How Putting Spirituality Back In Cosmopolitan Makes Your World A Better Place…

How Putting Spirituality Back In Cosmopolitan Makes Your World A Better Place

“The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it”. ~author Henri J.M. Nouwen

I lived for a very long time in big cities and fast-paced worlds, yet I was never able to outrun or “out-busy” the feeling of being lonely. Dinner with friends, sipping on drinks with handcrafted luxury, waiting desperately for someone to notice and talk to me. My surface life needed company in order to feel calm. I needed to feel like I mattered in this great big world. A modern woman driven by doubt, I could only see an outer life of isolation.

Here I was, a cosmopolitan woman, well-traveled, dressed in my stylish designer best with high maintenance gorgeous hair to match, and yet I still felt lonely in the middle of a crowded room. Even as I traveled and experienced other places, as I moved through the world with all its worldly sensibilities, I was still looking for a sense of home. It left me wondering, where is home in this great big world, if not within me?

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What is cosmopolitan?

In the Oxford Dictionary, the word cosmopolitan is made up of two roots. It uses kosmos (universe) and polit (citizen) to form a word which means a “Citizen of the Universe.” At the time the word cosmopolitan originated in the mid 17th century, the “universe” was basically limited to the “world” we could see, which meant the planet. Today we understand that the cosmos is the grand universe, an orderly and harmonious whole full of potential and infinite possibilities.

As one of many and a citizen of this grand universe, I decided to shift my perspective and look at my life with an open mind. After years of feeling lonely, I made a shift to learn how to bridge both worlds: the material world of me living as a cosmopolitan woman and the cosmic spiritual world with new potentials waiting to be discovered, uncovered by me.

As you live in this big, fast-paced world among the many, I ask you… do you believe the universe supports you in every way possible, that it will provide you with the opportunities you need to take you where you want to go?

A new shift: being “cosmos-politan”

Today, the world in which we live is a bit of a madhouse. I see many, like my former self, who have lost their sense of identity of who they are and questioning what this existence is really all about. The good news is the Earth is “elevating”, being swept by waves of cosmic energy bringing a profoundly deep sense of morality and connectedness. We are waking up to a new truth.

Imagine this new world for yourself, where you live with an idea that you are both a spiritual person and a physical person and the gap between the two is simply illusion. It is a place where the soul thrives in conjunction with the physical self. It is finding personal completeness by consciously integrating inner and outer realities. It is the idea that who you are physically is learning about what it means to be spiritual, and who you are spiritually is learning what it means to be physical. Living a life that is spiritually and physically integrated.

Spirituality gives meaning to life. It’s knowing that a universal cosmic force made the world for a definite purpose; made YOU for a definite purpose. Somewhere in the deeper knowings of yourself, you find the space where you aren’t afraid to take it to the next level. You add an “s” to cosmopolitan. COSMOS-POLITAN. Thereby, you “put the spirituality back in Cosmopolitan”.

Cosmos-politan involves reinventing yourself in a mode of co-creation.  When you ask yourself, “life took twists and turns I never expected, now what?”, or “what do I do when I’m not who I thought I’d be?”, this is the time to remember it’s not just about you living in this world. It’s about a partnership between you and the spiritual realm. You are never alone in this grand cosmos and who you are now is exactly who you are supposed to be.

Help yourself SEE and LIVE a new truth

People are naturally inclined to keep looking outward, but spirituality involves getting in touch with your inner self. The key to enhancing the health of your life, both mentally and physically, is to stay connected to your inner self and inner spirit. Spirituality is different for everyone, but some places to seek it are in nature, music, art, meditation, creativity, or prayer…whatever helps you connect to yourself and the beauty of the world.

Grab a taxi, dine on fine cuisine, and explore new neighborhoods while inwardly feeling at home with yourself. You will see the unimaginable amount of godlike creativity infusing a local artists collective. You will resonate with the sounds of melody through the wind instruments of a small musical ensemble. You will taste the raw sweetness of freshly spun blue raspberry cotton candy at a local county fair and know that it’s the same sweetness as everything else. A billion bowls of sugar all taste the same, just as the inner spirit of life experience is the same as the inner spirit of you; connected, raw and unedited, and living life with purpose.

As a modern woman living life as a cosmos-politan, I am now driven to look inward to my own psychic and cosmic life which gives my outer life new meaning and purpose. A sense of calm, a sense of belonging because I understand that synchronizing both spiritual and physical realities into one experience of life brings a feeling of balance and liberates the befriended within.

Being in the world is amazing and living fully from a place of connectedness in that world is even better. Cosmos-politan involves reinventing yourself in a mode of co-creation. This is the time to remember it’s not just about you living in this world, it’s about a partnership between you and the spiritual realm. You are never alone in this grand cosmos and who you are is supported at all times.


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