Saturn Moves Into Capricorn: The Party Is Over Kids, Time To Clean Up…

Saturn Moves Into Capricorn: The Party Is Over Kids, Time To Clean Up

The planets in the sky can greatly impact our daily lives. Each planet represents a different and important human condition. For instance, the planets in our natal chart (the placement of each planet at time of our birth) tell us a lot about our life purpose, how we thrive emotionally, who we best partner with and what we should do for a career.

Planets move through the sky and subsequently the 12 astrological signs, at varying speeds. The Moon for example, changes signs once or twice a day while Saturn spends 3 years or so in each sign. The planets absorb the traits of the sign they’re in, causing that planet to act rather different from the way it normally would. Imagine a friend who’s funny and giddy with you, but shy and introverted in public. As with your friend, the mood and flavor of each planet changes, depending on which sign they’re transiting.

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On Saturn

Now speaking of Saturn, he made a big move near the end of December 2017. You see, he’s spent the last 3 years or so gallivanting around the sign of Sagittarius which feels very different to him indeed. He’s about to come home to a reality check. Saturn’s been transiting through exciting Sagittarius since December of 2014. Enthusiastic and unsuppressed, Sagittarius has adventurous energy. You can learn many great things by exploring belief systems and philosophies and that’s what Sagittarius likes to do. Jupiter rules this sign that is both life force and the life of the party, but Capricorn is another story altogether. Saturn rules Capricorn and appreciates hard work, structure and organization, and he loves following the rules (and of course, making sure that everyone else follows them too.)

You can imagine how it might feel for a planet (especially a rather uptight one) to move from party central, back to disciplined reality. Saturn is my chart ruler, so I’m familiar with how it feels energetically. Anyone with a strong Capricorn in their chart can appear introverted, standoffish and skeptical, although once you get to know one of us, you’ll find us dependable and ambitious. Because Capricorn brings caution and responsibility while Sagittarius brings experience and enlightenment, I’m reminded of the way I feel when I travel. I always had the sense that once I escaped the familiar, I could drop my reserve and become a freer version of myself. I didn’t have to follow the same rules, and the structures of my mundane life dissolved. Things felt fresh and exciting. This is how it must have felt for Saturn to be in the sign of Sagittarius.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn rules Capricorn and is, therefore, the most comfortable sign for Saturn to transit, but it will still feel a bit like coming home post adventure did for me. I was glad to be back in my predictable organized environment, but the mail needed sorting, the house required dusting and real life had to commence. In other words; back to work. Saturn rules careers and largely points to the “great work” of our life, and we feel his push to achieve and accomplish both personally (depending on where Saturn falls in our natal charts) and collectively (depending on the current location). So, this move into Capricorn is something we will all notice, but what does that mean?

Prepare to tighten that belt. The party is over. Father is home. Saturn in Sagittarius has certainly afforded us some wonderful things in the last few years. It’s loosened up our boundaries and allowed us to lower our standards in ways that Saturn wouldn’t typically approve of. Saturn rules contracts and this might have been helpful if you needed to release yourself from one of those. Sagittarius rules belief systems, so it’s possible that you mastered some high-level spiritual teachings.

On the shadow side, however, Sagittarius has a bad habit of standing on a soapbox and waxing poetic about things that don’t have much of a basis in reality or saying one thing and then doing another. In other words, the Sagittarian influence might have let Saturn to back up some severely illogical claims. In fact, you can look around the U.S. right now and see evidence of that on a collective level. If it seems like our government (Saturn) has been a little lawless (Sagittarius), it’s because it has. We’ve had environmental protections wiped out, imperative programs have lost their funding basic human rights laws have seemed to dissolve before our eyes.

On the other hand, we’ve also seen many “average citizens” begin to pay attention to politics (Saturn) in a fresh new and expanded way (Sagittarius).

How to Act

Now that Saturn is moving into the sign it rules, we shall see how all of these Sagittarian extravagances fare. There might be a sense that it’s time to pay the piper. The ways in which we perceive authority will come up for review and we’ll also need to tighten up loose boundaries and be more conservative. This is good news for those of us that are feeling panic at the state of things. It’s nice to have a responsible adult come home to help clean up a mess, right? When you look at your own life, can you see the places that might need some “adult” attention? Saturn demands that we get our affairs in order and while he’s in Capricorn, know that you will be asked to show up and put in the effort. In December of 2020, Saturn will move into Aquarius for good, which will bring a different energy altogether. But until that happens, you can find us developing our maturity and learning how to walk our talk, thanks to the reality check of Saturn in Capricorn.


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