Rose Pistachio Kheer Recipe To Cool Pitta Dosha…

Rose Pistachio Kheer Recipe To Cool Pitta Dosha

Delightfully delicious and magically medicinal rice pudding that cools off Pitta dosha and makes your tummy and taste buds satisfied with healing sweetness.

Kheer is considered one of the oldest foods in the world dating back to 400 BC and kheer is mentioned in the epic texts the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Fewer recipes are likely to be more tried and tested.

Food as medicine is a tasty and effective way to cool off Pitta dosha. -Veena

Kheer has tender, melt in the mouth morsels of rice as it’s cooked slowly in milk infused with cardamom, rose, and pistachio. Take about 55 minutes, and worth it!

Rose Pistachio Kheer Recipe to Cool Pitta Dosha

Section 1: Your Ingredients

½ cup white basmati rice

2 pints whole A2 milk

15 pistachios, plus some extras for garnish

3 green cardamom pods, slightly crushed so open

1 tsp. coconut sugar

1 tsp. organic ghee

Edible rose petals (optional but great fun to eat and a beautiful garnish)

About 1 ounce food grade edible rose water.

Section 2: Instructions

Wash and soak the rice for appoximately 30 minutes.

Pour the milk in a thick bottomed pot heating milk slowly to avoid scalding.

Add crushed cardamon pods and rice to the milk.

Maintain heat such that the milk does not stick to the pot.

When the milk is hot, add the soaked rice.

Bring to a gentle boil and simmer and stir to avoid scorching, for about an hour. The milk amount should reduce to about half, in other words, the mixture has thickened.

When that has occurred, remove the pods because biting a pod is not pleasing.

Once the mixture thickens, add the sugar.

Sauté the pistachio in ghee, till it turns golden brown.

Fold them into the mixture.

Shut off the heat and stir in food grade edible rose water-add it some bit by bit based on your taste .(You may also omit and opt for only edible rose petals.)

Serve hot in a beautiful bowl, garnish with extra pistachio and rose petals.

Take a grounding breath.



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