How To Remove Dark Energy From Your Home…

How To Remove Dark Energy From Your Home

Every time we move into a new place or I feel our house needs to be cleansed of dark energy, I smudge the entire place with white sage.

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What is smudging?

Smudging is burning specific dried herbs and allowing the smoke to float around. It’s an ancient ritual used to cleanse and purify. It drives away negative energy and restores balance. Most of the time I use sage smudge sticks.

I like that sage is a medicinal plant, and studies have shown it improves your mood and emotional well-being. It can also help you sleep. I’ve noticed that after I smudged inside my house, I sleep so much better. No kidding, I do. It’s a night of deep and comfy sleep. You know the one. Sage also helps keep viruses, infectious bacteria, and fungi away. Yeah, it’s because it has antimicrobial properties. Sage can eliminate up to 94% of airborne bacteria and disinfect the air.

There are different types of smudge sticks, some for different purposes, others the same but with bonuses.

Smudge sticks

Here is a list of some smudge sticks:

  • White Sage – This herb is the go-to one for ceremonial smudging. It’s used for cleansing and purification, mood-elevator, better sleep, and meditation.
  • Cedar – I did burn this one first when we moved into our current place. Cedar is used to bless a new house, drive out negative energy, clear the way for positive vibes, and protection from unwanted influences.
  • Mugwort – This herb is used to get rid of negative energy and for spiritual protection. It also helps crack open the door to your psychic awareness and stimulate dreams before bedtime.
  • Juniper – Burned for ritual purification and to invigorate the mind and body when tired. It also protects you and your home from dark forces and people. And it detaches astral parasites.
  • Rosemary – This herb is a powerful cleanser to purify your home, banish all negativity, bring peace, and clear the mind.
  • Lavender – Used for cleansing and purification, calming, increasing clairvoyance, psychic protection, and creating the energy of happiness and healing.
  • Palo Santo – This name means “Holy Wood” in Spanish. It’s known as a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. It clears negative energy by altering it into positive energy. Palo Santo is similar to cedar and sage. It purifies the spirit, enhances creativity, helps with meditation, and brings good fortune. The vibrant aroma will enfold you with peaceful feelings.

Before you smudge your house, buy high-quality California white sage. Don’t use the sage in your kitchen. White sage is the most popular out of the lot because many cultures use it to drive out bad spirits or dark energies. But you can use whatever herb works best for you.

Remember, different smudging ceremonies call for different plants.

How to remove dark energy from your house

  1. Make sure you have a window or door open so the toxic energy you’re banishing has somewhere to vacate.
  2. If you don’t have a bundle of herbs and are using dried herbs, place them in a fireproof natural container like a stone bowl or abalone shell bowl.
  3. Before you smudge your house, set your intention. Focus on it. Say a prayer.
  4. Light the herbs and let it burn for 20 to 30 seconds while you hold your intention(s) in your mind.
  5. Gently blow on the flame so you can see orange embers and wisps of smoke rising.
  6. If the glow of embers begins to fade, gently blow on the end that is lit.

Sometimes with sage bundles, it’s hard to keep them lit and that’s because it was packed too tight which prevents the oxygen from getting where it needs to go. To remedy this problem, simply loosen the strings around the bundle to make it more breathable. To cleanse yourself, first bring the smoke over your head, heart, and down the front and back of you while you say an affirmation that goes hand in hand with your intentions.

Walk around wafting the smoke in the room, over furniture, in each corner, around the windows, doorways, closets, and over the bed. As you’re doing this, focus on your intentions. Some people chant a mantra or spell they came up with as they perform this banishing ritual. Once you’re done, show gratitude to the plants and fire for their healing powers. Take your smudge stick and gently snuff it out in your fireproof bowl.

There are many ways to perform this ceremony. Do what works best for you and follow your intuition.

Happy Smudging!


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