55 Ways To Raise Your Energetic Vibration…

55 Ways To Raise Your Energetic Vibration

We are ascending into New Earth and it is all about energy and energetic vibrations— low vibrations will no longer be tolerable. Here are 55 ways to quickly raise your energetic vibration. Do one or do all 55:

  1. Take a walk in nature.
  2. Sun-bathe.
  3. Start drinking naturally sourced spring water.
  4. Practice earthing — making direct contact with the earth through your feet or body.
  5. Listen to healing tones for the chakras such as from Meditative Mind on YouTube.
  6. Sun-gaze to decalcify and activate the pineal gland. Remember to close your eyes while directing your third eye towards the sun.
  7. Take a salt bath.
  8. Eat a wider variety of colorful and nutrient-rich foods.
  9. Try color therapy — look at and focus upon brightly colored items and notice how this makes you feel.
  10. Try practicing mindfulness during various activities.
  11. Do yoga.
  12. Go for a run.
  13. Dance.
  14. Do an art project.
  15. Take a break from your phone and social media for at least a few hours.
  16. Take and share nature photos.
  17. Journal to express and release emotions and heal your throat chakra.
  18. Color in a coloring book.
  19. Get Reiki healing.
  20. Work with crystals directly on the body.
  21. Go camping.
  22. Hike to the top of a mountain.
  23. Explore mindful, tantric sex or self-pleasure.
  24. Work with essential oils through aromatherapy to activate the senses.
  25. Start noticing how your body feels in different situations.
  26. Breathe more deeply.
  27. Get a massage or self-massage with massage oils.
  28. Buy fresh flowers and smell them.
  29. In particular, buy roses and smell them. Roses have a high energetic vibration.
  30. Work with flowers by placing them on the body, particularly in the bath.
  31. Paint a picture.
  32. Clean your room.
  33. Get rid of old clothing.
  34. Clean out a cluttered drawer or cabinet.
  35. Clear our your social media feed — unfollow toxic accounts.
  36. Start eating better quality food.
  37. Make a new friend.
  38. Sing.
  39. Brush your hair.
  40. Massage your breasts. Male or female, it doesn’t matter— this is where lymph can accumulate and it needs to be moved around the body.
  41. Eat a home-cooked meal.
  42. Pet a dog or cat.
  43. Play with a child.
  44. Practice facial yoga.
  45. Get acupuncture.
  46. Walk around the house naked.
  47. Start learning a new language.
  48. Touch and massage different parts of your body that you usually wouldn’t.
  49. Try craniosacral therapy.
  50. Light a candle and stare at the flame.
  51. Smudge your home with sage.
  52. Listen to music.
  53. Go bird-watching.
  54. Notice where you are giving away too much energy in different situations.
  55. Give or receive a hug.
  56. Delete old emails and text messages — particularly those with negative energy attached.


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Emily Heron


Emily is a writer, shamanic healer and intuitive holistic health coach. She has created a series of online courses about…

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