8 Sacral Chakra Affirmations…

8 Sacral Chakra Affirmations

I am reading Michael Singer’s book: the Surrender Experiment. It is the perfect example of what transpires when you let go of controlling everything and get into the flow of life.

Letting go is not so easy.

First, you have to trust life.

Then, you have to remind yourself every day to surrender.

One of the best ways to remind ourselves, is through affirmation.

Choose one that feels good to you, and use it often:

  1. I surrender to the divine wisdom of life
  2. I exhale and let go
  3. I receive with ease
  4. I swim in the gentle current of life
  5. I flow with the rhythm of life
  6. I dance to the divine heartbeat
  7. I accept life exactly as she is, exactly as I am
  8. I am in divine flow and love

Second chakra is a deep, life-giving pool. There is no weakness in surrender. There is, in fact, freedom.


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Stephanie Hrehirchuk


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