Finding Your Reiki Master: Ten Questions To Help Find The Right Teacher And Training…

Finding Your Reiki Master: Ten Questions To Help Find The Right Teacher And Training

Pursuing training in energy healing can be a very transformative and empowering experience for many people. It can be the key that unlocks lasting healing and awakening in body, mind and spirit. For some, it is completely life-changing and reality-rocking. I started my journey into energy healing ten years ago with the Japanese hands-on-healing technique known as Reiki. I had never had an energy healing session prior to training, but something inside of me knew I was meant to pursue it. I signed up for Reiki I with an experienced teacher who had a wonderful reputation for healing and therapy in a variety of modalities.

I arrived to class open-minded, yet skeptical. I was new to all of this and wasn’t sure what to expect. By the end of my first day, I knew I was guided to the training for a reason. I had experienced a very deep healing during my attunement that began a gentle, yet powerful evolution of healing that is still guiding me today.

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Personal Reiki journey

After that initial experience, my journey with Reiki became personal. I knew that I felt guided to keep healing, releasing, and growing, so I continued to show up for myself, welcoming the energy to do its beautiful work on me. After about a year and a half, I had gone through all three levels of Reiki, and loved how it heightened and amplified my life. My intuition sky-rocketed, awareness expanded, and I felt connected, guided, and supported by a healing force of energy rooted in peace and love. Once I got my bearings from all of the changes the healing was bringing into my life, I began to offer healing sessions to others. Working with other people gave me more opportunities to witness the loving, holistic, and wise way in which Reiki works. It gave me the experience to understand more about the power of energy healing and the potential it has for each of us personally, as well as, collectively.

Becoming a Reiki teacher

As of today, I have been teaching for about six and a half years.  I can still remember the day I heard the nudge within to begin. It took me a little while to get behind the idea since I never thought of myself as a Reiki teacher, but of course as I look back and reflect, I see how divinely-guided this journey as been (and continues to be). I often say I didn’t choose this path, it chose me. Reiki opened the door to both a universal healing energy that is available to all of us, and reconnected me with an innate and intuitive healing ability that was always within me.

It’s common to feel a yearning, knowing, or pull inside of you that leads you into this work. It’s an intuitive process, a journey guided by your soul, that is less about working on and ‘healing’ others, and more about healing yourself. I often tell my students that Reiki, also known as spiritually guided life force energy, along with your higher self, knows when you’re ready. When that time comes, energy healing will enter your awareness, pique your interest, and guide you to the right teacher and training meant for you. Choosing your teacher is a pivotal step in your journey. Their approach, beliefs, attitude, ethics, and professionalism are highly influential to you and the integrity of this work. It’s important to do your research and learn from a teacher who you feel a resonance with.

If you’re feeling guided to pursue energy healing work, I compiled ten questions to take into consideration before making your choice on which technique and teacher to study with.

How long have they been practicing energy healing? How many clients have they worked on?

The most skilled and knowledgeable teachers typically have plenty of energy healing experience before they begin teaching. Just because someone is teaching, doesn’t mean they should be. It’s important to know if your teacher has had enough personal experience before they begin teaching. Length of time isn’t always indicative of experience, it can also be good to ask approximately how many clients they’ve worked on.

How long have they been teaching?

Does it matter to you if they are newer to teaching? Every teacher has to start somewhere, so their newness does not necessarily mean they’re inexperienced in Reiki. New teachers can bring fresh new ideas and techniques you might love. Or, would you prefer someone who has been teaching for awhile? Experienced teachers are usually gems, but sometimes you can run into one that might lack enthusiasm or that hasn’t updated their material in awhile.

Who are their teachers?

This can give you an idea about their interests, influences, and lineage.

Do they have respect for the lineage and other teachers?

In a world fueled by the loud, self-centered flashiness, and instant gratification of the ego, honor of our past and the teachers who came before us, is becoming lost. Respect, knowledge, and appreciation for the lineage, as well as for current colleagues, are part of integrity. No one who does this work should act as if they are above or better than anyone else. They should never imply they have all the power.

Do they hold any professional certifications or licenses?

While certifications can exemplify one’s dedication to learning and may add depth and education to one’s practice, it does not always reflect effectiveness, professionalism, and authenticity at what they do. Be open to the possibility of natural born healers, too. Currently, there are no legal licensure requirements specifically for energy workers. Some energy workers also work in fields that do require licenses, such as massage therapy, nutrition, clinical therapy, social work, nursing, etc.

Do they have any testimonials or success stories to share?

Other people’s experiences can give you an idea of what you can expect to learn and/or gain from the teacher.

What kind of lifestyle do they live?

The energy you feed your body, mind, and spirit with matters (or does it?). Are you looking for a teacher who has a particular spiritual or health-related practice? Would it be beneficial if they were passionate about similar environmental, social, or world issues as you?

Getting to know who your teacher is, what they stand for, and how they feed their life can reflect how they teach, what they share, and the type of energy they will bring to your training.

Do they offer other healing modalities?

Energy healing training varies widely from teacher to teacher. Everyone has their own flavor and vibe. It can be beneficial to know what context your teacher works in and what other healing modalities they have experience with.

Do they work with tools such as crystals, oracle cards, essential oils, etc?

For some people, using tools like the ones mentioned above, can be distracting and unnecessary, while for others, they add benefit and dimension. When inquiring about trainings, ask, what levels do they teach? How long between levels is required before you’re able to take the next one? What specifically is taught and covered in class? How long are trainings? Do you get supervised practice time? What is their fee, and what does the fee cover?

Answers to some, or all of these questions, will help give you a better idea of the variety of teachers available and which ones you feel a connection with, but even with all of that information, the most important piece of information I urge you to listen to and trust is your intuition. Your inner guide will steer you where to go. Your intuition will lead you to the right teacher and training that is for your highest good, growth, and healing. If you’re feeling unclear or unsure, I suggest prayer and meditation to help guide your way. Prayer will open the line of communication up with God, meditation will give you the opportunity to receive God’s guidance through your inner knowing.

I hope this has been helpful for you! If you have any additional questions, please feel free comment below.

If you’re an energy worker, how were you guided into this work? What have you learned through your journey of energy healing? Do you have any other suggestions or guidance for prospective students? Share in the comments!


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