Using Quantum Physics To Embrace Your Sacred Energy: Part II…

Using Quantum Physics To Embrace Your Sacred Energy: Part II

“Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them.” -Nikola Tesla

In an earlier article, we talked about quantum physics and its three main underlying principles. As we’ve learned, quantum physicists study the smallest particles in the Universe. Particles are particles—the smallest forms of matter. Particles combine to form atoms, atoms then combine to form molecules, and these molecules are the origin of visible matter. Visible matter meaning what we perceive as matter (ex:  the stuff we actually see).

The three main principles of Quantum Physics we discussed are:

  • Everything is energy.
  • We are all connected.
  • You create your own reality.

In the last blog post, we explored the first principle: Everything is Energy. This article seeks to navigate the second and third ones: We Are All Connected. And You Create Your Own Reality.

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We Are All Connected

In Quantum Physics, the principle that everything is connected is known as “non-locality.” It holds that one energy particle can influence another energy particle, even when the particles do not touch in any way and even when they are separated by billions of miles. So if you have two objects—two electrons created together—they are entangled. Then, let’s say you send one electron to the other side of the universe or let’s say, to the moon. Now, do something to one, and the other responds—instantly. So, either information is traveling instantly fast, or, in reality—they are still… Interconnected.

They are still entangled.

No matter where energy particles are, or what form they take, if two particles are created together, then they are entangled together, they are the same. And, everything was entangled at the moment of The Big Bang. That means everything is still touching—everything is still entangled.  Space is just a construct that gives the illusion that there are separate objects. In other words: We are all connected.  We are all One.

You Create Your Own Reality

The third main principle of quantum physics dovetails nicely with the others. So we now know (or have remembered) that everything is energy, and now further know that quantum theory says there are multiple possibilities—in fact, infinite possibilities. The quantum field is a pool of possibilities waiting to form and take shape for us. Nothing is destined, nothing is set in stone. The Universe doesn’t happen to usWe are the ones happening to the Universe.

In every moment, the Universe is being created for us, by us, right before our very eyes. We create our own realities because our personal vibrations dictate the world we create. Those principles are incredible left-brain type evidence—hard and fast evidence (the lawyer in me) backing up my personal spiritual mantra: We Are What We Think. In any event, so we create own our realities. And the best research backing this up to date? The double-split experiment.

The Double-Split Experiment

The infamous double-split experiment is critical to quantum physics and was first performed in the early 1800s by a scientist who sought to determine whether light behaves as waves or particles. To understand the experiment, I’d honestly hop on YouTube or click this quick five-minute video below, right here right now and check it out something called Dr. Quantum: The Double Split Experiment.

The infamous double-split experiment sought to determine whether light behaves as waves or particles. And to do so, we first need to see how particles (think: little balls of matter) react. Like you saw in the video, (assuming you checked it out), scientists conducting the experiment today take a piece of material with two narrow slits cut into it side by side, and shine a laser at those slits.

And what happened? They were baffled by their findings.

When individual electrons were fired towards the slits, one at a time like bullets from a single gun, the pattern indicated a wave formation—as if many electrons were being fired at once. Scientists could not understand this, so they constructed measuring devices to watch or “observe” the electrons, and see which slit(s) the electrons were passing through. So like you also saw, when they did this, the electrons behaved as particles again.

In other words, sometimes electrons behave like waves, and sometimes like particles. And the electrons decided to act differently by the very act of measuring, or “observing”, them (think: as if they knew they were being watched). So the observer “collapsed the wave function” simply by observing. In a nutshell, this means there were once infinite possibilities, but by observing, the observer collapsed that reality into one perceivable reality, or, into one perceivable particle. What is more, this experiment further evidences that we can literally script our own realities (and if we are the writers, why not script the most amazing, cosmically-rich story ever told for ourselves?)

Stated another way, this experiment tells us that when we’re not observing something, it exists as a multitude of potential possibilities. But that once we do observe something, our very observation dramatically affects how that “thing” snaps into a particular position, or reality.


Quantum physics discovered that physical atoms are vortices of energy that are constantly vibrating. And that every material structure in the Universe—including you and me—radiates a unique energy signature. Everything is energy, every fiber of our being, including our thoughts. Nothing rests. Everything moves. Everything vibrates. At the most fundamental level, the Universe, and everything which comprises it, is pure vibratory energy, manifesting itself in different ways. The Universe has no “solidity,” as such. Matter is merely energy in a state of vibration.

And there are infinite potential possibilities. Waiting in the quantum field. But it’s not until the observer (think: each and every one of us) puts their attention on these potential possibilities that any of them actually take shape. Meaning these particles, or atoms, will only take shape when we place our attention on them; otherwise, they return to their original state of pure energy and potential. So everything is energy and energy flows where attention goes. And there are infinite potential possibilities for that energy to take shape. And none of those potential possibilities will actually take shape unless and until we focus our attention on one (or more) of these infinite potential possibilities.

The potential possibilities we don’t focus our attention on will not take shape. They won’t manifest in our lives. They’ll just hang out in the quantum field as pure energy waiting there, in case we do decide to focus on them. By contrast, the potential possibilities we do in fact decide to focus on, are the ones who take shape and therefore manifest in our lives. Everything is energy. Energy flows where attention goes. We are all interconnected. We are all one, and we create our own realities.


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