How To Remember Past Lives Using The 5 Senses…

How To Remember Past Lives Using The 5 Senses

Reincarnation: it’s the idea that our soul has embodied multiple different people throughout the span of time. Some doubt that it’s even real while others are obsessed with trying to understand it further. If you’re part of the latter group, then I’m here to show you how to remember those past life memories through intuitively using your 5 senses.

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What is a past life memory trigger?

Before you can remember any past life memory on your own, you need to start with a memory trigger. Past life memory triggers are basically like starting points or clues to help you focus on a specific memory. Kinda like how you’ll smell sugar cookies and immediately be transported back to Christmas Eve from when you were a kid. Or how listening to a special love song will take you back to your first kiss. The smell of cookies and the love song are the triggers, while Christmas Eve and your first kiss are the memories. This same retrieval process can be applied to past lives. All you need is the right memory trigger!

How to use a past life memory trigger

Past life memory triggers can literally be anything. Our fears, talents & fascinations are just a couple examples of past life triggers. But the easiest past life trigger to work with is this: time periods that fascinate you.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Pick the #1 time period or era that fascinates and speaks to you the most
  2. Get in a quiet space and close your eyes
  3. Now, try to mentally transport yourself to that era. Pretend to stand in that time period. Stand there and make sure to keep your eyes closed in your mind’s eye and keep your actual, physical eyes closed too.

1) Sense of smell

As you’re pretending to stand in this time period with your eyes closed, see if you can envision what it smells like there. What kind of smells are you intuitively picking up on?

2) Sense of sound

As you’re pretending to stand in this time period, notice what kind of sounds you hear. Where are the sounds coming from in relation to where you’re standing? Is it silent? Loud? Try to pick up on any noise as you’re envisioning yourself in this time period. Yes, again, keep your mind’s eye closed and your physical eyes closed as you’re standing in this time period!

3) Sense of touch

Pretend to reach out and touch what’s around you in this time period. What objects are around you? What do they feel like? Any interesting textures? Hot? Cold? What does the floor feel like beneath your feet? What does the clothing feel like on your body? These are all questions to guide you through intuitively feeling your way around.

4) Sense of taste

Notice your mouth as you are standing in this time period. What do your teeth feel like within your mouth? Are they all present? Is your mouth dry? Moist? Any particular tastes coming up?

5) Sense of sight

Now you can officially open your eyes in your mind’s eye. Just keep your actual physical eyes closed still. But as you’re standing in this time period, what do you see? Is there anything in this memory that stands out to you? Just breathe easy and simply watch what’s going on around you. Try to look at your feet. What kind of shoes are you wearing? Look at your hands. What do they look like? Just drink in everything you notice around you and when you’re all done with the memory, physically open your eyes in this life and write it all down to remember for later!

Why this works

Because all memories are linked to the senses. It doesn’t matter if it’s this life or a past life. All memories are triggered by sensory information. And by tuning in to a specific trigger from the past, you can access a memory simply by intuitively interviewing the environment through your senses.


Remembering past lives doesn’t have to be hard. It may take some practice, but remembering past lives on your own can be relatively easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Pick a memory trigger
  2. Get in a quiet space with your physical eyes closed
  3. Go there or be there in your mind’s eye
  4. Remember to keep your eyes closed within your mind and your physical eyes closed and then just simply
  5. Intuitively use your 5 senses to see what you pick up on.

Just ensure to use the sense of sight as the last sense and you should be good to go! Because retrieving past life memories is a gift we all possess. All we need to do is open our minds and trust the information we remember.


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