Self Applied Energetic Therapy – A Meditation…

Self Applied Energetic Therapy – A Meditation

The following is a modality to follow for physical, emotional wellness.

Emotional stress may be felt as physical sensations or can be identified in your behavior. Whether the symptoms are physical or emotional, this exercise can aid regardless.

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Find yourself a quiet and comfortable place. Plants nearby can be utilized to neutralize energies released. You may wish to use crystals to amplify your energy. Candles help set the ambiance for deeper relaxation as well as aiding in neutralizing released energies. Make sure candles are placed safely as your attention will be more internal than external. The ambiance will help soften the energies within you as well as surrounding you, like a warm blanket of comfort. Other tools can be your favorite essential oil or soft and pure incense.

Relaxation technique + meditation

Settle in. Take a few cleansing breaths. Breathe deep into your belly, increasing to fill breath into your lungs. Exhale making a hissing noise. Relax into easy breathing…

With each breath witness with your mind’s eye red roots growing from your hips, descending down your legs towards your feet. These roots will surround as well as encompass your hips, legs, and feet. With each exhale see these roots snuggle into earth mother, growing deeper and wider. You may feel a sense of safety or being home.

With your mind’s eye, follow up the inner center of your body to the top of your head. Looking up above your head you may see or feel a vortex. This may feel like a suction pulling upward.

2 inches below your belly button, there is an energy center called the dandien. See earth energy coming up through your roots and filling this center. Your hands may become warm. As the energy fills your dandien center, it will pour into your hands and out your fingertips. This is the energy you will be using for your energetic therapy.

Use your fingertips to start brushing down energies from your feet to your roots. Proceed from your calves to your feet to your roots, Proceed to work higher to lower

I.e.: from your knees to your roots,

Thighs to your roots,

Hips down your legs to your roots,

Until you have reached your diaphragm. Brush softly and in a soothing motion from your diaphragm down to your roots until there is limited stress or pain remaining.

Next, from your diaphragm up, use your fingertips to slowly release energies up. This motion should resemble undressing a shirt over your head. You may want to pay more attention to areas that hold more tension and brush up with your fingertips to release as you undress the stagnation. Once you have brought the energies from your diaphragm, chest, neck, face, and head upwards, imagine the energies being sucked into the vortex above. You may wish to use this direction for your arms or it may feel more natural for you to brush down your arms sending the energies to earth. Repeat these movements until your diaphragm is relaxed and no tension is held in your neck, face, and arms.

Place your hands over your heart and internally thank yourself for the therapy you have done. Take a few more cleansing breaths as you did at the start. Ask your cells and electromagnetic system to realign to the new frequency that you are experiencing and for it to hold. Ask your roots to remain well-grounded and ask that the vortex above be closed.

Slowly feel yourself in the room where you are and come into focus on your surroundings. When you feel more aware or awakened from your experience, get up slowly, and resume a peaceful, uplifting day.


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