14 Proven Scientific Health Benefits Of Chanting…

14 Proven Scientific Health Benefits Of Chanting

“Science has now proven that when we chant we improve our health in amazing ways without taking medications, supplements, herbs, or anything— It’s Totally FREE”

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1) We Are Healthier When We Chant

Did you know that chanting something like “OM” or any spiritual word calms our mind and decrease stress so we become healthier? Well, that’s exactly what happens. In the book “Human Sounds” by Jonathan Goldman he followed a group of French Benedictine monks who chanted every single day and then decided to stop chanting. And low and behold, they started getting sick… and when they were chanting they were hardly ever sick. And studies show that when we chant on a regular basis… our immune system is boosted up and we are less likely to become ill.

Studies done at the University Cleveland showed that those who did chanting had a psycholinguistic effect on their body… which increased good brain chemistry so they started healing.

2) Chanting Can Heal the Body—Even Cancer

Dr. Alan Watkins researcher at the Imperial College London told reporters that chanting of any kind including Gregorian Chants, Indian Chants, and other chanting can actually heal the body in general. In fact, I met a man who had leukemia and he was looking for a way to heal his leukemia naturally and he was not a Buddhist. But he met a Buddhist doctor who recommended he start chanting. And after a few months, his leukemia disappeared… True Story. And this man called me to relate this story and I wanted to pass this along… chanting is powerful and can heal in amazing ways.

3) We Have More Energy When We Chant

Those very same Gregorian chanters who were chanting and then gave up chanting used to have lots of energy and when they gave up chanting they started feeling very run down and fatigued. Chanting can boost up our energy level and keep us going all day long. Think about Showlin Monks that chant for hours and workout hard doing QiGong for hours… they are poof that chanting does have a powerful positive effect on the body.

4) Chanting Can Reduces Anxiety, Fear, and Anger

Chanting helps to regulate the hypothalamus of the brain. This is the control center of emotions and chanting also helps to calm down the amygdala of the brain or the anger center of the brain. Our amygdala becomes hyper-sensitized to anger and more anger starts to create more activity in the amygdala of the brain and this creates a vicious cycle. But chanting calms both areas and thus helps to heal the amygdala and thus anxiety starts to disappear and also anger.

Also, a study done by the University of Hong Kong showed that when people were chanting and shown fear-inducing photos areas of the brain that would normally light up on fMRI scans that indicate fear started to disappear. Thus chanting can also help to moderate and get rid of fear. But it was not just any word if they chanted “Santa Clause” nothing changed so spiritual words are important.

5) Chanting Can Lower Blood Pressure

Studies done over a 24 hour period show that those who chant actually lower their heart rate and lower their blood pressure while chanting. And that also helps them keep their blood pressure lower throughout the rest of the day. Why this happens might be because we breathe better while chanting, and we also feel better and thus good hormones such as dopamine help to create better health and thus we feel better and actually are better. A study done by Telles, Nagendra, and Nagarathna showed that those who do chanting have improved cardiac output and lower blood pressure.

6) Chanting Can Create a Better Mood and End Depression

Studies show that chanting creates more endorphins in our body and thus helps to create a better mood. A study in the International Journal of Yoga using fMRI showed that those who did chanting actually stimulated the limbic system of the brain and helped those where were depressed. There are many areas of the brain that are simulated when chanting including the amygdala, orbitofrontal cortex, hippocampus, anterior cingulate gyrus, insula, parahippocampal gyrus, orbitofrontal cortex, and thalamus. Also, chanting has been shown to help those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And chanting can increase brain function for those suffering from strokes and epilepsy. – Amazing!

7) Chanting Helps Those Suffering From Alcoholism

Studies done by Sethi, Golechha, Deshpande, & Rani, in 1991 showed that those who were affiliated with alcoholism who did chanting every morning and evening for 6 weeks had a significant decrease in delta and alpha brain waves which created feelings of mental tranquility.

8) Chanting Lowers Stress Hormones

Another study was done in China taking those who did Photchong Chanting and doing EEG scans of their brains before and after chanting. Found that those who did chanting had lower levels of theta waves and even delta brain waves after chanting and thus they had a must lower amount of stress throughout the day. But it was not only those doing the chanting, even those who listen to chanting had lower stress.

9) Chanting Slows the Aging Process

One study by Lavretsky in 2011 showed that when people did chanting they actually had an increase in cellular telomerase activity… which slows our cellular aging process. That is pretty amazing!

10) Chanting Creates Better Sleep

With fewer stress chemicals in our brains and bodies, we sleep better and thus we wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day.

11) Chanting Creates Less Negative Emotional Challenges

Studies show that those who chant have less tendency to have negative moods and thus feel better on a regular basis. This all comes about because of changes in our brain chemistry.

12) We Have More Feelings of Well Being When Chanting

A study done by Gupta and Bhatt in 2013 showed that those who did chanting on a regular basis had more feelings of well-being, less stress, and they had a better mental aptitude.

13) Chanting Helps Our Digestive System

Other studies show that those who do chanting have less anxiety and stress which leads to less digestive upsets in general. Everyone knows that when they are stressed to the max many times end up with digestive problems, stomaches, diarrhea, and more. But when we do chanting this does not happen.

14) The Words We Use for Chanting Do Matter

Studies show that the words used for chanting do seem to matter. If you just use any old word it doesn’t seem to work as well as Sanskrit words or some other type of spiritual word. And if you listen to chanting that also helps… but actually doing the chanting is the best. There are lots of great chants on Youtube… check them out.


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