckily, science now backs all this up.

Once we identify these core patterns, we can better address them and heal them. And once we have brought them into our awareness, we can shed the stories that no longer serve us, once and for all. Preparing our luminous energy fields through a series of illuminations, clearing our containers and sacred vessels, and getting them ready to call in all things that are our birthright—inner peace, happiness, abundance, success, wealth, health, longevity, grounded bliss and more.


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