Redefining Your Dharmic Path In Business…

Redefining Your Dharmic Path In Business

Entrepreneurship has been the biggest teacher on my spiritual journey. I get immediate feedback on whether I am in alignment based on how well opportunities flow or do not flow in my business. The biggest feedback I have received, and the toughest to integrate, is that success on both an internal and external level cannot be had by walking a path already tread by someone else. Of course, mentors and teachers are extremely valuable, but only I can decide if my methods are in alignment with my soul purpose, also known as a form of dharma. To find this alignment, all my beliefs around my self-worth, money, selling and being a business owner have had to come to the surface to be examined, questioned, and either refined or reprogrammed entirely.

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Dharma defined

The Sanskrit word dharma comes from the Sanskrit root word dhri, which means “to hold,” “to maintain,” or “to preserve.” In the Vedas, Dharma is what preserves the cosmic order of the universe. This cosmic order maintains balance in the universe, making something beautiful out of the chaos.

What worked

When I first started this journey with my business partner, Angelica, we knew we wanted support from people who inspired us and were having the impact on people that we wanted to have in their own businesses. So, we invested $18,000 to be in a 6-month program with 50 other female entrepreneurs. What worked was connecting and collaborating with other entrepreneurs, avoiding mistakes that other business owners had made, and learning how to practice mindset. This experience and these connections are still a large part of the work we do today. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

What didn’t

What did not work was trying to replicate our mentors’ revenue model. Working privately with clients was more successful for us initially than leading large groups, yet our mentors attributed a lot of their success to group experiences. Inspiring and empowering our audience through our marketing was more effective than educating them or speaking only to their challenges, yet this works for many other businesses. However, even the things that did not work still allowed us to learn important lessons early on in our entrepreneurship journey.

Dharmic business tips

Some things that feel like me

  • Playful ways of expressing profound concepts
  • Deep and intimate conversations
  • Building a community based on empowerment
  • Sharing stories that inspire
  • Playing the long game

Quotes that inspire my Dharmic Path

  • “Dharma is not upheld by talking about it. Dharma is upheld by living in harmony with it.” ~ Gautama Buddha
  • “When you dance, your purpose is not to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” ~Wayne Dyer
  • “Find out who you are. And do it on purpose.” ~Dolly Parton

Questions I ask myself to realign with my own authenticity

  • What things are bringing me the most joy lately?
  • How can I incorporate more of those things in my play, relationships, and work?

Questions I ask myself to realign my priorities

  • What things feel like they drain my energy lately?
  • How can I outsource or eliminate those things entirely?

Questions I ask myself to see where I’m making decisions out of fear rather than love

  • If I had no limitations on money, time, or energy what would I do in this situation?
  • Can I use this answer to inspire a more authentic, creative solution?

Things that bring me joy

  • Singing Disney songs in the car or shower
  • Cooking for people I love
  • Long walks with my dog

I hope this story inspires you to remember that only YOU can be you. The beauty of your dharma is that it won’t look like anybody else’s. Embrace that, and feel the freedom in it.


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