21 Powerful Signs You Have a Spiritual Connection With Someone…

21 Powerful Signs You Have a Spiritual Connection With Someone

5 Ways To Recognize A True Spiritual Connection

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you had always known the person? Or have you ever known someone and just felt like you belonged together somehow, whether romantically or perhaps as close friends? If so, you have recognized a spiritual connection with another human being.

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The Physical Connection

Whether we have moved forward in a relationship of some sort with someone we have felt a spiritual connection with or not, most of us have at least felt this connection at least once, and sometimes more in our lives. Your spiritual energy knows what is right for you and this includes how you feel from one day to the next. Research shows that spiritual health is directly related to your physical health and well-being. So, does that mean that every time you feel a spiritual connection to someone you must follow your spirit and try to be with them? Or does it mean that every relationship you find yourself in will be because you have a spiritual connection? Of course not, but it can surely help!

When it comes to physical health, having a good medical insurance plan will help when you need treatment from a physician. Being healthy spiritually and moving forward with your spiritual connections arises from within as a deep connection from the mind and soul, and combined with a healthy body, your spiritual health can lead you in the right direction to finding those people and places that make you happiest in life.

Soul Mates

If you have ever been deeply in love, you may have heard the term “soul mates” when trying to describe how close of a connection you have with another person. A soul mate is described by dictionary.com as A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. For anyone who has felt that deep connection with another person, however, having a soul mate means much more than just being suited to another person as a friend or romantic partner. A soul mate is a spiritual connection that you can feel, spiritually.

What does it mean though to feel another person spiritually? The answer, while deeply philosophical, is simple. It means you feel as if you already knew them even from the first moment you met. You feel a deep connection that drives you to this person and makes you feel a deep connection with that person and often, it’s a feeling that you cannot even begin to explain, even to yourself. You just know inside that you belong with this person.

There is a twist to this deep spiritual connection though. Not all soul mates recognize one another from the start. Some must take time to develop a true foundation and slowly take time to learn about the other person and really get to know them. The connection is there, but often it is not easy to see at first glance. For those who take time to develop a deeply spiritual connection over time, there must be an understanding that not everything is easy, and even with soul mates, not all relationships last forever although when they do, those tend to be the most well-balanced relationships in the universe.

Let’s not misunderstand things here. For most relationships, unless they are strictly physical, there will be some degree of a spiritual connection. This connection can vary however depending on how strongly a person understands their spiritual self and how deeply the other person may feel. In some relationships, one person can feel a deep sense of connection with the body, mind, and spirit while the other person may only feel that physical connection. This can make things difficult for someone who strives to have inner peace and strong spiritual connections.

Keep in mind that just as many spiritually connected relationships will end in disharmony, many mixed spiritual/physical relationships can proceed to advanced stages of divine happiness and even up to those stages of feeling like you have found your soul mate, and higher. Deep spiritual connections often take time to grow and develop, so don’t let distance, in the beginning, dissuade you from the relationship unless you feel it is detrimental to your psyche.

Recognizing a Spiritual Connection

Many people wonder how they will know the difference between a true spiritual connection with someone and just something that feels like a connection. How many times have you been in a relationship and felt like you really knew the person you were with and you felt peaceful about how things were proceeding, only to suddenly feel a jolt of unhappiness when the relationship went south?

It happens, and it can hurt to feel that rejection and sense of powerlessness when the realization that your soul mate was nothing more than a mirage in your own mind, or that your partner who you felt closer to than any other human was not really the one at all. Thankfully, there are some tried and true ways to recognize a real spiritual connection and here they are:

1) Healing

A spiritual connection can be just the right person to help heal our inner wounds and raise our self-esteem. For instance, that heartbreak or rejection you may feel from a previous bad relationship can seem to dissipate when you meet your spiritual connection. This person will help you move ahead in life rather than stay stagnant in the mire of sadness or disappointment that you might currently be in.

2) Purpose

A spiritual connection can help guide you to the real purpose in your life. Have you always felt like you could take the theatre stage by storm but never taken the time to dive into it? This person can help you see your inner “stage actor” and help you get onto the stage and make your dreams come true. They give you a sense of purpose to achieve the goals you have and to give everything your all.

3) Awaken Dreams

Just as with helping us find our purpose, a soul mate (or spiritual connection) can help awaken dreams we may have had that are long forgotten or have been buried in the back of our minds for a very long time.

4) Honesty

A spiritual bond can help us to be open and honest not only with others but with us ourselves! When we face things honestly, it is much easier to move ahead and try things that we may have once felt we couldn’t do or wouldn’t be good at.

5) Discomfort

Okay, this one may sound odd, but a true spiritual connection can cause us to feel a little discomfort in our lives. Trying new things and having the courage to take steps to do things we once were afraid to do can be challenging for most of us. Once the discomfort passes, however, it is easier to see our way down the right path and be able to move ahead.

Whether you call a spiritual connection a soul mate, a cosmic connection, or even a soul healer, they can and do influence every aspect of your spiritual presence and often even your very physical presence in life. Before reaching out to find or to grow closer to a spiritual connection, it is best to take time to know and understand your own inner psyche and learn to love your own self, body, mind, and spirit to truly know and love another. Our connections, just like our own minds, help prepare us for this journey we know as life.

Powerful Signs You Have a Spiritual Connection With Someone

Relationships come and go in our lives and indeed, they make up the fabric of experience. We are social beings and in some ways, we all seek connections. In the first throes of meeting someone special, we may feel compelled to be around them a lot and crave intimacy and closeness with them. As time moves on this desire can wane and eventually the fire can even extinguish and we move on to other pastures. But spiritual connections are something different and we are here to help you distinguish a deeper spiritual connection from a crush.

What is a Spiritual Connection?

A spiritual connection is an intuitive soul-felt understanding that your relationship with someone or something is here to bring bigger meaning into your life. Spiritual connections are special. They transcend the fairytale of romantic love and instead go bone deep – tethering you to a person who fills your heart and soul and with whom you can grow, uncover all of your layers, and forge a kindred spirit relationship that is truly rewarding. These spiritual-level relationships may not even be romantic and may not last forever. They can be connections that are completely platonic or they can be twin flame or soulmate experiences. That’s not to say that they will last forever, but they will show up and help you to learn and grow – making them one of life’s great lessons.

21 Signs of a Spiritual Connection

So how do you know if you have a spiritual connection or you have a case of the ‘feels’ for someone you love and admire? These 21 signs can be a great place to start.

1. Your Gut Says So

Trusting your intuition is one of the most important skills you can nurture. Our gut can act like a compass and guide us to realize what we already know deep down. If your gut tells you that this relationship is deeper than anything you have experienced before or if there’s an inherent spiritual ‘knowing’ that this person is your soulmate, that’s a pretty clear sign.

2. A Psychic Confirms It

Sometimes we all need confirmation from outside sources, but rather than turn to friends in this matter, it could be helpful to look to the powers of a psychic. A psychic is someone who has knowledge from extrasensory places that go beyond normal channels of information. While there are plenty of hacks out there, there are also real and gifted psychics who can provide insight into the role this person will play in your life.

3. You Have a Lot in Common

Your spiritual connection will probably come with a lot in common. You may find that you are on the same page about so many things and that at times, you are looking into a mirror of your own soul. Similar things will light you up and your passions will seem perfectly aligned.

4. You Are Inexplicably Drawn to Each Other

Magnetic connections are also a hallmark of spiritual connections. If you find yourself drawn to someone (and they are drawn to you) without really knowing why this could be a surefire sign that the universe has big plans for you both. Because the mind can sometimes get in the way, your instinct will take over and pull you to the person who is a match made by the stars.

5. You Are Comfortable in Silence…

Silences can feel stifled or awkward but not with your spiritual connection. If you find yourself together and sat in a silence that feels like it fits comfortably without the internal panic, this is another great sign that you are kindred spirits. Silence is part of our authentic self and we don’t always need words to communicate but instead, we may find ourselves able to read and understand non-verbal cues and the energy in the room.

6. …But the Conversation Flows Anyway

While part of a kindred relationship means you are comfortable in silence, deep conversation will flow as easily as a tap turned on anyway. You will be able to cover a whole spectrum of topics – from the deep and the meaningful to the wholly mundane. You can have conversations that fly off in a thousand different directions and you never feel hemmed in or judged by the other person during these sprawling talks.

7. It Feels Like You’ve Known Them Forever

If you have met a spiritual connection you may also feel like they are so familiar to you and as though you have known them for a long time. They may feel like coming home to you and this could be a sign that you have had a past connection in some other life or on some other plane. There is an attachment that makes sense and this can even become clear if you have been separated for a while and then come back together and pick up exactly where you left off.

8. They Make You a Better, More Authentic You

When you have that deep spiritual connection it will bring out a more authentic version of who you are. We often find ourselves burying part of ourselves or hiding in plain sight when around others – it is both a part of our nervous system set up and for fear of being judged or rejected by ‘the tribe’. With your soul connection, you may find that you don’t feel the need to hide and that you feel safe and free to be vulnerable, honest, and wholeheartedly who you are.

9. You Share Morals and Values

When you have a spiritual connection with someone, odds are you will share a similar outlook on life and your morals and values will be aligned. This can create a harmonious connection together free from adversity and misunderstandings. You may share political beliefs or have the same gauge of what is important in life.

10. You Feel at Peace When You’re Together

One of the big feelings that can come with a deep soul connection is the feeling of peace when you are spending time with the other person. While many associate the idea of love and connection with all these active adjectives like flutters and fizzing, a spiritual connection will feel both solid and soft at the same time and you will feel calm, at peace, and as though you can breathe easy.

11. You Can Instinctively Tell if Something is Wrong

As mentioned, verbal communication isn’t always necessary when you have a spiritual connection with someone. You may be super attuned to their energy and this means that you will intuitively know if something is wrong. Whether its a note in their voice, the look on their face, or the way they carry themselves – or even just a feeling coming through the ether, this deep soul connection strikes a chord and means that you are connected to their shifts and sorrows along with their strengths and joys.

12. You Feel Protective Over Them

While feeling overprotective of someone can trigger unhealthy behaviors, it’s quite natural to care about the well-being of your spiritual connection and to express this in a balanced and well-meaning way. It doesn’t mean hiding hard truths from them or standing between them and their experience of the world, but means that you are there to support them emotionally on their soul journey and that you want the best outcome for them.

13. Your Have Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is one of the most important things that prop up healthy and rewarding relationships and this is a must when it comes to a soul connection. You will both listen to each other, have empathy, be generous with your spirit, and respect and show understanding of each other’s boundaries. You will also honor your differences along with celebrating your similarities.

14. You Feel Like You Would Do Anything For Them

In your spiritual connection, you will feel like you would do anything for the other person. You want to help them, support them, and provide for them in a thousand ways with no strings attached. You don’t work on a ‘you do this and I will do this for you’ exchange, but rather have a more unconditional approach to giving.

15. You Trust Each Other Implicitly

Trust issues won’t be springing up when it comes to your spiritual connection relationship – in fact, you may find that you trust each other implicity. There will be no uncertainty, paranoia, and feeling like you are on shaky ground. Instead, you will trust that the other person will show up, be present, and do their very best not to hurt you by having the best intentions towards your soul.

16. You Feel Comfortable Having Separate Lives

With deep connections and unbridled trust comes the sweet comfort of having separate lives. This is truly important for our independence and our soul growth as a spiritual connection shouldn’t feel co-dependent. You will both see this connection as mutually beautiful but also individually beneficial too. It will give you courage, calmness, and all the space you need to discover and breathe into yourself.

17. You Can Be Honest 

Honesty is vital to any true soul connection and when you have made a deep and important bond with someone, you will be able to lean into honesty without fear. Being honest about both the small and the big things doesn’t come easy to everyone and is marred with challenges, but not having to hide and wanting to embody your truth and share it unflinchingly with someone is all part of growth.

18. It’s An Unconditional Relationship

While no relationship is completely free of conditioning, your spiritual connection won’t come with a caveat. It will be something generous and giving and something that is selfless in many ways. You love without limitations, expectations, or conditions attached. It is a pure connection and one that is offered freely.

19. You Don’t Need Words to Communicate

When you are deeply connected on a soul level to someone you may not need to rely solely on verbal communication but will be well-versed in reading their body language and energy and also your own intuition. The bond can be like a tether with someone and you may be able to feel their feelings and have huge empathy for them. This doesn’t rely on verbal language but on all the languages of the body, mind, and soul.

20. Time Flies When You’re Together

If you feel like time is careening away when you are together this could also be a surefire sign that someone is your spiritual match. The crackling electricity, the runaway conversations, the beauty of being understood on the deepest level – all of these things can transcend time and the hours will swim by. If you find yourself constantly surprised by how much time has passed while in their presence, this could be a striking sign.

21. You have meaningful conversations

With a striking spiritual connection, your conversations can be light but are also likely to delve deep beneath the surface. You may find yourself talking on multilayered levels about all the big things that matter. This isn’t just about political beliefs, films and books, and even your values, but about your fears, dreams, experiences, and big-picture topics that make you who you are. No stone will be unturned and no topic swerved.

You feel like someone is your soulmate or Twin Flame

If you feel like someone is your soulmate or your twin flame that’s not to say that everything will be plain sailing. Relationships and even those that are spiritually blessed still take time, effort, and personal growth to bring them into their full glory. It’s also worth remembering that your spiritual connection shouldn’t feel like a one-sided battle – you don’t want to waste precious energy trying to convince someone that they are your soulmate if they aren’t feeling it. Even if you believe that to be true, for a spiritual connection to flourish to its full potential, it should be naturally reciprocated. If you want to naturally call in and attract that soulmate or twin flame connection, do the work on yourself, nurture self-love, keep your heart open and let the universe guide you to a healthy relationship that can truly be life-changing.

How to Cultivate Your Spiritual Connection

Having a spiritual connection with someone is a truly special thing but that energy still needs ongoing care and to be cultivated. Keeping an unbroken bond takes commitment and active participation to keep it strong and flowing. Here are some steps you can take to keep that connection riding high…


Active listening is one of the foundations of any relationship and can help you to build a true connection where the other person feels heard and valued. As humans, some of our biggest fears can revolve around not feeling ‘heard’ or ‘seen’ and by genuinely making an effort to hear the other person, you can nurture love, and compassion, and instill value in the other person.


Communication is a two-way street and along with being an active listener, you also need to be open and authentic, and wholly honest when it comes to your communication. You don’t need to always be on the same page in terms of your experiences but you do need to show respect, empathy, and understanding for the truths and opinions of those you are connected with.


Another essential part of building your spiritual connection is to stay connected and reflective when it comes to who you are too. We should be striving to ever evolve as this brings growth and development rather than keeping you stuck in the same mindset. Continually look to your dreams, intentions, desires, and what it is you want. Remember that these things can change over time so taking a few minutes each day to check in with yourself and your feelings can help you to stay attuned to who you are.


Something that will help you to stay reflective and connected is also making time for mindfulness – both as an individual and together. Participating in mindful practice together like meditation or yoga or whatever avenue of spirituality suits you will also help bring intention and encouragement from the cosmos on your journey.

Mutual Growth

One of the age-old things that can make or break connections is the ability to grow together or to grow apart. When both people in the connection are doing their own growing, you are more likely to stay aligned – especially if the growth goes in a mutual direction. Your growth can also help empower each other and can encourage each other further along when it comes to your spiritual journeys.


Having a spiritual connection with someone is a truly special thing and knowing how to spot the signs can help you not to overlook a connection or waste time on one that doesn’t serve your full emotional needs.


What does a spiritual connection feel like?

When you have a spiritual connection with someone you will feel safe and secure, loved and supported, heard and seen on a deep level. You will intuitively feel like you are meant to have this person in your life and that you are building a meaningful rich foundation to help each other grow.

How do you know you have a spiritual connection with someone?

There are many signs that you have a spiritual connection with someone but here are a few of our faves…

  • Your gut says so
  • You are drawn to each other
  • You feel like you have known them forever
  • They make you a more authentic you
  • You have mutual respect

What are the benefits of a spiritual connection?

When we have a spiritual connection with someone it can bring many benefits into our lives. We may experience a richer and more fulfilled life. We can also learn a lot about ourselves and what kind of communication and connection works for us. We can apply this knowledge to all our future relationships and we can continually evolve and grow to be the best version of ourselves.

What is the difference between a spiritual connection and a physical connection?

A spiritual connection can exist on a level that goes beyond physical attraction, chemistry, or intimacy. With a spiritual connection, you may feel aligned on other levels – your spirits and deep energy may be aligned, and you will also have an emotional connection that runs deep.


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