Understanding The Nature Of Quantum Science And Religion…

Understanding The Nature Of Quantum Science And Religion

The popular movies/documentaries What the Bleep do we Know? and The Secret addressed the radically-different-than-normal view of our Universe that modern discoveries in Quantum Physics share with the most ancient indigenous cultures’ teachings. This is called “The Observer Effect”, shown in the animation of the “Double Slit Experiment” in What the Bleep.

Simply put, the idea is that there is no “Objective/Static” or “always-the-same” status of anything; as opposed to Newtonian models. And we now have documented evidence that, at the Quantum Level,  a wave can become a particle and vice versa depending on the perspective of the person measuring it.

Consciousness can determine how energy is perceived. The Newtonian physics we learned in high school may be useful, but The Observer Effect of Quantum Physics overrules it. Religions have taught us that – if we please something outside of us (or the gods decide to smile on us) – we can pray for and then receive the desired change, in crop yields, health, relationships and even finances – and taught us that if our efforts didn’t work, it was our fault. You may have tried the mythical, magical, “It’ll all be done for me by the gods, because I’m really good and do what they like” approach with less than stellar success.  As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”.

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The Truth

The evidence now suggests that we can participate in the creation of improved circumstances by deciding to look for them, applying a feeling or emotional component and then, and consciously expecting to see them materialize. Could it be that Einstein was right that “Imagination IS more important than knowledge”?

Could what we’ve formerly understood as “prayer” in a religious context be explained as the Consciousness Technology that can be applied – at will – with similar positive consequences? 

Check out Lynne McTaggart’s The Field or Gregg Braden’s The Divine Matrix for more information on this now-recognized kinship of science and religion, but know this: What is useful is Useful – whatever your individual Belief System happens to be. Metaphysical author and lecturer Neville Goddard (1905-1972) referred to the ability to manifest a better circumstance on purpose as the “Power of Assumption”.  He taught that: A desired outcome, vividly imagined and held firmly in mind MUST become reality. ..and demonstrated this truth repeatedly in his life – ex: drafted into the army at age 38 and feeling he was too old to be a soldier..  he used this technology to acquire and honorable discharge – after only a few weeks of training.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s latest book, Wishes Fulfilled uses Neville’s teachings to springboard and dovetail with the Consciousness Technologies taught in the I AM Discourses – originally published in the 1930s.  In the context of information reportedly provided by St. Germaine and other no-longer-physical energies, Dyer tells us that in order to manifest what we want, there are specific strategies and tactics that can be learned, and, when applied in accord with these teachings, work. 

In the 21st Century, accessing right brain-employing modalities such as Matrix Energetics™, Focused Mind Healing or Quantum Entrainment may well take us where Neville was leading.. and agree absolutely with the reports of Jesus of Nazareth when he taught that: “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you receive it and you shall have it.”

What The Observer Effect – and choosing a desired outcome on purpose – has been shown to do is awesome.  These technologies, tapping into a power each of us has – by thinking and feeling on purpose – (when and as practiced and applied in a conscientious, disciplined manner) – produce results that yield improved life circumstances. The idea of:  “Seeing yourself surrounded by the conditions you want to produce”, as Wayne Dyer put it, conveys the process:  Imagine and Intend, with expectation or belief and ~ SHAZAM ~  (for lack of a technical explanation) – the desired outcome may be manifested… Yep.  Right here in our “real world”. 

Admittedly, the process involves more than simple visualization – and some of us have difficulty “seeing” a situation that doesn’t (yet) exist.  There is a feeling component that powers or fuels the process (reference Gregg Braden’s Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, et al.) and also seems to be required. The Observer Effect confirms that Finding is reserved for the Searchers (‘Seek and ye shall find’) – that what we are looking for – perhaps better expressed as what we EXPECT to find – is in fact, what we will find.

What this means – in a practical, “How can I use this?” sense is awesome indeed.  If we can imagine the better outcome desired and then apply this frankly different way of thinking – (by purposefully and consciously imagining and feeling the state we wish to manifest). IF and As we do this, we may advance – both individually and collectively – into a literal “New Age”.. wherein problems that have beset mankind for millennia may be solved very rapidly indeed.

You’re invited to: “Try it, you’ll like it.” You could “Pray about it” – And if the form of prayer you employ is this New/Old way, “thinking from the end” – wherein you focus, intend, imagine, feel and expect, you may find yourself among the ranks of “miracle workers”. Oh, it will take practice – and it is not for everyone.  But. Hey! Even in the most miraculous reports of any religion, it was never written that getting “Heaven on Earth” would be easy.


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