The Quantum Destiny Of The World…

The Quantum Destiny Of The World

Truth thrives in the absence of reality.

Humanity is smart, at least we think we are. The collective intelligence of society is debatable. How we measure our perception, understanding, and wisdom of the world usually requires a sacrifice of our creativity, consciousness, intuition, and soul. In our constant quest to belong and relate with civilization and social reality, we exchange our possibility for programmed intellect and reactionary instinct.

Anyone at any time can surf the internet to debunk, discredit, dismiss and falsify any article of information being transmitted. When we do, we tend to pat ourselves on the back and go about our lives rarely considering there may be truth between the lines. Society is an analytical, judgmental and suspicious machine afraid of its own shadow.

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Security blanket

Oftentimes we buy into the “official narrative” promoted by corporations, the mainstream media, politicians, religious leaders, and other notable figures. We do so with blind devotion and righteous opinion to conceal and defend our fear and insecurities at the cost of our awareness, evolution, and freedom. We voluntarily tether ourselves to the peripheral world, isolating ourselves from our heart and soul.

Our emotions and intuition are the very elements of our being that provide us with insight, fulfillment, transcendence, and transformation. The institutional conditioning of education, peer pressure, religion, reality, and society spurs us toward corruption, desensitization, exploitation, and oblivion.

Reality of duality

Humanity lives primarily in the mind and body. Impulse and knowledge are the main components of our common, dualistic reality.  These fundamentals keep us confined in a narrow experience, perception, and understanding. It is easy for authoritarian entities to gain and maintain control and power over the masses, especially when we are more than willing to give our personal power over to them. We are born, live, and die in a three-dimensional bubble perceiving life through two-dimensional lenses.

A universe of possibilities exists beyond the boundaries of our engineered social existence. In every moment we have an opportunity to shed our linear skin and become multidimensional beings.

World of words

Perception is altered and influenced every day in multiple ways to push agendas, establish control, pass laws, manufacture outcomes, gain profits, and manage power. The use of language and its verbalization is a common tool to invent and destroy realities. Those who know this often exercise the ability to use and abuse it by whatever means necessary to further their objective and strategy.

The words we choose possess a power greater than nature. We need to acknowledge they are an expression of our mentality and are prone to the persuasion of our bias and ego. They represent our mind, not our heart and soul. Words are a way for us to relate with each other, yet there are many other extraordinary ways to connect.

Silence is the gateway to the universe.

Beyond the veil

Every year my wife and I head west to visit people who have become our family. We are not blood relatives, yet the extraordinary nature of our relatedness transcends origin. The place we visit is one steeped in centuries of powerful tradition. Humility, perseverance, sacrifice and truth are just some of the virtues born there. It is a long journey, yet one that always yields awareness, insight, modesty and understanding.

There is no anger, criticism, judgment, or politics, only acceptance, belonging, humor, and prayer. We do not seek to escape from the mania of contemporary reality and society, we simply intend to experience and relate to something far beyond the personalities we portray to remember who we truly are.

Tryst with transcendence

The chaotic and intense busyness of social reality distorts and disrupts our ability to align with the universe. In time, we focus our engagement on honing our instincts and intellect while neglecting our emotions and intuition. We sacrifice our heart and soul to conform to and engage in the linear mechanics of society.

Yet through it all, extraordinary and mysterious events occasionally occur to stir us from our self-induced slumber. Epiphanies, insights, revelations and visions bring clarity, guidance, transcendence, and transformation. We begin to experience ourselves beyond the known parameters of human existence. A natural shift transpires elevating and expanding our focus, intention, and perception.

Era of empowerment

If there was ever a greater opportunity to shift our experience, energy and existence, it is now. Reality and society are as ripe for transformation as they have ever been. Social consciousness, curiosity, observance, and willingness are peaking at great heights. New and diverse concepts, insights, and modalities are being discovered, explored, and embraced.

Our current circumstances are encouraging and inspiring us to see beyond the real into the great mystery. Life as we have known it will never be the same. This is not a terrifying moment in history. It is an amazing era of empowerment to envision, create, and express all our imaginations content. The first step is to leave behind all that tethers and enslaves us to social reality.

Quantum destiny

Humanity has bided its time with a plethora of amusement, desire, intellect, instinct, and fear. Every moment of every day we have the choice to step out of the drama in which we engage. Now is the time to take a breath, or as many as necessary to observe that our circumstances are not our experience and our personalities are not who we are in our heart and soul.

The social hurricanes raging around us are illusions designed to diminish our true selves and divert us from our universal purpose to become an expression of its infinite energy. Our quantum destiny is to be in the present, focus our intent, ground into the earth, center into our intuition, align with the universe and share our unique creativity with all.

Transformation is the expression of creation.


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