9 Tips To Raise Your Vibration And Release All That No Longer Serves You…

9 Tips To Raise Your Vibration And Release All That No Longer Serves You

You cannot raise your vibration if you are lingering with feelings of anger, envy, jealousy, etc. Become aware of these feelings, DO NOT SUPPRESS them, rather look into them an open mind and heart. Search within to find out where those feelings are rooted. Seek to find what is triggering these feelings within you. Once you’ve uncovered the root, now you get to thank that pesky feeling for showing up, you get to release it and you get to trust and allow the Universe to have your back. Until you are able to work through these feelings, you will be unable to release them fully.

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1) Release toxic people from your life without guilt or shame

When we surround ourselves with people who dim our light, it is impossible to live to our fullest potential. Removing yourself from toxic circles is something you must do in order to raise your vibration! It’s something you must do to remain in integrity. Avoid gossip and negativity like the plague, as your life will be better for it! Remember, there’s no shame in preserving your space and shielding your energy!

2) Detox your body

This isn’t about weight loss, although it could be a side effect of it. When we fuel our bodies with chemical-ridden foods, we are creating inflammation and blocks that surely aren’t serving our highest good. The havoc that we create inside of our bodies creates havoc on the outside too. When we create this state of devastation in our bodies, it’s really difficult to live a life fulfilled. This disruption in our systems creates brain fog, stress, anxiety, sadness, pain, skin issues, digestive issues, and many more. Going through and keeping a food journal is the best way to find what works and what doesn’t work for you. How do you feel after you eat? If you feel bloated & tired, then that food needs to go! Only fuel your vessel with foods that energize you and give you life. Act as if you only had one body, because you do!

3) Notice the good things more

Begin to focus on all the things that are going right in your life. When we choose to focus on the lack in our lives, we tend to create more of the same. The opposite is also true. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to focus on the good. You see, each and every day you have something that can bring you joy. For instance, if you have a roof over your head, that is something to be grateful for. You’ve probably heard or read “Where your attention goes, energy flows.” That statement is true! Make sure you are directing your attention towards the things you want more of. Focus on all the little things, because in the end, you’ll come to realize they were the big ones!

4) Be conscious of your thoughts and shift as needed

As a human being, we have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. I understand that it is impossible to be conscious of all of them, however, you can be conscious and pay attention as much as possible. Although you won’t catch them all, every time you do catch yourself in one of those negative thoughts, in that moment, shift it by thinking 3 positive thoughts regarding the same subject!

For example, when I catch myself losing patience because my kiddos are rambunctious and loud, in that moment I shift to: I am incredibly grateful to have 3 healthy children. I am grateful that my children have the energy to run around and scream. I am grateful that my children are happy and safe. In doing this, my energy around the situation shifts immediately. Give it a try! The more you do this, the better you become at it. This helps avoid the downward spiral that often follows.

5) Be grateful

Gratitude is everything. Every morning, wake up feeling grateful for all that is and all that is to come. When we lean into the feeling of gratitude, we raise our vibration. When I say this, I truly mean to FEEL the gratitude with every cell in your body.

Perhaps your life isn’t exactly what you desire it to be, but when you are grateful for all that is, you exist in a frequency that allows more of that to come along. Everyone regardless of their situation has something to be grateful for. For instance, the fact that you woke up this morning is something to be grateful for as it is a privilege not given to everyone. Having food on the table is something to be grateful for as so many in this world went to bed hungry and woke up with an empty stomach. Be grateful for the clean running water that is coming in your home, again, a privilege not given to all. Be grateful for the sun, the flowers, nature, health, your bed, your clothes. Be grateful for all that you have NOW!

Set featured imageThe Universe understands frequency and wants to match it. If you are basking in these feelings of gratitude, the Universe will want to provide you with more of that! Be grateful for all the things that are on their way too. Feel the feelings of joy that will come with that new job, that new home, your next vacation. Again, the magic lies in the feelings, so bask in them!

6) Get quiet

In silence we get the answers to all our questions, when we get real quiet and connect within, we can hear the whispers of our soul. When we get still and breathe and just allow ourselves to BE, we raise our vibration to new heights! It’s a practice that doesn’t always come easy, because we’re used to the rat race and the multi-tasking and the doing. We’re used to worrying about the past and feeling anxious about the future, wasting away our now. Even if you can just sit for 2 minutes each day, do just that.

As with anything, practice makes us better! Learn to just breathe, focus on nothing but the void. This won’t be perfect as we’re human and again, it’s impossible to stop thinking for any given time. BUT, if you sit in silence and redirect your attention to your breath every time you find yourself straying in the ocean of thoughts pouring into your brain, you are getting in the gap, the milliseconds of stillness and that is where the magic can take place. When you sit and feel your body, every part of it, when you focus your attention on just being, you are succeeding.

7) Start loving yourself just as you are

This one is a difficult one, I know, but believe me, until you are able to appreciate the person you are NOW, nobody else will appreciate you! Know that your life is unfolding exactly as it should to provide you with the experiences and lessons that are required for you to evolve. Rather than seeing all your flaws, learn to see all your qualities! Learn to love yourself exactly as you are. You are beautiful and unique. You are strong and fierce. You are loved and loving. Use affirmations to reinforce this love for yourself.

8) Move

When you move your body in a way that feels good, you create an energy that is contagious. Moving your body also allows you to release toxins that are trapped in your body, leaving space for all that is good. If you don’t like working out, dance, walk, go in nature, find ways to move your body that make you feel good. That euphoria you are experiencing attracts more of it.

9) Learn to have fun

As adults we tend to take life so seriously! All the responsibilities, the bills, the house, our significant other, our children, our pets, our jobs! Everything seems to become a priority over us. We don’t have time for a bath because we have 20 piles of laundry to get to. We don’t have time to read because everybody needs us and by the time we’re done tending to everyone else, we’re exhausted. We don’t have time to chat with a close friend because we’re surrounded by screaming little humans. We don’t have time for a massage because that would be selfish. We don’t have time to work out because…you see where I’m going with this? I know how it feels, because this used to be the story of my life!

STOP and take time for you, to do something that fills your cup and that makes life fun for you, whether that be dancing it off in the living room or reading a book by yourself for 20 minutes with a cup of tea. Make sure that you are having fun, regardless of what that looks like for you, say 15 to 20 minutes a day. And if you don’t have time to do just that, then take an hour.

When you implement these 9 tips, you’ll inevitably be releasing things, people, feelings, thoughts, and situations that no longer serve your highest good. You’ll be creating a frequency and this will become you’re new norm. When you fall out of that bandwidth, you will feel it and you will without a doubt want to find your way back to it. This state of being is magical and you get to experience it every day if you choose to do so.


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