Reincarnation: Have We Been Here Before?…

 Reincarnation: Have We Been Here Before?

Reincarnation; Have we been here before?

It is not uncommon for me to find myself in certain places and get the inner sensation that I have been there before. Another experience is that of being drawn to a particular place, people and particular periods in history.

Often the feeling and memory are so strong.

Could it be that we were here before? Is there life after death?

Do we come back or we vanish into thin clouds?

This belief is mainly common in the East where the concept of reincarnation is a common belief. At one point, scientists dismissed the idea of reincarnation but there were credible experiences which could not go unnoticed.

There were numerous accounts related to reincarnation across the world and amongst various cultures, there seems to be a common factor amongst the experiences recorded. For the most part, these cases revolve around children who recount memories of having previously lived before. In similar cases, children relate experiences of past lives. In certain instances, children experienced irrational fear of buses, aircrafts.

They also showed strange likings for food or things which are normally related to the other personalities which they claim they were in previous lives. In the majority children seemed to provide accurate information which correlated to real people who indeed lived in a particular period in the past or information pertaining to their ancestors.

Concurrently, other cases included stories of children who returned back to their families after a lapse of time. Such similar story was that of a boy who was born to a family after twelve years. His brother had died of cancer some time before he was born. Soon after his birth, his parents noticed that he had a birthmark, which appeared like a small cut on the neck. This was exactly at the location where his brother had scars from chemotherapy.

Then at one point, the boy asked his mother to take him back to another house where the family resided while his brother was alive. The most remarkable thing was when the same boy asked his mother whether she remembered him doing surgery. All these strange facts indicated that he remembered his previous life as his brother.

The belief in reincarnation is widely popular in Eastern Religions, New Age spirituality and other sects. In itself, reincarnation seeks to explain the cause and nature of human suffering. It also bases the concept that you reap what you sow and that the present circumstances whether good or bad, successful or not are mainly the result of the way one lived in previous lives. This is rather known as karmic action. This concept is as old as mankind and many religious teachings give a hint to this belief.

It is interesting to note that the belief of reincarnation reached Europe during the Middle Ages and it was a doctrine reserved for heretics, such as the Cathars and the Bogolis who came from Eastern Europe. The Cathars firmly believed in reincarnation and lived a life of purity in order to reap the benefits in the next life.

Be that as it may, the Cathars became the number one enemy of the Catholic Church and heretics were butchered and burned at the stake. But even on their last breath the Cathars  prophesized that they would come back after four hundred years.

But for all, the Church ‘ s resistance to reincarnation, the Gospel itself refers to versions and certain experiences which hint to reincarnation. For example, the Gospel refers to the case of the blind man, particularly when Jesus healed his blindness and said to his disciples; You have been taught that there are two reasons why men suffer, either because they have sinned or they are paying someone else debt in order to hasten their evolution. Another reference might be the situation when Jesus faced a mob who were avid to execute a woman accused of adultery. However, Jesus challenged them by saying that anyone who has no sin in their life should step forward and throw the first stone.

No one did as they were aware that they were not pure due to their sins and mistakes they carried from their past lives.

So, there must be some truth in this.

It is therefore assumed that as we begin to accept that every event in our life be it success, failure, relationships, accidents and other experiences confronting us are mainly present in our lives for a reason. We need to take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming others. Reincarnation is viewed as the eternal progress of the soul towards higher level of Spiritual knowledge.

Believing in reincarnation helps us to develop our will making us stronger. Life becomes ours and we have the possibility for creating our future.

So next time, we get that distinct feeling it might be a memory.


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