Reiki And Veganism: How Compassion Is Influencing My Lifestyle…

Reiki And Veganism: How Compassion Is Influencing My Lifestyle

Since I began to delve more deeply into my spirituality a few years ago, I noticed a lot of others on their spiritual path were vegans. I developed an interest in adopting this lifestyle, but it was ego-based and inauthentic. I held a limiting belief that I was not spiritual or of a high vibration if I ate meat. This is what I took away from many of the teachers and the ways they talked about their veganism.

For quite some time, I felt ashamed that I enjoyed meat and cheese so much that I could not give them up. I doubted myself and my abilities, but could not seem to change my diet the way I wanted.

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On eating meat and connecting with the Divine

Toward the end of last year, I went to a weekend mediumship workshop and felt relieved when, during lunch, the group of ladies that I was with were ordering burgers and other meat-centric entrées. Initially, I felt worried about eating with others operating at a high level of consciousness, thinking they would all order kale salads while I still had a strong desire to eat meat at that time. If I had been equipped with information and encouragement rather than shame, perhaps things would have been different.

Looking back, my desire to continue eating meat and dairy was three-fold:

  • I was ignorant to many of the cruel ways that animals are treated in situations where they are bred and used solely for their meat, milk, or fur. I had never made myself watch a video of what goes on at dairy farms – how cows are dragged, kicking, by tractors, or calves are painfully pried from their mothers’ wombs. I have since subscribed to the PETA Twitter, and many of the things they share are heinous. It hurts to watch; it can be nauseating and drive me to tears, but I cannot turn a blind eye to this suffering any longer.
  • My compassion and sensitivity did not get stronger until after I was attuned to Reiki in January of this year. I am no longer able to ignore the things that bother me at such a deep level.
  • I felt resistance toward the way many teachers spoke on this lifestyle, i.e. “You won’t be a good channel if you eat meat and dairy. Your third eye will become blocked.” I sensed so much ego in this, and it turned me off to the lifestyle despite the animals’ suffering. It became more about wishing to be as unlike these people as possible, and even proving them wrong, rather than doing what was good for the planet and my body.

That being said, I do believe that humans are made differently. Some of us can do very well on an entirely plant-based diet, but we all have different nutrients that we need, different physiological make-ups, and sometimes we can only know our specific type by exploring (of course, it is best to ask a doctor before making any drastic changes to diet). Perhaps this lifestyle is not for everyone, which is why I would never write about this with the presumption that everyone must try this. I do not believe that eating meat cuts off one’s connection with the Divine, but strengthening the connection with the Divine can cause one to lose the desire to consume animal products.

Compassion on Food Consumption

One of the core principles of Reiki is compassion toward the self and others. I do not feel compassionate when I consume animal products, knowing what I know now. It is not necessary to adopt veganism to be successful with Reiki or other intuitive abilities, and I know this firsthand. I still eat meat and dairy on occasion and am able to do energy work. I do not judge people whose diets are meat-heavy. However, I am doing all I can to arm myself with enough knowledge so that I can cut meat and dairy entirely from my own diet and not cave to cravings or convenience eating. It is a process that cannot be forced upon anyone who does not want this or is not ready.

We can encourage others to consider this lifestyle, or how to help animals in other ways, by talking about it more from the heart and less from the ego. There is nothing wrong with sharing information, but how we share it is very important if we want to be persuasive. Is the intention to incite fear or control someone’s choices and feelings? If so, anything that stems from these intentions may work short-term but probably would not have lasting or genuine results.

For me, it took a combination of facts, energy attunements, and my own healing to open me up more to the idea of veganism and that it is possible for me. I am still exploring this possibility and watching how my body responds to it. Nothing truly changes when the motivation to change is shame or a desire to be powerful.

Everything changes when the heart bursts open.


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Holley Hyler


Holley Hyler is an energy intuitive and has been published in Adelaide, Anti-Heroin Chic, Rebelle Society, and The Urban Howl,…

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